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Wacom Blowouts: Up to 40% Off – From $56.49

Deals by MacMall.com are unquestionably distinct not only because of their huge savings, but also because they are offered with a purpose. That is to provide answers to the needs of both business and creative professionals. Now, new sets of Wacom pen tablets and displays are offered by MacMall.com with very attractive prices. With up to 40% discount and prices from $56.49, these Wacom blowouts are perfect for creative and design professionals….

Lean, Mean, Green Machines

March is the greenest month of the year. The start of Spring, Irish American Month and, of course, St. Patty’s Day! But how can you celebrate this emerald month? Go “green” yourself! No, we don’t mean Jolly Green Giant-style – instead, how about doing your part to make the world a bit more environmentally friendly. Here at MacMall, we’ve decided to give you a few simple tips on how to make the most of this vert* time of year: Cut off Vampire Pow…

AirPlay + AirPrint: Wireless is Wonderful

Fiddling around wires went from being strategic to just bothersome. Since the dark ages (proximately 70 years ago) when the first computer became available, meters of bulky wire became a resident in offices or maybe homes that want to take advantage of the new technology. Fast forward to the 90’s when Bluetooth (developed in 1996 by a firm named Ericsson) was invented and the world was introduced to a new fad in communication and connectivity u…

5 Hardware and Accessories to help you Maximize your Mac Pro

It’s undeniable that the refurbished Mac Pro is awesome inside out, despite criticism that it looks like a trash bin. With specs that will make multimedia professionals and graphics enthusiasts swoon, the Mac Pro provides sufficient power to help users effortlessly manage projects and create new ones with ease. The better news is you can always take it further. In an industry that demands progress and favors competitiveness, the Mac Pro can be h…