So yesterday my eldest daughter’s cell phone died. It was about a year and a half old and with the amount of use it gets from a 17-18 year old teenager, I am surprised it lasted as long as it did. She begged me to go to the cell phone store to get her an upgrade or repair her phone. I used this as an excuse to get ME the upgrade to the iPhone 4S and give Megan my iPhone 4. Well of course, that worked out wonderfully for her.  She took my phone with the case, screen protector and all. I looked forward to coming to work today to get my new iPhone case. Of course with this upgrade, I decided to be almost overly cautious and I went with the Otterbox Defender series in blue. It comes complete with a large belt clip and screen protector. It is basically armor for my iPhone. I love it.  The Defender series comes in many different colors. I chose my favorite color, blue. I got the iPhone in white this time to match my iPad, so it is a nice contrast to the white.  I highly recommend this case, along with any of the Otterbox series. We have a wide selection of cases to suit any tastes.  Come see us soon and we will help you pick out a case or any accessories you need.



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