Personality Quiz: What iPhone 5s color Are You?

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Want to buy an iPhone 5s but not sure what color to choose?  Isn’t it sad that you have to choose between majestic black, regal gold, and classy silver? If you could buy all the colors available, you’d probably switch between phones every single day. That would be awesome.

If there’s no room in your budget for buying three different colors of the same iPhone, you can always choose what iPhone 5s color most appeals to your taste or fits your personality best. After all, your possessions can define you as much as your friends (Let me quote a Mexican proverb here, “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”). To help you make your choice, here is a series of questions to guide you on what iPhone 5s color suits you best. All you have to do is answer as honestly as you can.

1.)    It’s Friday night! You’re probably:

a.)    At a gala, sipping your champagne and expanding your social circle.

b.)    At home, reading a book or having a movie marathon, and enjoying cups of green tea galore.

c.)     Catching your favorite sitcoms and inviting friends over for a PlayStation party!


2.)    Shopping Day! When out at the mall, what kind of store you’re most likely to visit first?

a.)    Boutiques, of cou—wait, are those on SALE?! OMG, I got to have theeeem!

b.)    Bookstore. I want to see the bestsellers of the month.

c.)     Record store. I’ll probably buy some indie records to listen to when I get home.


3.)    What’s your preferred drink?

a.)    Skinny, decaf iced macchiato.

b.)    Green tea for all your problems.

c.)     Vodka. It makes the world go ‘round. (Literally!)


4.)    Who’s your icon or role model?

a.)    Kate Moss. She’s just perfect, no questions asked!

b.)    Jane Austen. Smart and a hopeless romantic. Yeah, that’s what I am.

c.)     Lorde. Dark, mystical, majestic. We both know how it feels to not be royals.


5.)    If you were to be a pet, what kind of animal would you be?

a.)    A cat! Probably a purebred Snow Bengal.

b.)    A rabbit? I like rabbits. Because cats and dogs are just too mainstream.

c.)     I’d be a Pitbull. Yeah. Or maybe a Rottweiler.



Mostly A’s: Gold.

You attract attention and you’re definitely a people-magnet. Everywhere you go, people just revolve around you and your charming personality. And things just won’t be the same without you and your quick-witted pieces of advice. You’re as regal as gold, so the iPhone 5s in gold is so you!

Mostly B’s: Silver.

You’re silver! You’re an introvert. You like to observe and you don’t enjoy being the center of attention, but you still keep it classy. You can have a good time by yourself and appreciate all the little things around you.

Mostly C’s: Black.

You’re a person of the extremes. You like to live your life adventurously and dangerously. You’re punk, you’re a hipster, and you’re the epitome of everything that other people can’t do. You’re majestic black.

Okay, so you finally know what iPhone 5s color you’re choosing, right? You can go ahead and check out the iPhone 5s at MacMall!

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