Make your MacBook Pro into the Ultimate a Gaming Computer

As a long-time computer user, I guess I have enough knowledge to determine how much I’ll enjoy a certain game (although I do love watching somebody else play and try to give moral support especially when they’re playing something in the horror genre), and from years of experience, I know when a computer needs a little bit of a tweak for the player(s) to enjoy the full gaming experience.

That's what Rafael says at 10PM. It's 3AM now.

That’s what Rafael says at 10PM. It’s 3AM now.


I used a MacBook Pro when I was in college and I must say that it did help me get through important papers and design projects I needed to do. However, after all the stress of school work, I needed something to do to release stress, and that’s when I started downloading and installing games into the MacBook Pro. I thought it could be better if I was using a MacBook with Retina Display, but, hey, I made most of what I had. I was new to the Mac OS back then and everything seemed like a puzzle. I eventually figured it out and the game addiction began. Here are some steps you could follow (and I should’ve thought of back then) to make your MacBook Pro more game-friendly.

Clean up your system

Apps need space to store information, meaning small space results in frequent lags and delays. Here’s what you can do as a preemptive measure:

  • Remove unused apps
  • Delete files you don’t use or access anymore
  • Alternative: Back your files up in the Cloud or a hard drive
  • Use cleanup tools like OnyxiBoostUp or CCleaner

Disable OS X features you do not need or use

You need to remove features that take up the power your Mac could allocate to gaming – because you know, PRIORITIES. These features include the Dashboard and Notification Center.

Disabling the Dashboard

  • Launch the Terminal app by going through Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Or, if you have it at your dock, just click on the icon.
  •  Input this command to deactivate your Dashboard:

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES

  • Afterwards, you need to restart the Finder. Do this by entering this command:

killall Dock

  • Once your finder restarts, your Dashboard should be out of sight and out of mind.

Disabling the Notification Center

  • Follow the same process of Applications > Utilities > Terminal or access it through your dock.
  • For the Notification Center to stop re-launching, input this command line

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/

  • Enter in killall NotificationCenter to remove the Notification Center from your interface. Your system might tell you a “process not found” error as you implement the commands above. Don’t worry, it will still work.

Let your game refurbish itself

If you’re a Steam player, you should know that this is also an app that needs time to load athe necessary data you need so you can maximize your gameplay. That means updates, patches and new features within the system and the game would and should be dealt with periodically to avoid delays.

This also applies to other online gaming services like Dragon Nest, for example. Although that won’t let you play until everything’s patched up.

Just let everything finish first before you start playing because:

a) Some patch-up processes tend to halt when you start playing, and

b) if it doesn’t, you have multiple data coming into your system, which means your system has more to process, which means slower gaming pace or delayed responses.

Configure your system capacity

Play your game by how much your MacBook Pro can take. Note that each MacBook Pro (with or without Retina Display, as well as other Mac computers) varies when it comes to storage space and RAM capacity. That means you can play this game on your MacBook, but maybe not enjoy the full gaming experience.

  • From the game

Go to your Game Menu, select Options. Presumably there would be a Video/Graphics option you can access to adjust the settings. If you have a MacBook Pro that might be overwhelmed by the game’s graphic play, you should still be able to enjoy your game if you lower the graphic settings particularly those that cover detailing, shadows, special effects, etc. These options are more system-intensive than you’d expect.

Also, you should try switching your game between Full-screen and Window mode. Results vary, as some games become more responsive from one of the two modes. Try playing from each mode, and assess which makes you score more.

  • From your MacBook

Consider upgrading your Mac’s RAM capacity so you can easily launch gaming apps at a much quicker rate, and experience gameplay with less delay and fewer lags. Bigger RAM = better GAMEPLAY.

Limit / Close all other apps and system plug-ins

Even if your laptop has an adequate storage and processing capacity, running multiple heavy apps and utilities in the background might still make your system slow and occupied. These include graphic-intensive apps like Photoshop or any Adobe programs, online and system music players, online browsers, loading videos on YouTube, and installing new programs.

Close other apps and windows before you play. This makes your system processing focused in running your game and not anything else. Plus, with no other online apps, your bandwidth goes directly into your game, and that adds speed as well.

You can also check if the app you’re using is the one taking up the most system processing. Access the Activity Monitor through Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. This feature provides complete insight to every detail your MacBook is processing – from apps, energy to CPU activity – and lets you manage and disable specific apps to restore system efficiency.

Put up Windows

You always have the option of integrating the Windows OS into a Mac computer, or get the best of both worlds and install Boot Camp. If you’re more familiar with the Windows OS but the love the efficiency and reliability of Mac hardware, this option will suit you well.

Another reason why this is a viable option is that Windows OS can handle more games since developers are targeting users who favor this system. With a dual system, you can easily segregate your professional time with your recreational time so you get more focus when needed.

As soon as you check off these tasks, you should see a difference in your gaming. What makes the MacBook Pro an ideal gaming tool is its portability and incredible specs. You also have to remember to get the right gaming accessories like a responsive mouse for better navigation and headphones to keep your game sounds private and to avoid disturbing other people.

Now who says the Mac is just for business? Shoot them down next time you play against them, and make them eat the words

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