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DIY Guide to Set up Apple TV

…e of an HDMI cable, you can easily connect your Apple TV directly to your television. In case you have one of those receivers, then you should plug in your Apple TV into your receiver, and with another HDMI cable, you get to connect the receiver and television next.   Step 3: Pair and connect This next step requires you to navigate through your Apple TV’s menu and find the pairing screen. When you see a notification saying “Pair…


Accessories for your MacBook Pro with Retina Display

…nd JetDrive,they can get faster performance from their MacBook Pro as well. Apple Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt Adapter Some consider the screen of the MacBook Pro with Retina Display to be too small. This is when you need to connect it to a bigger display to showcase whatever it is you’re trying to show your audience. When you have the Apple Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt Adapter, you can connect your Retina MacBook Pro to a Apple Cinema Display…


5 Hardware and Accessories to help you Maximize your Mac Pro

…lt 2 ports provide a faster and bigger capacity to handle data to and from your external devices. Connect the Mac Pro to your devices through StarTech White Mini Thunderbolt Cables. Available in a wide variety of lengths and connector heads, these cables provide reliable connectivity for anyone with a Thunderbolt port. G-Speed : store, access and secure your data Despite having a built-in hard drive for data, the Mac Pro might still not have…


A closer look at Apple Pay

…e Pay lets you pay for your purchases, either in a physical store or in an online transaction, by simply using your Apple Touch ID. It surely is a safe and easy way to shop without bringing various cards with you, as you can connect your bank accounts or credit cards with your Touch ID. Quoted from Apple Pay’s official webpage, “Apple Pay will change how you pay with breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features built…


10 Ways to Child-Proof your iPhone or iPad

…data a secure location. Back up from the device: Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. Switch on iCloud Backup then select Back Up Now. Back up from iTunes: Make sure your computer has the latest version of iTunes. Connect your iOS device to your computer then go to File > Devices > Back up. For iTunes 10.7 or earlier, right-click the device from the list and choose Backup Now. #4 Restrict installation and deletion of apps and…


Top Apps for the Visually Impaired

…uestion, and the app will announce the color of the said item. HeyTell, Free      Texting is almost impossible for the visually impaired. They need a special aid that can help them communicate easily. HeyTell allows users to connect with the people on their contacts list through voice messages. This is a brilliant way to send quick messages to people. ListRecorder, $0.99     Designed to integrate with VoiceOver and Braille displays, this app…

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What you need to know before upgrading your Mac’s RAM

…you at your most crucial workloads, but you could also save enough money for the next big release Apple might be brewing. Getting Help Need help in choosing and installing the right RAM for your Mac? Drop by MacMall retail stores and get professional recommendations from our Apple-credited experts. You can also visit macmall.com for exciting promos and exclusive offers for all your tech needs. Connect with MacMall For the latest news…

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Why should you get a Mac Mini?

…Upgrading is a lot cheaper than buying a new computer setup. This is another budget friendly feature of the Mac mini. Upgrade this Mac’s RAM and other components to boost its performance over time. Easier connectivity Connect everything to the Mac mini! No, just kidding. But you do get a variety of connectivity options which include a Gigabit Ethernet Port, FireWire 800 port, HDMI, the ultrafast Thunderbolt port along with four USB 3.0…


Quick AirPort Time Capsule Setup

…lect Disk’ option. Incoming search terms: Authenic Apple MacBook Air(MD231CHA) Outlet Online For hype power stick charging time hype power stick charger time Time Capsule Windows 8 Setup airport time capsule windows 8 hype power stick charge time airport time capsule setup Hype charge bar 2200 mAh how long does it take to charge a hype power stick trio stealth g2 wont boot…


How to check the model and memory of their machine at home

…her backup applications is that it not only keeps a spare copy of every file, it remembers how your system looked on any given day—so you can revisit your Mac as it appeared in the past. Setting up Time Machine is as easy as connecting an external drive to your Mac via Thunderbolt, FireWire or USB. You can also use a secondary internal drive if your desktop Mac has one (that is, a drive that you don’t start up from). If you haven’t…

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How To: Mirror iPad on HDTV

…ur recently used apps by swiping up the screen with your four fingers. Swipe left and look for the AirPlay button. Open AirPlay and you will then see a list of available devices. Choose the Apple TV from the list. iPad mirroring via adapter What you need: iPad 2 or the new iPad, with iOS5 and later Digital AV Adapter (for HDMI) or iPad VGA Adapter (for VGA). Please see your TV/monitor for available ports. How to set up: Connect the iPad to the…

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Printing from your iPhone or iPad

…from. If this is your first time printing from your iOS device, select the printer you want to use. Once you’ve chosen the right settings, tap the ‘Print’ button. If your printer doesn’t seem to be available, try testing the connection between the printer and your iOS device. See if your device recognizes the printer by opening a note in the Notes app, tapping the Action button, and selecting the ‘Print’ option. If your iOS device and printer…


Are you an iPhone or an iPad?

…bit of an introvert who’s tech- savvy and a little addicted to the Internet. You don’t want to compromise your browsing experience, so you might be a bit of a homebody. Going out can mean that you would somehow need to be disconnected to the online world and you don’t want that. You actually prefer the brainier part of the World Wide Web: the online news and free literary pieces it contains. And, somehow, you are inspired to create your own…


OS X Yosemite and iOS Stronger Together with the new AirDrop

…Lets you talk either on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.   What you’re browsing on your iPad can also be visible on your iPhone.   Text all you want not only from your iPhone, but also from your iPad.   Share, connect and multi-task with your different Apple devices all at once, thanks to the AirDrop feature not only on iOS 8 but also on OS X Yosemite. For latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect