iStabilizer Flexible Smartphone Tripod Review

Let’s face it: filters cannot save you from a blurry picture. If you’re tired of snapping 42 photos in rapid succession in hopes of finding a few good shots that aren’t blurry, you may want to consider getting a tripod for your smartphone. The iStabilizer Flex smartphone tripod is durable and lightweight enough to carry with you in a day bag.

While there are a few smartphone tripods and tripod mounts on the market, the iStabilizer Flex tripod is unique in that it offers flexible legs that can be twisted and contorted into nearly any shape you need. Thus, if you want to create a video selfie while riding your bicycle, you can.

Key features of this tripod:

  • compatible with all smartphones
  • flexible legs wrap around anything
  • removable mount is compatible with all standard US thread tripods
  • high quality, durable construction
  • affordable (only $16.99 at MacMall)

So, what are you waiting for? Take your mobile photos to the next level with a smartphone tripod!

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