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How to: Be an instant pro videographer with Instagram’s Hyperlapse app

…oose the speed of your video, so you can do a very slow motion video clip to a time lapse video. Uh-huh! You read it right. Time lapse video right at your very own iPhone! Plus, you can share your stunning videos not only on Instagram, but also on your Facebook timeline. Image stabilization is the main problem in smartphones because they typically cannot process videos in the speed that the user wants. This is what the Hyperlapse app tries to…


Vanquish Instagram Envy with a Lens Kit

If you’ve ever wondered how someone captured an amazing shot on Instagram, there’s three likely answers: Despite the #nofilter tag, the photo is heavily photoshopped. Despite the #iPhone tag or commentary that it was a “quickie” photo, taking the photo was a laborious process that did not involve a mobile phone camera. The photo was taken quickly and easily (though possibly still #filtered) using an iPhone lens kit. If…

Samsung 28-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor

Top Five 4K Displays for Your Mac Pro

…Dell’s affordable 28-inch display, you can savor the clarity of 4K videos at Ultra HD resolution, which is four times the resolution of HD displays. It also reduces your carbon footprint and features an eco-conscious design. ASUS Professional 31.5-inch 4K UHD LED Monitor This professional UHD monitor from Asus is both trusted and ideal for 4K video editing. It features built-in 2W speakers and DisplayPort and HDMI ports for your devices and PCs….

Keep it Cool: 12 Tips to prevent your Laptop from Overheating

Keep it cool: 12 tips to prevent your laptop from overheating

…this area is usually the location of its vents. This allows cool air from your surroundings to permeate your laptop and naturally cool it. Or you could direct an electric fan towards you for extra coolness. 12) Get a cooling pad AKA the better alternative to elevating your gear. You’ll have to shell out some money for a cooling pad, but it does provide efficient cooling, with a fan is pointed directly at your laptop’s vents. If your…

Perfect Gift List for your Techie Buddies

Perfect Gift List for your Techie Buddies

…o best — if you’ll like to try purchasing this Logitech headset with a USB connector –already intact! Seems practical and handy right? That’s one of proud quality product from Macmall.     I Pads and Keyboards An I Pad combined with a smart and geeky keyboard? That’s way too grand for a gift Wedding Suppliers! But for what it’s worth: it’s for your tech savvy friends  — and with them Hi-Tech…


Essentials of Quicken Essential

…are a few solutions for business owners and micromanagers. Mint.com, same folk who worked on Quicken essentials. Still no investment history feature. Run Windows on your Mac. Parallels or VM Ware, and a copy of Windows, will run you about $270, or Bootcamp is included on your Mac. Keep a separate Windows PC, to run Quicken and other programs for your business that require Windows OS. Concoct your own program using bits of code from now defunct…

Run, Joey. Run like the wind!

How many of these 8 iPhone pranks have you tried already?

…here pranks are okay between you and your “target,” let’s talk. If not, look away, close this tab, and continue with your life. (Or read on, anyway; this is a blog, not the police.) But here’s a possible scenario: Run, Joey. Run like the wind! Now, before anything else, let’s discuss the medium to use for these simple but FUN-damental pranks. Apple definitely took their time to engineer the best technology for their loyal consumers….


7 Best MacMall Deals for Creative Professionals

…produce your best creative outputs. I/O ports are available for alternative resources while the monitor itself can be rotated to a vertical position for a more comfortable position if you need to. Get 31% off for the 27-inch ASUS Professional Graphics Display monitor for $489.99 and see the difference you can make with versatility you can touch Work anywhere with high quality specs through the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. With 5 million…

Looking for budget laptops? Check this out!

Looking for budget laptops? Check this out!

…aster especially at starting up, and the fact that it’s lightweight weighing at only 2.8lbs or 1.2kgs. If you are a newbie, a casual user, or doesn’t have a lot of requirements from their computers.     ASUS CHROMEBOOK FLIP The Asus Chromebook Flip is kind of a laptop and tablet hybrid. It’s a slightly smaller computer with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display but it also has a keyboard like a laptop and you can kind of…

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Mac OS X Mavericks 101: Setting Up Speech Recognition

…especially for busy users who juggle multiple projects. One such built-in feature is speech recognition. This tool comes in handy for when you quite literally have your hands full and you’re too busy to bother with the track pad or the Magic Mouse. To set up speech recognition on your Mac, follow these steps: Access System Preferences and launch the Accessibility pane. Choose ‘Speakable Items’ on the list on the left, then click the Settings tab…


Recommended iPad Pro cases

…ing up the device when opened. Two colors are available for purchase, in white or charcoal gray. MoKo iPad Pro Case With prices varying and going as low as under $10 on Amazon, it is among the most affordable covers for the iPad Pro. A padded front cover with magnets wakes up the tablet display when opened. It also has a hard plastic back for protection. Apple iPad Pro Silicone Case ($79.99) Apple also is offering a silicone case version to…


New Mac Mini Unveiled

…me in 1.4GHz, 2.5GHz, or 2.8GHz. The i7 model is 3.0GHz. The processors all feature Turbo Boost 2.0, which can increase the clock speed up to 3.5GHz, making it quite powerful for its size. Hyper-Threading allows each core to run two threads, making multitasking more efficient. GPU Improvements The new Mac mini features Intel Iris Graphics and Intel HD Graphics 5000, which Apple touts as providing 90% faster graphics performance than the…

5. Sharpie (blog.sharpie.com)

DIY: How to Decorate Your Own iPhone Case

…he trick. Just apply the nail polish as you would to your nails and voila! You now have a cute and glittery case. Just make sure to let the nail polish dry before applying the topcoat. Of course, you can let your imagination run wild and create more colorful designs using other colors of nail polish. For a studded and spiky case Materials needed: Old iPhone case, studs or spikes, super glue Studs and spikes are making their way back into the…

Alto’s Adventure integrates new Taptic technology

Alto’s Adventure integrates new Taptic technology

…rade on the engine, which was first introduced in 2015 through the Force Touch phenomenon. For the game, Snowman says that it mainly is able to offer more precise vibrational feedback when certain moments take place during a run. From Snowman via 9to5mac: “Thanks to the expanded Taptic Engine, we’ve been able to pinpoint exciting moments in a run and tie them to more precise vibrational feedback. Now, you’ll feel a nice jolt of satisfaction upon…

How to improve the speed of the Mac Mini

How to improve the speed of the Mac Mini

…p keep or improve that pace. Software updates Sometimes, the reason why the system might be running slower than normal could be because the system was not yet updated. It is suggested that the software and applications being run on your Mac Mini should be the latest version. For apps and software, make sure to run Software Update by either clicking on Apple icon in the Menu bar or by opening it on the App Store. Just keep in mind that apps…