How to Maximize iPad Battery Life

The iPad is perfect for giving impressive presentations to a small audience and for playing some of the latest games because it has a wide screen. However, a downside to owning an iPad is that the more you enjoy using it, the faster its battery gets drained. Maybe it’s time you did something about that. Here are a few things you can do so that your iPad doesn’t die on you too quickly.

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Disable location finder. You don’t really need to always tell everyone where you are. Not only does that pose serious security threats, but it also significantly drains battery power. Deactivate the location feature in apps that don’t really need to know where you are.

Force-quit apps that are running in the background. Shut down these apps because, one: you’re not using them. And, two: they’re basically doing nothing except draining your iPad of its precious battery power. Double tap on the Home button and swipe up to force-quit apps you aren’t using.

Turn off push notifications. Ask yourself, “Do I really need to be notified about every little thing that happens in my apps?” If you feel like you get way too many notifications, you can opt to turn off push notifications by going to Settings > Notifications and toggling the notification setting for each application.

Adjust brightness. Make use of ambient light especially if your environment is bright enough. Turn down your iPad’s brightness level so you can save up some of your tablet’s battery power.

Turn off 3G/4G connectivity when not in use. Using 3G/4G connections can be convenient, but it’s also a big battery drainer. If possible, use WiFi networks to post photos or browse the Web. Turn off 3G/4G connections if you don’t have to use them or just completely disable the functionality. Your bill and your iPad will thank you in the long run.

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