MacMall’s Guide To Surviving Singles Awareness Day

For some, yesterday was filled with candy hearts and long-stemmed roses. For others, it was nothing more than a glaring reminder of singleness. But no matter how yesterday turned out for you, it’s all in the past – and Singles Awareness Day is here! Whether you’re currently flying solo – or wish you were – MacMall has the perfect guide to surviving this post-Valentine’s Day holiday sans lover.

  1. Couch Surf – Nothing says “I’m single and I love it” like a lazy day on the couch watching trashy TV. And with the Apple TV you’ll have access to a lifetime’s worth of single channel surfing!
  2. Go Big or Go Home – Despite what your ex says, size does matter. So treat your eyes to the glorious 27” Apple Cinema Display. Everything looks better on this baby, even your questionable online dating prospects.
  3. Let’s Get Loud – Be the master of your music playlist and blast your favorite songs as loud and as long as you like (neighbors’, roommates’ and pets’ sanity permitting). Compatible with just about every iPod out there, the Altec Lansing inMotion Classic speaker dock will have you dancin’ with yourself in no time.

“One” doesn’t have to be the loneliest number, so enjoy this day to its fullest. How do you celebrate Singles Awareness Day? Playing Angry Birds on your iPad 2? Bar hopping with friends? Let us know in the comments!

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