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8 Mac Computer Myths Debunked

…’m not saying you cannot do it with the Mac; it’s just that its way easier to manage and figure out on a PC, honestly. But, you can customize your Mac’s desktop as easy you can with a PC through the Settings App. More advanced users can even change your desktop’s look through Terminal, which is the alternate version of the Windows Command Prompt. Input code lines into the window and you can fully manage your desktop – from the size and posi…

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Make your MacBook Pro into the Ultimate a Gaming Computer

…h itself If you’re a Steam player, you should know that this is also an app that needs time to load athe necessary data you need so you can maximize your gameplay. That means updates, patches and new features within the system and the game would and should be dealt with periodically to avoid delays. This also applies to other online gaming services like Dragon Nest, for example. Although that won’t let you play until everything’s patched up. Just…

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Mac OS X Mavericks 101: Setting Up Speech Recognition

…figure your Mac to listen continuously and activate Speech Recognition when you say a certain keyword. If you choose this option, you can further choose how your Mac listens to the keyword. Once you’ve set up speech recognition, you can launch apps and send emails even without touching your keyboard, track pad, or Magic Mouse. Does the setup process sound too complicated? Don’t sweat it. Just visit any of our retail stores at Huntington Bea…


Essentials of Quicken Essential

…f Quicken Essentials limitations. No bill pay feature. Cannot import to TurboTax. No investment tracking. You can see where you are currently, and forecast into the near future. No history of account balances or net worth. No tools for debt reduction, loan calculators, or tax planner. Scheduled monthly transaction interface lacking. There is one but not nearly as user friendly as Quicken 2011. So why buy? It is good software if you know its limit…


Dancing with the *coughfigurativecough* Devil of Apple

…ng Workstation on the market. Show me the DAW included on a Windows machines, or photo editing and archiving software with iPhoto’s abilities and ease of use; or movie creation and editing software as powerful and simple as iMovie; included on a Windows OS. The point is focus, what is the purpose of your machine? Weighed in the balance, even with the extra money paid for the resources included on a Windows machine; Macs still stack up as the bett…


MacMall Discount Days – One Week Only!

Hot and fresh MacMall deals never failed to increase the online shopping thrill. And with the newest MacMall Discount Days promo, Apple fans and online buyers will have one of the best weeks of their shopping experience. Enjoy Free FedEx 2 Day Shipping on Apple Notebooks, which prices start $899.99 only. Promo is until Friday, 03/09, at 6pm PST only so get all CJ links below now. Get Html Get Html Get Html Get Html Get Html MacMall Discount Days…


5 Benefits of Recycling with Apple

…product. If your device does not qualify, Apple will still recycle it for free. Recycled iPods give you a 10% discount. You read that right. For every iPod unit you successfully recycle with Apple, you get a 10 percent discount if you purchase a new iPod. So basically, you can save money, be  environment-friendly, and still listen to music – AWESOME.  Reduce clutter around your home. Why wait for an annual spring clean-up when you can do it right…


iPad in Business Series Presents: iPad Productivity

…that are going to help you to do that rather easily. If you have a need to share those documents when you’re out and mobile, you can do that as well through these applications. The Keynote, Numbers, and Pages applications, which is offered by Apple, they’re very intuitive pieces of software, and they allow you to completely use the Microsoft Office documents. They’re fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents, and you can…


Put your change to good use with the Acorns micro-investment app

…e in the Apple App Store, Acorns helps you track your spare change from every virtual transaction you have and immediately invests it for your future. Every transaction you make appears in the round-ups screen. On this screen, you can monitor every transaction you make and you can choose the transactions you want to add to your round-ups. Or you can activate your Automatic Round-ups option, which automatically invests round-ups or spare change fr…


iOS and Android closing the shutters on Windows mobile web usage

…f web traffic in this study. Android, meanwhile, accounted for 44.5% of web traffic. Yes, this means that iOS users are generating more web traffic than Android. However, a 44.5% traffic share is nothing to be sneezed at. So, while Apple Insider reports that Microsoft continues to “work hard to make Windows Phone a competitive third mobile OS,” it is safe to plan your mobile strategy (if you have one) around iOS and Android users. To…


Anti-Malware 101: What to do to Protect Your Mac

…ems, but there is a handful of documented viruses that you should watch out for. Sometimes, the problem starts with you and me, users who might have that gullible streak or off day and decide to click that pop-up ad or download seemingly harmless software. Many types of malware require installation, system scans, and product registration, so you wouldn’t suspect their nature. You can do the following steps to ensure you don’t put your devices in…


Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

With the release of the iPad Pro, users might still be confused if the new tablet might be the better option instead of the iPad Air 2. The people of Tablet PC Review have gotten themselves accustomed to using both devices, and came up with these recommendations: Build and Design: The iPad Pro is almost twice as big as the iPad Air 2, and also is heavier. With the additional bulk, it can fit a display that is 78% larger. With the larger screen,…


How to Maximize Use of Your iMac

…e especially if it’s the important report you’ve been working on all week. This is why it is always a good idea to make regular back ups of your data. Doing this every few weeks will prevent significant data loss. Use iCloud or an external hard drive. You’re going to be thankful that you did. Update your software. Software updates usually fix the bugs and other security issues previous versions have. Why suffer when there’s a solution? Make sure…


Beware Apple users: new malware targets OS X and iOS devices

…company has confirmed to Business Insider, but should you still encounter malware in your system, try these steps. MacMall is also providing expert system check and services for Apple users and is also offering Apple Protection plans. You can visit macmall.com for exciting promos and exclusive offers for all your tech needs. For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect with MacMall on Facebook….

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How to Become an iMessage Power User

…ge History setting Text message threads that have been running for a long time, especially those filled with pictures, can quickly take up a lot of memory space on your iPhone. Apple took care of this problem by introducing the new “message history” setting. How to use it: Go to Settings > Messages> Change the “Keep Messages” option and choose among the following options: 30 days, one year, or forever. When you select the ’30 days or…