Protective Cases for the Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S III is designed to be durable, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from protective accessories. If you want to prevent your Galaxy S3 from getting nicked and scratched during everyday use, consider using a protective case. Protective cases for Galaxy S3 usually wrap over the phone’s sides and back panel, preserving their sleek, smooth finish. Many cases even come with protectors for the phone’s screen.

Here are some protective cases that would be perfect for any Galaxy S3.

Trident Systems Aegis Case for Samsung Galaxy S III/i9300 – Blue


This Aegis case from Trident Systems offers dual-layer protection for your Galaxy S3. The case’s inner silicone piece provides excellent shock absorption properties, while the hardened polycarbonate plastic shell prevents any damage caused by accidental drops or contact against hard surfaces. This case even includes a self-applicable screen protector. Silicone plugs and dust filters keep dust and other minute debris from entering the phone’s microphone, charging port, audio jack, and speaker bays. The case also features a lanyard loop that you can use to attach straps, key rings, and other accessories.

Speck Products CandyShell for Samsung Galaxy S III – Black/Dark Grey

This is a great two-in-one case for your 9317328_xxlg
Galaxy S III. Speck Products’ CandyShell case provides dual-layer protection through a one-piece design that combines a soft, flexible inner case and a hard outer shell. The rubberized inner layer absorbs shock from impact caused by drops, while the glossy outer shell prevents damage caused by scratches and scrapes. Rubberized button covers ensure that the phone’s buttons remain functional even in the case, while a raised screen bezel improves grip and adds a measure of protection in case the phone is dropped. The case doesn’t interfere with phone use, as well, leaving ports and jacks open.

Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S III Commuter Series – Glacier


Cases from Otterbox’s Commuter series are specifically built to protect against the damage caused by the small, everyday accidents that make you drop your Galaxy S III. This protective case for Galaxy S3 is made from an inner layer of sturdy silicone and an outer layer of durable polycarbonate. The silicone layer is designed to be effective at shock absorption, while the outer layer protects the phone against impact. Despite the case’s dual-layer features, its snug fit on the phone prevents it from feeling bulky. For added protection, silicone plugs cover the phone’s headphone jack, power button, charging port, and volume controls.

Trident Case Electra Case for Samsung Galaxy S III/i9300 – Black


The Electra case for the Galaxy S3 is a little bulkier than other protective cases because it provides a 2000mAh extended-life battery, which is designed to double your Galaxy S3’s battery life. The case’s exterior is made from hardened polycarbonate to provide maximum defense against scratches, while the interior layer is made from silicone for shock absorption. Along with a silicone inner layer and a polycarbonate outer layer, this case features double-thick silicone corners that come in handy at protecting your phone from little bumps and drops. The phone’s charging port, headphone jack, microphone, and speakers are covered by silicone plugs and dust filters on the case itself.

Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S III Defender Series – Atomic


If Otterbox’s Galaxy S3 Commuter Series case doesn’t provide enough protection for your taste, this case from Otterbox’s Defender Series is perfect for your Galaxy S3. This case is designed for triple-layer protection, with a two-piece polycarbonate shell and an outer silicone slipcover. The polycarbonate shell’s inner layer features foam padding for more effective shock absorption and a built-in screen protector, while the tough outer slipcover protects against the worst of drops and bumps. To preserve the device’s functionality, the case features cutouts for the speakers, microphone, camera, and flash. The case is also designed with a belt-clip holster that doubles as a kickstand for typing and viewing comfort.

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