Samsung EVO 1TB Internal SSD Review

If you find yourself staring at the system loading screen a bit too long each time you start up your notebook, it may be time to upgrade to an SSD. If you already have an SSD but are struggling to determine which game or app to remove to free up valuable disk space, it may be time to upgrade to a larger drive.

While many laptops now come with SSDs, stock drives are often only 128 to 200GB, leaving you with very little space for functional storage.  For instance, my mobile gaming laptop is a prime example of this. Deciding which game to uninstall is heartbreaking, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In the video above, we take a look at the Samsung 840 1TB SSD. It’s 2.5″ form factor that’s only 7mm thick makes it the ideal size to upgrade notebooks and ultrabooks. Understanding that notebooks have to put up with quite a bit more abuse than a desktop, a solid state drive is ideal as it provides greater shock protection. Think about it:  do you really want moving parts in the hard drive of your mobile device? It’s a recipe for disk errors and BSODs.

In addition to protecting your data from everyday bumps and jostles in your messenger bag, the drive also features AES 256-bit full disk encryption.

462_turbowrite.jpg.w960This particular SSD features Samsung’s TurboWrite, which is their proprietary acceleration technology that significantly increases sequential write performance. Behind the fancy term, this means the drive has a sequential write speed of 520 MBps – not too shabby! (Seriously, it’s pretty speedy.)

Normally, this level of performance and storage in a compact shape isn’t cheap.  However, MacMall does have it on sale, so you can save $350, countless time on startup and other processes throughout your day, and avoid the “what do I delete now?” dilemma.

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