Must Have Apple TV Apps

Get the most out of your 4th generation Apple TV with some of the must-have Apple TV apps!


1. myTuner Radio

Other than YouTube, Netflix or apps like MLB or NFL (these may be some of the reasons why you bought your Apple TV in the first place) that you’re familiar with, the new 4th-gen Apple TV features an app called myTuner Radio that allows you to stream any radio from any country worldwide. Besides audio streaming, this app also lets you search for some station, browse categories, and even choose the one you like.


175x175bb2. Yahoo Sport

This sports app gives you updated game results of your favorite sports in NBA or NHL and others. When you open up Yahoo Sport for the first time, it will lead you to a pop-up screen that will give you choices where you can select your favorite teams and get information about them right away. If you want to get the coverage of your favorite sports event, this app is the best way to go.


6e9f595d-67a6-44a4-94e6-8356ddf3719f_170x1703. Accuweather

Obviously this one is a weather-oriented app but there is an option to look for any place to get weather forecast. You can even allow this app to see your actual location, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Also, you can browse the map with the ability to zoom in and out, and more.




kitchen-stories4. Kitchen Stories

If you love to cook and prepare dishes, the Kitchen Stories apps is perfect for you. This app is very useful because it offers many different kinds of video recipes for pretty much anything, including a bunch of videos for starters.


screen520x9245. Breakneck

Another app that’s great to check out is the Breakneck app. This game app is one of the best games you could find on the App Store as it comes with great graphics, and it runs super-smooth without any kind of lags or bugs. This one is really easy to play using the new Apple TV remote.


These are just some of the must have Apple TV apps. These apps are specially picked to be all different to enhance your life from each side. Discover these great apps and more—have fun!

Sigfred Hermosa


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