Are you an iPhone or an iPad?

Our choices reflect who we really are.    The same is true when you choose a device. Our preferences when it comes to the color, size, and function of our gadgets can reveal what type of person we are. Choosing a gadget is about more than just ticking off items on the checklist of our technological needs. It also gives other people a hint of our personality.

The iPhone and the iPad are two of the most popular gadgets today. And since there are a lot of iPhone and iPad users out there, wouldn’t it be fun to know a little about their character?

If you own an…

iphone (

You’re probably an extrovert, an outgoing and social person. You are always on the go and you have an unpredictable lifestyle; that’s why you need a device that you can always carry around. You use the Internet to connect with people through social media. You love taking photos and sharing them right away to update your friends and the whole world of your adventures. Whether you’re taking pictures and videos, listening to music, or playing videos, your handy iPhone is all that you need.

The iPhone 5s can go with you everywhere, and it perfectly fits your “who knows where I’ll be” lifestyle.

ipad (

You are the opposite of an iPhone user. You are a bit of an introvert who’s tech- savvy and a little addicted to the Internet. You don’t want to compromise your browsing experience, so you might be a bit of a homebody. Going out can mean that you would somehow need to be disconnected to the online world and you don’t want that.

You actually prefer the brainier part of the World Wide Web: the online news and free literary pieces it contains. And, somehow, you are inspired to create your own space on the web. You could browse the Web on an iPhone, but visiting all your favorite websites is much more enjoyable on the wider screen of the iPad.

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Image/s: TechnoBuffalo and Brigada

Zhea Katrina Estrada

Zhea Katrina Estrada is a foodie, bookworm, and a travel junkie. She believes that the world would be a better place if everybody would take one step at a time, plant trees, and believe that the best things in life are free.

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