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Top 5 Flash Drives for People On the Go

….   PNY HP Flash Drive If your travels bring you to far-flung places and different climates, the PNY HP Flash Drive with 16GB of storage capacity is the perfect storage device to bring with you. It can handle different kinds of weather conditions. You don’t get that with other flash drives that will break in extreme weather, thus corrupting your important files.   Kingston DataTraveler A newer kind of flash drive with 16GB of memory spa…

Perfect Gift List for your Techie Buddies

Perfect Gift List for your Techie Buddies

…ciety, not all gifts comes in wrappers – some now comes in a form of screen and specs. If you’re still wondering on what you could give your tech lovelorn buddies, fill your gift checklist with these edgy gadgets that can suit their  technology cravings.   USB Flash drives. Flash drives are great work saviors – so it’s nice to give friends one with a higher ram of memory. Movies, audios and important documents can be stored up with this litt…


New Adobe CS6. Pre-Orders Now Open at MacMall.com.

…creatives and IT can both love is set to arrive this May 2012. Discover more amazing possibilities with the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 – now open for pre-orders at MacMall.com. Or, get it FREE by buying CS5.5 or upgrading to it from Photoshop CS3 or CS4. It’s like paying today’s prices for tomorrow’s software! Promo is until 05/06 only. So get all CJ links now. Get Html Get Html New Adobe Creative Suite 6 – Pre-Order starts now! + Free Ship…


7 Best MacMall Deals for Creative Professionals

…he best media outputs especially with the help of your team. File networking features, publishing and online sharing features are available with the Adobe Cloud Creative Suite. Get busy with the team and juggle those creative ideas with the Adobe Cloud Creative Suite for teams and shell out only $599.88.   Want versatile and high-quality display monitors? ASUS Professional Graphics provides you 27 inches of high quality and adjustable displa…


Apple TV has Killed the BluRay Player

…I downloaded Hugo recently from Apple’s iTunes store. Every speckle of snow and dust was clear and sharp on my 42″ Vizio. Maybe if I had a 60″ Plasma and a very discerning eye would I still use my BluRay player. The discs are just too expensive and who wants to keep driving to Redbox? Not me! Hey, did you know purchases made on Apple TV will be available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Also, you can stream pictures and vide…


Creativity Wanted: Adobe Study on the Modern Hiring Process

Recently, Adobe released a study wherein they surveyed over 1,000 hiring managers in the United States. The study offers an interesting insight into the attitudes and beliefs of hiring managers regarding the skills they believe are required to be successful. The key findings of the study are as follows: Creativity is essential for economic growth. 78% of hiring managers in the survey believe that creativity is a requirement for economic growth,…


The 5 Best External Hard Drives for your Mac

…2.0-compatible) and FireWire 800 External Hard Drive LaCie 1TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 PNY Attaché 32GB Flash Drive G-Technology 500GB G DRIVE MOBILE USB   G-Technology G-Drive Pro 2TB 7200 RPM with Dual Thunderbolt Ports This desktop hard drive from G-Technology makes for an excellent complement for your Mac’s onboard storage. This hard drive features 2TB of storage space that you can use to store documents, photos, and videos you do…

Samsung 28-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor

Top Five 4K Displays for Your Mac Pro

…es built-in 2W speakers and DisplayPort and HDMI ports for your devices and PCs. The amazing part is ASUS’ 3-year warranty and Zero Bright Dot guarantee. If you see a bright dot pixel, ASUS provides full, free replacement of the unit. HP DreamColor Z27x Professional 27-inch Display HP DreamColor and Mac Pro is a match made in heaven! This brilliant 27-inch monitor presents 14-bit internal color precision, 100% AdobeRGB coverage, and an integrated…

Apple reveals upgraded MacBook

Apple reveals upgraded MacBook

…ok. Customers are going to love this update to MacBook, with the latest processors, faster graphics, faster flash storage, longer battery life and a beautiful rose gold finish.” Dubbed as the notebook’s future, the MacBook totes a stunning 12-inch Retina display, a highly responsive full-size keyboard and Force Touch trackpad, and a solitary USB-C port for which it can charge, transfer data, and provide video output. All of those features coming…

Keep it Cool: 12 Tips to prevent your Laptop from Overheating

Keep it cool: 12 tips to prevent your laptop from overheating

…e you put it in its case, so it can properly rest during the trip. If you don’t want to shut it down, at least put it on Sleep mode so that when you arrive at your destination, you’re ready to continue where you left off. 7) Regulate use of media-heavy apps. For media-savvy professionals, this might be a bit of a dilemma. Performance-hungry apps like the Adobe Creative Suite or online plug-ins like Flash require your system to work at greater cap…


MacMall Universe Includes Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

…amsung Galaxy Tab 2. Samsung’s most powerful tablet comes with a 7-inch screen, 8GB storage (with the option to add more) and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich allowing for easy multitasking and customizable home screens. Equipped with the Samsung Media Hub, you instantly have access to your favorite movies and TV shows wherever WiFi is available. To set it apart from other tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes with Adobe Flash player giving…

Mac mini: A fully featured Mac desktop in a compact frame

Mac mini: A fully featured Mac desktop in a compact frame

…s 5000, the Mac mini delivers a 90% improvement in graphics performance over that of the previous-generation Mac mini. Whether you’re browsing your massive photo library or editing videos, you’ll notice the difference. Thunderbolt 2 and flash storage for added speed The newest Mac mini is faster than ever, thanks to Thunderbolt 2 technology and PCIe-based flash storage. With flash storage, booting up your Mac mini and launching applications now t…


A closer look at Apple Pay

…t really a secured way of doing a payment?” Yes, Apple assures each and every one of iPhone user that Apple Pay is a completely secure way of payment, aside from it being an easy one. “Every time you hand over your credit or debit card to pay, your card number and identity are visible. With Apple Pay, instead of using your actual credit and debit card numbers when you add your card, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and secure…


Which Type of iPod is right for you? (iPod)

If you love listening to music then you’ll love having one of Apple’s amazing iPods. Apple iPods are possibly one of the greatest music players available in the market. These come in several models that you can choose from. There’s the Apple iPod Touch, the Apple iPod Nano, and of course the Apple iPad Shuffle. But what sets them apart is that each comes with specs and features that is designed to fit a particular user’s needs. If gaming, nonsto…

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Make your MacBook Pro into the Ultimate a Gaming Computer

As a long-time computer user, I guess I have enough knowledge to determine how much I’ll enjoy a certain game (although I do love watching somebody else play and try to give moral support especially when they’re playing something in the horror genre), and from years of experience, I know when a computer needs a little bit of a tweak for the player(s) to enjoy the full gaming experience. That’s what Rafael says at 10PM. It’s 3AM now….