Logic Pro X Now Better Utilizes 12 Cores

As recently reported by Apple Insider, Apple recently rolled out an update to Logic Pro X that will better utilize the 12-core Mac Pro models. Logic Pro X is software for professional music production.

The latest update, version 10.0.7, came with over 300 updates, including “new features, UI changes, tweaks, and bug fixes,” according to Apple Insider.  While the full list of features are available on the release notes webpage, the most notable update is that the software now supports 24 processing threads on 12-core Mac Pro models.

With more software continuing to better utilize the power of the 12-core Mac Pro, the appeal and necessity of the top end Mac Pro models continues to grow for creative professionals.  Understanding the need for custom tailored high end performance, MacMall currently stocks over 20 configurations of the Mac Pro.

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