Simple Cord Hack to Avoid Charger Cable Fraying

Are you the type of smartphone owner that always brings his or her charger wherever he or she goes? Because of your fast-paced lifestyle, more often than not, you end up tossing your charger cable carelessly in your bag without realizing that this may lead to weakening or fraying of the cables. This will eventually result in complete damage of the cables.

Here is a resourceful way to make your charger cable last.

You will need:

Your charger cable


And a spring  (You can use your old pen’s spring.)


To start, you need to twist the spring onto the cable. Work carefully so you don’t tear the cable’s covering.


Keep working the spring onto your charger cable. Way to go!


And… you’re done!


The spring you twisted around your charger cable will be of great help in making the cable last as well as in preventing it from unnecessary bending, which can also lead to malfunction and damage. The amount of spring you use completely depends on your preference.

With this hack, it’s easy and simple to make your charger cable last.

When your charger cable is too frayed for hacks and fixes, though, you can always visit We have a wide variety of adapters and cables compatible with your Apple devices.

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Image: PCM, Blisstree, Snapguide

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