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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: First Look

…d through simple, user-friendly interfaces. Thanks to these tablets’ multitude of features and relatively low price, many tech experts consider Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs perfect for budget-conscious tablet aficionados. Let’s take a quick look at the newest Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 to see if they measure up to that. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 in white Screen The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 features a 7-inch TFT LCD-capacitive touchscreen with a reso…


Protective Cases for the Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S III is designed to be durable, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from protective accessories. If you want to prevent your Galaxy S3 from getting nicked and scratched during everyday use, consider using a protective case. Protective cases for Galaxy S3 usually wrap over the phone’s sides and back panel, preserving their sleek, smooth finish. Many cases even come with protectors for the phone’s screen. Here are some prote…


MacMall Universe Includes Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

…tion of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Samsung’s most powerful tablet comes with a 7-inch screen, 8GB storage (with the option to add more) and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich allowing for easy multitasking and customizable home screens. Equipped with the Samsung Media Hub, you instantly have access to your favorite movies and TV shows wherever WiFi is available. To set it apart from other tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes with Adobe Flash…

Couples iPhone Case Mods

5 Quick and Easy iPhone Case Mods

…o add a bit of life to it? Then get your art supplies ready and try out some of these awesome ways to make your iPhone case stand out among your peers. Studs Feeling a bit punk-rock? Or just want to freak out a few people? Try decorating your iPhone case with studs. Just run down to your local craft store and purchase a few packs. Then either glue or screw them onto your boring old phone case to give it that awesome edgy look.   Galaxy Desig…


Four Games You Should Have on Your MacBook Air

…d to work. Yes, it feels great to earn money, but isn’t it a greater feeling when you can actually have fun at times? But how are you supposed to take a time off if your laptop is full of apps meant for work? Lucky for you, this post is about the games that you can get for your MacBook Air. Here are four games that you can download from the Mac App Store. The Sims 2: Super Collection, $19.99 Get this classic game with exclusive updates on your Ma…


10 Reasons Why the Samsung CLP-415NW is a Leading Printer Among Small Businesses

10. Mobile Printing Release the full productivity of your mobile devices with the Samsung Mobile Print App, available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Don’t waste time switching devices or transferring files when you can print directly from the source. This application allows you to easily print directly from your mobile device to the Samsung CLP-415NW Color Laser Printer over your wireless network. Unlock your full po…

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5 New Things You Can Do with Your iPad

…using an iPad app? His name is Kyle Lambert and he used the Procreate app to make it. Amazing! 5. What about using your iPad as your Remote Control? Be in charge of the show! Yes, your iPad can be your remote control for Apple TV and iTunes. Switch from channel to channel or from playlist to playlist using your iPad and the Remote app. The good news is that the Remote app is available in App Store for free! Now you don’t have to argue with your…

Make sure 'Enable Access Control' is checked. (image from 9to5mac.com)

How-to: Setting Timed Internet Access through AirPort Utility

…add. Setting specific days and times for Internet access (image from 9to5mac.com)   Once you’ve set everything up according to your preferences, click the Save button. The devices you’ve specified should now have time-limited access to the Internet. Don’t know how to get the Mac addresses of your kids’ computers? Here’s a quick tutorial: For iOS, go to the Settings menu, click ‘General’ then ‘About’. You should see a screen with the device’s…


Dress Up your Macbook with these fabulous Keyboard Decals

Want to put a little color your Macbook ’s keyboard? Let your Macbook come alive with these creative decals sold by Tloveskin on Storenvy.   Universe Star See the galaxy right before your very eyes with this out of this world galaxy print keyboard decal. Watch the stars and the planets align as you type thoughts right on your Macbook.           Van Gogh’s Starry Night   If you’re a fan of Vincent van Gogh’s art then…

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How to Turn Your iPhone into a Manual Camera

We all know that the iPhone has a spectacular camera. And with the recent release of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, you might be wondering what changes or advancements are in store for your iPhoneopgrahy experience. More filters? Enhanced camera lens, sensors, and image stabilization? Well, all these new features are old news by now. But there is more to the iPhone camera that you do not know. It can now be used like a manual camera by just downloading…


9 Top Mac Hacks for New Users

…ms completely different. But, the good news is that there are a number of Mac hacks that can make your Mac experience easier and more enjoyable, until you finally get the hang of using a Mac. 1.  Use Command + Shift + V to paste text without formatting. Ever experienced copying something from a webpage then finding out that the text looks totally different when you eventually paste it to a document? This hack will be of great help to you. In Micr…

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Digital Drawing with Wacom Bamboo Capture (CTH470)

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60 Hour Black Friday Sale – Up to $799 Off Macs, iPad & more!

…ers.cj.com/member/publisher/other/getlinkdetail.do?adId=10746753 120×90: https://members.cj.com/member/publisher/other/getlinkdetail.do?adId=10701287 Holiday Shopping Has Gone Wild. This Black Friday, the nationwide shopping excitement intensifies. Everything is out of control — from price drops to shocking discounts. Join the celebration for the much-awaited shopping season of the year with 60 Hour Black Friday Sale by MacMall. Up to…


Beware Apple users: new malware targets OS X and iOS devices

It’s a common misconception that Apple products are safe from malware and viruses. Apple products are also vulnerable to malware that might endanger your data and disrupt your work process. The good news is that there is only a handful of documented cases. This is because most viruses are specifically engineered towards Windows-based computers and devices since there are more of these in the market. Recently, however, there is a report from Busi

Keep it Cool: 12 Tips to prevent your Laptop from Overheating

Keep it cool: 12 tips to prevent your laptop from overheating

…’re ready to continue where you left off. 7) Regulate use of media-heavy apps. For media-savvy professionals, this might be a bit of a dilemma. Performance-hungry apps like the Adobe Creative Suite or online plug-ins like Flash require your system to work at greater capacity, meaning a higher risk of overheating. If you really need to work with these apps, it’s even more important that you follow these tips to keep your laptop cool. 8) Control fa…