Keyboard shortcuts for the MacBook Pro

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The world is abuzz with how awesome of a laptop the MacBook Pro is. But did you know that there are keyboard shortcuts to make using your MacBook Pro more fun?

Start using these useful keyboard shortcuts and be more productive on the keyboard end of things:

Using the Emoji Keyboard
(Press Command+control+space.)

Emojis are widely known both to Apple users and even Android users who only normally see rectangles. Use your emoji keyboard on your MacBook Pro by using this convenient keyboard shortcut. Bombard your friends with multiple emojis on chat.

Spotlight as a calculator
(Press Command+space.)

Math is hard. No one likes to think about solving numbers when you could be out on the Internet watching cat videos. That’s why Spotlight is so useful. Since math is unavoidable like the pollution in the air, you need a quick calculator to spare you the brain power of solving math-related problems. Use Spotlight as a calculator with this keyboard shortcut.

Sending files to the trash bin
(Press Command+Delete.)

Over time, you might accumulate a collection of files that you just don’t need anymore. Clean up your hard drive and free up some megabytes easily by using this shortcut and ensure that you will have a clear hard disk.

Special Characters
(Press E+HOLD.)

You know how some letters have that weird thing on top of it? Special characters, they call it. You can easily type special characters by holding the letter down. From there, just choose the appropriate accent you need. It works with the letters I,O, U and other special characters.

Paste Text without formatting
(Press Command+shift+V.)

Ever noticed how when you copy-paste text from a document or web page to an email, it changes formatting? This can make your email look messy and is often painstaking to remove. With this keyboard trick, you can stop that from happening and save you time from editing everything.

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