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This time we’re going to talk about the iPod mini—the first iPod to bring variety to the lineup. Originally released in 2004, it only survived for only 2 generations: the first-generation, available in only 4 GB, and the second-generation which introduced a 6 GB model.

Despite its short lifespan, the iPod mini did introduce a couple of important concepts, the first of which is the click wheel. It has the buttons actually integrated into the scroll wheel; something that was not a feature on the other iPods of the time.

Next, it brought in color options which is something that had been very significantly successful for Apple in the G3 iMac and iBook series. The only place where it was not colorful, however, is the display as it shared the colorless display of the other contemporary iPods. Something else that had in common with iPods of the time is the remote input next to the headphone jack a feature that has long been discontinued.


The iPod mini was of course eventually replaced with the iPod nano, which, due to its internal flash storage, was able to be significantly smaller in all dimensions. The concept of the iPod mini though has really continued through the nano line up to the present day.


For some reason, the mini itself is still alive and well because its mini drive is easily interchangeable with a compact flash card; there are those who have upgraded their mini to a modern high-capacity player. The mini is one of those products that, though only around for short time, had a lasting impact and was an important evolutionary step to the modern devices we have today.

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