LaCie 1TB Rugged Hard Drive Review

In this video, MacMall takes a look at the 1TB Rugged V2 drive from LaCie. Touted as equally fast as it is reliable, this external HDD is quite durable.

As the bright orange case surround suggests, the drive has been constructed to withstand a fair amount of abuse. Specifically, the drive has an IP 54 rating against the elements, keeping your data inside safe from dust, spills, and tumbles. In fact, the dirve is MIL-compliant, meaning that data is protected even during accidental drops up to two meters. Thus, whether you’re trying to balance the drive on your head and fail or it falls out of your backpack during a bike ride, your data inside will still be okay.

In addition to protecting your data, the Rugged V2 drive from LaCie helps you access it quickly with its USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectors.  Specifically, this drive offers a 10 Gbps interface transfer rate over Thunderbolt connection, and 5 Gbps over USB 3.0. The drive has a max transfer rate of 110 Mbps, allowing you to transfer files quickly.

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