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Twelve South BookArc Stand for MacBook

…tecting your work space’s surface. And if you’re worried about your MacBooks’ cables slipping down, don’t worry because this revolutionary stand has a cable catching feature as well. Store your MacBook and space save with the Twelve South BookArc Stand for MacBook. For MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iPhones, iPads, iPods and iMacs. Feel free to browse www.macmall.com for amazing deals and great discounts on Apple products….

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Best MacBook Carrying Cases

When you go from place to place, you obviously can’t just bring your MacBook pro or laptop in your hand. You need a bag or carrying case that is durable and can keep your MacBook safe from the elements as well as make a stylish place to store your other belongings. Here are some cases that could be perfect for you and your lifestyle: MacCase All-in-One Backpack This is perfect for backpackers who don’t want to be bringing a separate bag for thei…


Inside the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display: Intel Iris Pro Graphics

…ated graphics chips such as the Iris Pro greatly benefits users who expect to rely on the Retina MacBook Pro for light, non-gaming usage, including Web browsing and other productivity-related tasks. Aside from boosting graphics performance on the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, Iris Pro 5200 also doesn’t eat up as much power as discrete GPUs, extending the MacBook Pro’s battery life. Incoming search terms: discount Mac Pro store


Innovelis TotalMount Pro Mounting System for Apple TV

…has ventilation channels that lets cool air freely flow under your Apple TV as well. The Innovelis TotalMount Pro Mounting System is a unique Apple TV accessory that is a perfect addition to your entertainment area. For more Apple devices and accessories, check out our website www.macmall.com! Our digital shelves are stocked with only the finest tech. Find your must- have gadget now and for a low cost too! Visit us now and see what’s in store for…

Kensington SafeDock for MacBook Air 13

Top 5 ergonomic stands for your MacBook

Working with a MacBook is fun with its lightweight build and power-packed features. But, as with any laptop, working with it normally can get physically tiring. Secure your MacBook on your desk and work with comfort with one of these MacBook stands. Belkin Loft Do you have a limited workspace for your MacBook? Then you should consider putting it on a pedestal. The Belkin Loft for MacBook may not seem much, but putting your MacBook on this gives…

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The 2013 MacBook Air

…2013 MacBook Air can now go all day, with an extended battery life of 9 hours, almost double the capabilities of the 11-inch 2012 MacBook Air. Similarly, the 13-inch 2013 MacBook Air can now work off the plug for 12 hours, a significant improvement from the previous-generation MacBook Air’s battery life of 7 hours. Incoming search terms: 2013 New iPad Air For Sale Cheap iPad Air Online Buy Wholesale iPad Air Store macbook air rugged case…

iPad Pro tips and tricks

iPad Pro tips and tricks

…sories The iPad Pro has a battery widget that allows the user to see the power status of accessories like the Apple Pencil, Bluetooth headphones, or any other device connected to the tablet. That way, you would be aware if there is an accessory that needs charging. iPad Pro Apps Apple and the other developers have devised new apps and updated the current ones for the new tablet. On Apple’s end, the latest updates from its Notes and Mail apps refl…

iPad Pro (image from www.apple.com)

Apple Officially Releases the iPad Pro

…ing the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Buying the iPad Pro at the Apple Retail Store will get you free Personal Setup to help with customizing the iPad Pro. From setting up e-mail to showing the apps on the App Store, this setup will let you use their new device immediately. In addition, free workshops are scheduled to be offered at the Apple Store for those who want to learn about either the iPad Pro or the latest…


5 Hardware and Accessories to help you Maximize your Mac Pro

…equipped with USB 3.0 ports to accommodate standard devices and peripherals, its Thunderbolt 2 ports provide a faster and bigger capacity to handle data to and from your external devices. Connect the Mac Pro to your devices through StarTech White Mini Thunderbolt Cables. Available in a wide variety of lengths and connector heads, these cables provide reliable connectivity for anyone with a Thunderbolt port. G-Speed : store, access and secure your…


5 Benefits of Recycling with Apple

…nd Torrance to get advice from our Apple-credited experts. Visit macmall.com for more information and more incredible promos! For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter, and connect with MacMall on Facebook. Image/s: FanAppic Incoming search terms: buy apple earpod outlet buy apple lightning cable outlet apple iphone authorized seller apple lightning cable sale online cheap apple lightning cable store apple earpod add to cart ap…


Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

…orts, and Speakers: Although both tablets have the same selection of buttons and the Lightning port, the iPad Pro has four speakers, with a pair found on both the top and bottom edges. In contrast, the iPad Air 2 only has two speakers that are on just one edge. Having double the speakers allows the iPad Pro to produce far more sound and the more ideal option for watching movies or clips. Accessories: The iPad Pro is the first device Apple will ut…


How to Upgrade your MacBook Air’s SSD

…ok Air you have before you even think about buying an SSD upgrade kit. STEP 2: Find the right storage for your MacBook Air Now that you know exactly what MacBook Air model you have, you can now pick the perfect SSD kit for your MacBook Air. Choose from a variety of sellers online or check out your local computer stores for the kit you need. STEP 3: Perform the upgrade Take out the screws at the bottom of your MacBook Air. To avoid problems with s…


A Close Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

…look at it. While previous versions of the Surface were notably clunkier than competition tablets, the Surface Pro 3 weights in at only 1.76 pounds and is 0.36 inches thick. For Microsoft, this is quite a notable improvement in form, which is starting to get the attention of more aesthetically minded iPad users. As Apple Insider noted, this sleek form factor makes the “Surface Pro 3 the thinnest Intel Core product ever made.” The Kic…

The iPad Pro (image from www.apple.com)

The iPad Pro: yea or nay?

…ssors. At 264 ppi (pixels per inch), the stunning imagery and excellent picture quality of the display is reinforced by its refined Multi-Touch technology. The iPad Pro also has been gifted with greater contrast and brightness to help enhance the everyday back and forth of your computing life. The iPad Pro’s Retina display (image from www.apple.com) Now, we go to its technology. The iPad Pro is loaded with a new A9X chip and has the 3rd gen…

Logitech CREATE Protective Case with AnyAngle Stand for iPad Pro

A roundup of the best iPad Pro cases

Apple Smart Cover and Silicone Case First on the list is the Apple Smart Cover & Silicone Case. The Smart Cover is made of durable polyurethane material which offers you full protection of the display, while adding a Silicone Case gives you full front and back coverage for your iPad Pro. Targus VersaVu Premium 360° Rotating Case for iPad Pro Second is the Targus VersaVu Premium 360° Rotating Case for iPad Pro, Black (THZ631GL). This case of…