Quick Tips for Taking iPhone Photos like a Pro

With the iTunes App Store now featuring its own ‘Sharing Selfies’ section, there’s no doubt that the iPhone is becoming a powerful tool not just for communication and productivity but also for photography. After all, the iPhone does come with a highly capable camera and a fully featured Camera app that offers a burst photo mode, takes panoramic photos, and lets you apply all sorts of filters and effects to the photos you take.

Whether you love aiming your iPhone’s lens at landscapes, the food you eat, or even your own face, here are some quick tips that will help you get the best shots.

  • Use your iPhone’s built-in Camera Grid. This grid will help you take photos that are well-composed according to the Rule of Thirds. The Camera Grid is particularly helpful for taking scenery photos. To enable this feature, go into your iPhone’s Preferences menu, tap ‘Photos & Camera’, and flick the slider over to the right beside ‘Grid’ under the Camera heading.
  • Be wary about applying filters to photos for dramatic effect. Sometimes, clean, simple shots look best. Subtle effects are often the most pleasing to the eye.
  • Use your hand to block stray light from affecting your shot. This is particularly important in settings where strong light shines directly on your phone’s lens, causing lens flare and adding haziness to your photos.
  • Be mindful of your posture while you take your photos. Your elbows and arms should be tucked in close against your body. This helps you reduce ‘camera shake’, which makes photos blurry.
  • For stability, use both hands to take a photo. Grasp your iPhone firmly in one hand while using your other hand for tapping the on-screen shutter button. Remember to tap the button instead of jabbing it; the latter can also result in ‘camera shake’.
  • Avoid using the Zoom feature. If you want a closer angle, just get in closer to your subject. Using the zoom reduces sharpness and affects resolution.
  • Give your phone’s lens a regular wipe-down. Even when your iPhone’s protected by a case, the phone’s lens can easily get coated with dust and other particles. Give the lens a quick wipe before aiming it so you’ll be sure to get smudge-free photos.
  • Force the camera to keep focus on a certain object onscreen by doing a long-press on the object until “AE/AF Lock” appears along the bottom of the screen. This will let you change the photo’s composition without your iPhone automatically adjusting focus and exposure.

Having problems with your iPhone’s camera? MacMall is always ready to help. Just bring your iPhone to any of our retail stores to have it checked. We’re an Apple-authorized service shop for iOS devices, so you can rest assured that we’ll have you back to taking photos on your iPhone in no time.

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