Lynn University undergrads to receive an iPad Pro

A school in Florida is giving out an iPad Pro to each of its enrolled undergraduate students for free since Monday, replacing the iPad Minis they were using previously.

School leaders at Lynn University in Boca Raton believe that using this particular Apple device allows the students to connect with technology as part of the educational experience. It also comes with an Apple Pencil and a smart keyboard. They believe that they are the first school in the country to be offering every student an iPad Pro.

In a statement, school president Kevin Ross said that “Since we introduced iPad-powered learning in 2013, retention is on the rise, student outcomes are improving, and we are receiving more prospective student inquiries than ever.”

School leaders add that using the tablet allows students to save about 90% on textbooks, as digital books prepared by the faculty of the university is available for download. Aside from replacing laptops and computers, it would also reduce the number of computer labs inside Lynn, which makes the space available for other options.

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