Say hi to Keymoji

As we all know, Apple first introduced animated and lively emoticons, called emoji, in the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The good news is that there’s an app that can make conversations less virtual by translating words and phrases into emoji, and that app is called Keymoji.

keymoji2   keymoji1

Keymoji makes your conversations more interesting by letting you translate your words, phrases or sentences into emojis. This app is available for iPhone and iPad; just download and install it and it will automatically appear in any application that requires you to type.

The developer, Literati Labs, Inc. says, “The best part about Keymoji : the definitions come from you the users! Open the app itself and submit your definitions. See which ones become popular as they get used in the ecosystem! Maybe you will be the person who comes up with the most famous emoji phrase used on iPhone!

Find the emoji art button in the Keymoji emoji keyboard to find special emoji designs that you can send directly from your keyboard through any app!”

Enjoy using those emojis!

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