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Top Heavy-duty iPad Cases

…shock impact, moisture, extreme temperatures, and wear and tear such as scratches and scuffs. Griffin Survivor for iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 Targus SafePORT Case Rugged Max Pro for iPad Targus SafePORT – hard case for web tablet The Joy Factory aXtion Pro Ultra Rugged Waterproof Case for iPad Griffin Survivor for iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 According to Griffin themselves, the Griffin Survivor Case for the iPad is one of the most protectiv…


Protective Cases for the Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S III is designed to be durable, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from protective accessories. If you want to prevent your Galaxy S3 from getting nicked and scratched during everyday use, consider using a protective case. Protective cases for Galaxy S3 usually wrap over the phone’s sides and back panel, preserving their sleek, smooth finish. Many cases even come with protectors for the phone’s screen. Here are some prote…

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Water Resistant Cases for iPhone

Water resistant cases for iPhones ensure that moisture doesn’t affect or damage these gadgets’ sensitive internal parts. These cases are essential accessories for iPhone owners who love taking their phones on their adventures and travels. If you’re headed for an action-packed vacation and you want to ensure that your iPhone is completely dry at all times, check out these great waterproof cases for iPhone. Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof C…

Lenovo ThinkPad Ultralight Topload Case

Five Protective Cases for Lenovo Helix

Protective cases are must-have accessories for laptops, especially those designed like the Lenovo Helix. Cases make laptops easier to carry around and provide valuable protection against dirt and debris and more damaging substances such as water. There’s a great selection of protective cases for Lenovo Helix on the market today, and here are five topnotch cases that will help you preserve your Helix’s looks and functions. Lenovo ThinkPad Ultrali…


Five Amazing Notebook Cases Perfect for your MacBook

…finish. Case Logic 13.3″ Laptop and MacBook Sleeve – Purple Twelve South BookBook Hardback Leather Case for MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display and MacBook Air 13″ Swissgear 16″ Upload Computer Backpack with iPad Pocket and Air-Flow Back Padding – Black Cocoon Hell’s Kitchen 15″ MacBook Case – Black MacAlly Peripherals Protective Case Cover for 13″ Macbook Air – Black   Case Logic 13.3″ Laptop…

5. Sharpie (blog.sharpie.com)

DIY: How to Decorate Your Own iPhone Case

…Your iPhone Charger in Three Simple Steps, you might want to keep reading and learn how to decorate your iPhone case. Let’s face it: changing your iPhone case regularly to keep your device posh and fab is very expensive. And what would happen to your old case?  It would probably just end up forgotten, gathering dust. Instead of shelling out money to buy a new case, why don’t you just recycle and redecorate the case you have? Bring out the artist…


Griffin Survivor Play for iPod touch

Usually when people opt for protective cases for their gadgets, they get the big bulky ones that is just too big to fit in their pockets. And although they provide high quality protection for your devices, these cases usually come in plain colors and in extremely unattractive form. Who would’ve thought that protection and security could actually come in style? We’ve come across an incredible iPod touch case by Griffin and it is absolutely fabulo…


Otterbox Defender iON Case for iPhone 4/4S

…taking photos and videos along the way, you’ll enjoy the overall protection and battery-charging features this case offers. Otterbox Defender iON Case is not yet available for iPhone 5.  No release date available for Otterbox Defender iON Case iPhone 5. Incoming search terms: OtterBox iPad mini cases are highly-protective and are the result of perfect form fit and OtterBox Iphone 5|OtterBox Iphone 4|OtterBox Galaxy Note Cases asus memo pad hd 7

google nexus 7

Nexus 7 vs iPad mini

Tablets are some of the most popular gadgets today, no thanks to these computers’ compact design and high-performance capabilities. These portable computers are available in an extensive variety of configurations, from larger business-ready tablets to smaller tablets designed for personal recreation. If you’re leaning towards the latter, read on for a comparison of the two most popular small tablets today: the new Google Nexus 7 and the iPad Min…

Couples iPhone Case Mods

5 Quick and Easy iPhone Case Mods

…k that galaxy print but never really had the confidence to do so? Here’s a way to put the galaxy on your iPhone case: Use a plain hard case and with the use of some nail polish, some cut-up sponge for blending, and a white paint pen to draw the gleaming stars. You’ll soon have the galaxy in the palm of your hand.   Quote Design A great way to motivate your self is with some inspirational quotes. For this design, you have the option of…

otterbox defender iPhone 5s

Which iPhone 5s Case Are You?

…why people idolize you. More simply put, you’re a confident and sophisticated woman. That’s the reason why this Griffin KARATS CASE IPHONE 5/5S BLUE JEWELS is for you. Griffin KARATS CASE IPHONE 5/5S BLUE JEWELS, $29.99 For the Laid-back Dude. You’re like chamomile tea on a cold, rainy morning. You’re like the color of the sea every afternoon; you’re the field of poppies in a world that’s so carefree and calm. Oh man, how do you do that? When eve…


5 Must-Have Sleeves for the iPad Mini

The best way to preserve your iPad mini’s sleek looks and reliable functions is to use an iPad mini sleeve. Protective sleeves, folios, and cases abound in the market today, each with its own style to match the tastes of iPad mini owners. In fact, the variety is so diverse that you may find it difficult to pick the right sleeve for your device. If you’re having trouble making up your mind, consider these great sleeves for iPad mini. Disruptive U…


Top 5 Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

…new iPhone 6 Plus. But do you have the right accessories to protect it from damage and wear and tear? If it’s not fully geared up and you are struggling to find the accessory that perfectly fits, then you’ve come at the right place. This post can give you ideas on what to get for your new iPhone.   1. Incipio Stowaway Advance Case, $19.99 Having all of your essentials in one place while still protecting your device isn’t a proble…


What does your iDevice case say about you?

…al stuff. So whenever a notification pops out, you’ll be the only one to know what it is and who sent it. Read: For My Eyes Only. 4. Interchangeable. You are versatile in nature and just like this type of case you are capable of adapting to any situation without compromising your efficiency. 5. Life-proof cases. If you prefer this case, it’s either you’re protective of your valuables or that adventurous that you need this for your phone. Either w…


Chic and Budget-friendly Sleeves for your iPad Air

…condition but also make it as chic and trendy as ever. SKECH Fabric Flipper Incipio Lexington Hard Shell Folio Case SKECH SkechBook Griffin Passport-style Polka Folio Case Kensington Comercio Soft Folio Case and Stand   SKECH Fabric Flipper. Described as “The classic Flipper. Dressed in fabric.”, this sleeve has a smart flip front case with a protective backshell covered with fabric. Like the usual Flipper, its front provides a dual-positio…