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Turn Your iPhone into a DIY Projector

Ever wanted to put a twist to the way you view your photos or watch videos and movies from your smartphones? Or maybe your hand just gets tired holding your phone up so you can watch the latest episode of your favorite show? No worries; here’s a simple guide that can help you make a projector for your phone in a just few simple steps. First, you will need the following materials: Shoebox Paper clip or Lego blocks Smartphone Magnifying glass X-ac…


If Your Gadgets Could Drink: A Few St. Patty’s Day Drink Recipes Your Gadgets Would Love

…your revelries. After all, you’d hate to ruin your iPad with an ill-timed green beer spill or, worse yet, ruin your reputation with an ill-planned Facebook status update/tweet/blog post/text/email…you get the gist. Plan on trying any of these recipes? Share some of YOUR favorite St. Patrick’s Day drinks in the comments. Have fun this weekend and drink responsibly! Incoming search terms: facts about gadgets trio stealth g2 screen replacement fact…


MacBook Pro Blowouts: Up to $619 Off Instantly. Ends 04/26

…7GHz, 4GB DDR3, 500GB SATA Hard Drive, Intel HD Graphics 3000, SuperDrive, Thunderbolt port, Gigabit Ethernet, FaceTime HD camera, SDXC card slot.$160 Instant Rebate ends 04/26 or until supplies last. Link directly to the Product Page by copying the link format below and replace “INSERT_PID_HERE” with your CJ Website Publisher ID. http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-INSERT_PID_HERE-10273684?url=http://www.macmall.com/p.pdp?source=MWBCJCONT…


How to Keep your iPad in Tip-Top Shape

…having an iPad is like carrying around a flat laptop with you wherever you go. They allow you to send emails, stay in touch with friends, and play your favorite games without fail. This is exactly why you should learn how to properly care for your precious iPad. After all, prevention is better than cure. Here are a few simple ways to make sure that your iPad is always in top shape: Avoid hard surfaces. Your iPad’s surface is made of glass….


A Close Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, which they are describing as the “tablet that can replace your laptop.” Today, MacMall is taking a closer look at it. While previous versions of the Surface were notably clunkier than competition tablets, the Surface Pro 3 weights in at only 1.76 pounds and is 0.36 inches thick. For Microsoft, this is quite a notable improvement in form, which is starting to get the attention of more…

Dock seeks to restore earphone jack for iPhone 7

Dock seeks to restore earphone jack for iPhone 7

…it was officially revealed earlier in September. However, fans did not take to this decision kindly In lieu of an earphone jack, Apple also revealed during the same event that it will launch a new set of wireless audio called AirPods. As a response, a company decided to set up startup on Kickstarter to precisely address this matter, crafting together the iLDOCK. The iLDOCK (iPhone + Lightning + DOCK) is an elegant dock that can be easily plugged…


15 DIY iPhone and iPad Docks from Common Household Items

…o cut out a space that fits your device and another space or notch at the bottom part of the toy to insert the connector so your device can charge while riding a dinosaur. 9.  Chopsticks Source: http://www.geeknaut.com/ Got some leftover chopsticks from your last order of Chinese takeout? Make an iPad stand! All you need is some wood glue and thirteen chopsticks. Form the sticks into a U shape to hold your device and then use a broken chopstick p…

Run, Joey. Run like the wind!

How many of these 8 iPhone pranks have you tried already?

…way; this is a blog, not the police.) But here’s a possible scenario: Run, Joey. Run like the wind! Now, before anything else, let’s discuss the medium to use for these simple but FUN-damental pranks. Apple definitely took their time to engineer the best technology for their loyal consumers. Unfortunately, for future targets, we can utilize these features for gags and whatnot. Disclaimer: Be quick and stealthy and choose your targets wisely. The…

Samsung SyncMaster S27B970D - LED monitor - 27"

Samsung Series 9 SyncMaster 27″LED Monitor – Your Eyes Will Thank You

…logy delivers rich images with amazingly precise colors. Through cutting-edge innovations, the Series 9 Monitor achieves the entire SRGB spectrum. Partnered with Wide Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 you get an incredible visual experience. The Whole Package – Looks and Brains The slim profile and sleek design of the Series 9 Monitor boasts a sophisticated frame in front and a shimmering panel in back. The slim bezel and crystal-clear glas…

Conceptual iMac update revealed

Conceptual iMac update revealed

…get the educational market. In introducing the concept, they quoted Steve Jobs, noting that “Computers are like a bicycle for our minds.” The late Apple founder valued education very much and was part of Apple’s DNA since its inception. The eMac specs, as mentioned by Curved/labs: Same specs as latest iMac, but with a 17″ retina display with a 4:3 screen proportion A front-facing dual camera for 3D capture / scanning / imaging An all-glass


Top 5 Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

…signs with the Griffin Identity case.   3. jWin Electronics Gossamer Clear Hardshell Case, $19.99 Show off your iPhone 6 Plus’ color with the jWin Electronics Gossamer Clear Hardshell Case while still keeping it safe from scratches and dents. The jWin case is UV-coated to ensure nothing can scathe your phone. It also fits your iPhone perfectly so it would not slip from your hand while you are using it.   4. jWin Electronics Tempered Gla…

Screenshot from apple.com

Why the Apple Watch is Awesome

…y know about what could be the next big Apple device to take on the world. Two sizes, three variations, eleven Faces At first glance the Apple Watch looks like a convenient fusion of the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Designed with a waterproof, rounded square body, the Apple Watch is available in 2 screen sizes: 38 mm (1.5 inches) and 42 mm (1.7 inches) – both of which are made with a stunning Retina Display. Screenshot from apple.com   You ca…

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Water Resistant Cases for iPhone

…ly dry at all times, check out these great waterproof cases for iPhone. Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 – Black/Clear This case from Griffin features a patented gasketed design that keeps water out, along with grease, dust, and sand. Silicone o-rings eliminate the risk of leaks and polycarbonate frames ensure durability even after regular use in water. The case is water-resistant up to 9.8 feet or 3 meters, so you c…


E LV Strap Band for the Apple Watch

Want to replace your old Apple Watch strap? The E LV Strap Band is what you need. Check it out! Stylish. Classy. Bold. The E LV Strap Band for the Apple Watch is now up for grabs for trendsetters and fashionistas everywhere. With straps made of 100% genuine leather, this Apple Watch band is the perfect match to basically any ensemble. It’s an absolute must- have for people into high fashion. The E LV Strap is designed to reflect a wide range of…


DIY Fixes for Screen Scratches

…ick paste. Then take a microfiber cloth and gently apply it on your scratched screen in a circular motion. 5.  Sandpaper Feeling confident with your carpentry skills? With tougher scratches, one can make use of a square of fine sandpaper. When using sandpaper, make sure that you choose the finest and least abrasive sandpaper and to apply gentle pressure on the screen. This ensures that you’re not making the damage worse. When is it time to replac…