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Protective Cases for the Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 usually wrap over the phone’s sides and back panel, preserving their sleek, smooth finish. Many cases even come with protectors for the phone’s screen. Here are some protective cases that would be perfect for any Galaxy S3. Trident Systems Aegis Case for Samsung Galaxy S III/i9300 – Blue This Aegis case from Trident Systems offers dual-layer protection for your Galaxy S3. The case’s inner silicone piece provides excellent shock absorpti…

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Water Resistant Cases for iPhone

Phone 5 in up to 6.6 feet of water for 30 minutes. Aside from watertight fittings, this case is also designed with over-molded internal and external bumpers. These bumpers reduce the damage caused by drops from heights of up to 10 feet. LifeProof LifeJacket Float for fre- iPhone 5 Case This LifeJacket Float case from LifeProof provides you with an excellent way to keep your iPhone 5 100% dry, as long as you don’t mind bulking it up. This float ca…

5. Sharpie (blog.sharpie.com)

DIY: How to Decorate Your Own iPhone Case

If you loved customizing your iPhone charger in How to Customize Your iPhone Charger in Three Simple Steps, you might want to keep reading and learn how to decorate your iPhone case. Let’s face it: changing your iPhone case regularly to keep your device posh and fab is very expensive. And what would happen to your old case?  It would probably just end up forgotten, gathering dust. Instead of shelling out money to buy a new case, why don’t you ju…


Five Amazing Notebook Cases Perfect for your MacBook

…round all day is a breeze. Cocoon Hell’s Kitchen 15″ MacBook Case – Black This is the perfect MacBook case for traditionalists who prefer simple yet stylish notebook cases. The Cocoon Hell’s Kitchen MacBook Case offers enough space even for 15” MacBooks and also features a pocket organizer and a document pocket for secure storage. A media pocket lets you safely store your iPhone, iPod, and other gadgets. For convenient use, the case comes w…

Couples iPhone Case Mods

5 Quick and Easy iPhone Case Mods

…add a bit of life to it? Then get your art supplies ready and try out some of these awesome ways to make your iPhone case stand out among your peers. Studs Feeling a bit punk-rock? Or just want to freak out a few people? Try decorating your iPhone case with studs. Just run down to your local craft store and purchase a few packs. Then either glue or screw them onto your boring old phone case to give it that awesome edgy look.   Galaxy Design…


Top 5 iPhone Accessories for Photography

…wn, the right accessories can make it even better. These awesome accessories extend the capabilities of your iPhone’s camera, so you can really test your photography skills and take a wider variety of shots. Olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarizing Lens System for iPhone 5 / 5s iStabilizer Flex Aluratek 2600 mAh Portable Battery Charger with LED Flashlight LifeProof fre Case for iPhone 5 Aluratek Lithium-ion Battery Case for iPhone 5 & 5s &n…


MacMall Universe Includes Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The MacMall universe just got a little bigger with the addition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Samsung’s most powerful tablet comes with a 7-inch screen, 8GB storage (with the option to add more) and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich allowing for easy multitasking and customizable home screens. Equipped with the Samsung Media Hub, you instantly have access to your favorite movies and TV shows wherever WiFi is available. To set it apart from oth…

otterbox defender iPhone 5s

Which iPhone 5s Case Are You?

We know that we need to protect our phones. And no matter how beautiful your phone is without a case, trust me, you need one. I’ve learned it the hard way. MacMall offers a wide selection of cases for your iPhone 5s, and it can be hard to choose the right case, so here are 5 cases that can suit any personality. For the Adventurous Lad You believe that your sole purpose in this world is to explore new lands and discover new things. You’re that ty…


BoxWave Keyboard Buddy iPhone 6 Case

Ten years ago, side- flip QWERTY keyboard phones were all the rage. Tons of people had mobile phones with this particular feature and it was to die for! So for a little throwback, we bring you this BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case for your ever fabulous iPhone 6.   Get that side- flip QWERTY keyboard phone feel with this iPhone 6 phone case. It has a surprisingly thin and lightweight form- fitting shell that fits your phone perfectly. The BoxWav…


5 Must-Have Sleeves for the iPad Mini

…ad mini with Retina display Online Store lenovo helix case 2013 best buy cover for iphone 3gs cheap discount phone case The Apple iPhone 5 runs on the iOS 6 software which offers phone Outlet Apple iPad 3rd Generation Brand new Cheap apple iphone 5 16gb Black factory ipad mini outlet cheap refurbished iPad outlet screen mirroring ipad to samsung cheap refurbished iPad Mini outlet right angle lightning cable lenovo helix folio case


What does your iDevice case say about you?

…crucial role in determining one’s character. For a wide range of Apple products, consumers have a variety of iPhone and iPad cases to choose from and extend their personalities into their handheld devices. I cross-examined stereotypes to personal preferences of phone users and tried to figure out why they choose what they use. Here are ten types of cases that people use and their “could-be” personalities: 1. Simple Case. Less is more. Buying a ca…

Decorative Custom Designs for Your iPhone Case

Decorative Custom Designs for Your iPhone Case

The iPhone by itself is a stylish device, with the slick finish and the different colors. However, those with a creative inclination can take advantage of making this smartphone a one-of-a-kind item. There are many ways of going about with custom designs. For starters, there are firms that encourage case customization. Take for example, Caseapp. Caseapp allows users to either purchase a skin or case to put over the phone. Either can be customize…


Drowning Your iPhone Water Woes

…Tell yourself a new goldfish or kitten might cheer you up as you look longingly at the rice container with your phone in it.  Arrive at the store and . . . What’s this? Is that child crazy? Does he not understand the inconsolable agony he is about to cause? Wait a minute . . . the phone is fine. How could this be, you ask? It’s simple. The iPhone is encased in a Griffin Survivor + Catalyst waterproof case. With this case, the phone in…

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Top 5 Ways to Improve your iPhone’s Security

…make it a habit to disable WiFi and Bluetooth connections. It’s also best to modify your iPhone’s settings so that it doesn’t automatically connect to available WiFi connections. Your phone and all the information you’ve saved in it can easily be compromised if your phone connects to unsecure wireless networks. Use Find My iPhone for remote data wipes in case of theft.  Remote erase through Find My iPhone (image from Apple.com) In the unfortunat…


Top 5 Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

So you have a new iPhone 6 Plus. But do you have the right accessories to protect it from damage and wear and tear? If it’s not fully geared up and you are struggling to find the accessory that perfectly fits, then you’ve come at the right place. This post can give you ideas on what to get for your new iPhone.   1. Incipio Stowaway Advance Case, $19.99 Having all of your essentials in one place while still protecting your device isn&#…