NetFlix posts iOS app update for its tablets

One major stickler for Netflix subscribers has been its slow pace towards multi-tasking capabilities, particularly on the tablets.

One of the major highlights when Apple revealed iOS 9 back in September 2015 was the ability to multitask.

However, it was only this week that the streaming video service made an update on its iOS app that makes progress on that, enabling Picture in Picture mode on iPads running at least iOS 9.3.2.

For those using Apple tablets starting with the iPad Air or the iPad Mini 2 and the succeeding generations, people will now be able to start playback inside the app, but will be able to continue watching videos in a thumbnail view elsewhere after pressing the Home button. Pop-up commands can expand or close the window, as well as pause or resume playback. Resizing the thumbnail is also a possibility, as well as the ability to drag the smaller window to any of the four corners. This way, one would be able watch their favorite Netflix programming while updating their social media or checking their e-mail, something that has been highly sought after by app users.

Even with the enabling of Picture in Picture, Netflix still is not yet fully enabled for complete multitasking capabilities, as it still does not have Split View capability. It does, however, allow the Slide Over function. Other than that, the service has been relatively quick in being able to support Apple’s new quirks when they launch, like 3D Touch for example.

Aside from that, the update, which is already available for download, also includes stability improvements and bug fixes throughout.

Netflix is a free app on iOS, but subscribing to the streaming service will cost between $7.99 and $11.99 per month. Apple devices will need to be running at least iOS 8 to be able to use the app.

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