Which iPod are You?

Music is and always will be a part of a person’s life. Can you just imagine doing a menial task to the sounds of silence? You’d probably go crazy pretty fast.

Apple has different devices that can provide you with music-listening pleasure plus entertainment. And if you’re wondering which mp3 player best fits you and your lifestyle, here’s a brief guide to Apple’s range of iPods:

iPod Shuffle

What’s great about the iPod shuffle is that it’s small and compact. Take the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle. The controls are on the earphone’s wires so that, if you feel like switching to a new track, you don’t have to pull the iPod out. You can just simply click the controls on the device’s earphone wires. Loving that tune but forgot the song title and artist? Hold down the Play/Pause button in the middle of the iPod and listen to the voiceover tell you what song is currently playing. This iPod is perfect for people who are on the go.

iPod Nano

Basically an iPod shuffle on steroids. With the iPod nano, you are not limited to just playing music and finding out track information through a voiceover. You can also view album art for your awesome music! Through this iPod, you can watch movies when you get bored and store pictures to show that officemate that you really did get those new Jordans. The iPod Nano makes a perfect workout buddy, too. Not only will it not insult you for not completing those sit ups, but it will also monitor your workout progress through the Nike+ app and help you get motivated to work harder for that bod you’ve always dreamed of.

iPod Touch

To put it simply, the iPod touch is kind of like a small iPad. Thanks to iOS, the iPod touch does almost everything an iPad can do without taking up a lot of space. This iPod is almost the same size as your iPhone. The newest iPod Touch is so slim, you might forget that it’s in your pocket. (Just a friendly reminder: please do not forget to take your iPod out of your pocket before you get your pants cleaned.)

iPod Classic

If you’ve been an Apple enthusiast since the early 2000s, you’ve probably had your hands on a classic iPod, that big bulky thing that plays songs and an 8-bit game to boot. The classic iPod got a makeover sometime in the past ten years, and, today, it is a powerhouse for music, movies, and games. It now has 160GB of storage, good for 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video, and 25,000 photos, and offers a battery life of 36 hours. Owning one of these is like being able to carry your entire media library in your pocket.

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