Of course you’ve heard of Apple.  But have you heard of MacMall?  When I talk to most people I get “Mac what?” “Mac huh?”  To which I reply, ‘Mall, MacMall, an Apple reseller’.  Then, I hear “Oh, that’s so cool.  So you work with Apple?  Can you get me an iPad?”  Now as a marketer, this is extremely painful.  I wish I had an endless budget to compete with the champion advertisers in this city, but I do not.  So, I have to rely on more guerilla efforts, networking and – corporate buzzword alert – out-of-the-box ideas.  It’s a challenge.  Which brings me here to this blog today, and ongoing.  So, Chicago, we stand here making direct eye contact with smiles on our faces, and our right hands open and extended ready to make a firm grasp with yours and start the beginning of what can be a beautiful friendship.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect since we are opening a MacMall retail store at the corner of Grand and Orleans in March.  Now, you may be asking why would I go to MacMall over the Apple store?  There are many answers to this question, the main one being because we will always beat Apple’s price.  And they are ok with that and it’s the reason why we have a close business relationship with them.  When you buy from us, you are basically buying from Apple … but a little cheaper.  Some other great answers are we sell more than Apple.  It doesn’t matter who your favorite tech manufacturer is, we sell it.  We also carry all the new releases.  Let me repeat, we carry all the new releases.  If I was a savvy consumer (as you all are) I know there is going to be a very long line on Michigan Avenue when a certain new tablet releases, but MacMall is so new that maybe the line would be shorter.  That’s me as a consumer talking.  As a marketer I’m saying be prepared to stand in the longest line you’ve ever seen!!  But I think you get the point.


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