Rain Design mBaseStand for 27” iMac

The revolutionary Apple iMac is built to impress consumers with its sleek design and tons of new features and accessories.

One particular accessory for improving your computing experience is the Rain Design mBaseStand for iMac. It is made with an anodized aluminum material that matches your iMac perfectly and has groove rims that secures your iMac in place atop your desk.


Source: Apple

So if you want to optimize your iMac by raising it a few inches higher, get the Rain Design mBaseStand. Get this and you’ll surely love how your iMac is sitting on top of your desk at just the ideal viewing height. Be able to watch movies, do your work or make your presentations without hassle and with no problems on your iMac’s viewing angles.

This Apple accessory is also made with a tiny built-in drawer for all your desk clutter, gadgets and whatnot. You can place your pens, paper clips, post its, phones and earbuds. Perfect for decluttering your table, making your work area neat and tidy. And it’s easier to access too! The built- in drawer has a convenient pull out feature that doesn’t even hit your external keyboard when you feel like opening and closing it.


Source: Apple

In addition to all that, the Rain Design mBaseStand’s cable outlet is placed right at the back for keeping your desks super organized as well. This iMac accessory is really perfect for people who need the extra height for their iMacs. So if you ever find yourself improvising on iMac stands, like making use of stacked books and such. Get the Rain Design mBaseStand instead.

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