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Apple Music launches first fashion channel with Alexander Wang

Apple Music launches first fashion channel with Alexander Wang

…AP Rocky, Richie Homie Quan, and Meek Mill. These three playlists will be updated continually, as it is with Editors Playlists on the platform. He adds, “Year-round I’m always trying to find music and define who the character that season is, thinking about the show, the energy, and the venue, so I start collecting a playlist throughout, using it like a memory bank for songs I like.” Each playlist lasts around an hour long and contains fifteen to…


Which Type of iPod is right for you? (iPod Nano)

…aller than a standard calling card. Image Source: Apple The Apple iPod Nano is one of those state- of- the- art music players that allows you to flip through your music and tap your favorite music and albums in a cinch. You can even give your iPod Nano a shake and it shuffles your music collection. It’s got a 2.5- inch Multi- Touch display with a 240 x 432 pixel resolution that enables you to view your album arts, favorite TV shows, free video po…

Which type of iPod is right for you?

Which type of iPod is right for you?

…teresting activities, people, and events–on video. This iPod also comes with Genius Mixes which allow you to sample songs without looking at the screen, and FM radio that doesn’t need the Internet, and a pedometer which allows you to track how much you’ve been working out. The iPod Nano also features a 2.5-inch multi-touch screen as well as a built-in speaker that allows you to listen to your music without using your headphones….

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A Getting-Started Guide to iTunes Radio

…r you. iTunes Radio, released along with iOS 7, is Apple’s free streaming radio service. The service allows you to create your own radio stations on your iOS device, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. iTunes Radio is also integrated into the native Music app, so you don’t have to download any additional software to use the service. Creating a radio station Creating a radio station on iTunes Radio takes less than five minutes. Ju…


Which iPod are You?

…ple who are on the go. iPod Nano Basically an iPod shuffle on steroids. With the iPod nano, you are not limited to just playing music and finding out track information through a voiceover. You can also view album art for your awesome music! Through this iPod, you can watch movies when you get bored and store pictures to show that officemate that you really did get those new Jordans. The iPod Nano makes a perfect workout buddy, too. Not only will…


Beware Apple users: new malware targets OS X and iOS devices

…common misconception that Apple products are safe from malware and viruses. Apple products are also vulnerable to malware that might endanger your data and disrupt your work process. The good news is that there is only a handful of documented cases. This is because most viruses are specifically engineered towards Windows-based computers and devices since there are more of these in the market. Recently, however, there is a report from Business In…

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Streaming Audio from iOS to Multiple AirPlay Speakers

…latest versions of iOS benefit audiophiles everywhere by enabling audio streaming from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to AirPlay-compatible devices. There’s a catch, though: audio can be streamed to only one output device at a time. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of app developers, you don’t have to let that limit stop you from streaming audio to speakers all over your house. If you’re planning to blast your iPad’s music all throughout the ho…

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Now what? 5 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

…k for potential buyers, or maybe even sell it to a pal who wants try using an iPhone. People are always looking to buy old phones without a new contract. By selling your phone, you can get rid of your old device and, at the same time, make a little money. Use it as an Apple TV remote. Do you have an Apple TV at home? You can use your old iPhone as a designated remote for Apple TV. Download the Remote app on your old iPhone and use it to navigate…

5 Must-Have Safety Apps for the iPhone

5 Must-Have Safety Apps for the iPhone

…suddenly feel like you’re being followed or watched by someone. What do you do? These days, we have technology to aid us in almost everything we do. Fortunately, there are a number of safety apps that you can download to your mobile phone to help you feel more secure. These apps can be beneficial for anyone with a mobile phone since, with just a tap of a finger, you can head home with peace of mind.  Your loved ones are also assured that they ca…


3 Fun Facts about the MacBook Pro

With its power, performance, and durability, the MacBook Pro is simply one of Apple’s best laptops. Here are some fun facts about the MacBook Pro that you might not have any idea of. You can customize the icons on your MacBook Pro.  You can easily customize every icon you have in your MacBook Pro. Just download the Candy Bar app. Candy Bar is a very user-friendly application that lets you use whatever icon you want for your MacBook’s inter…


Anti-Malware 101: What to do to Protect Your Mac

…nstall it. Don’t click on suspicious links or images on web pages. Clicking these links can sometimes trigger automatic downloads of harmful software. If the damage has been done and you’ve already accidentally installed or unknowingly acquired malware in your system, you can always manually remove the offending software. Here’s how you can solve the problem. Go to your Downloads folder or your preferred download location. Move the installer into…


Tasha Taylor LIVE at MacMall in Torrance, CA, 12/29/12

…ly Betty,” and in indie films, “Dimples” and the just released “Heaven Ain’t Hard to Find.” As a composer, her original music has been featured on “Men in Trees” and “Lipstick Jungle.” Tasha also performs live in concert, showcasing her in venues as diverse as the Detroit Blues Festival, New Orleans’ Jazzfest and the ’08 Democratic National Convention. She has shared the bill…


Great Tech Gifts for Dad

…video editing functions. This handy little gadget also comes pre-installed with iMessage, which allows your dad to use WiFi to send text messages to other iOS 5 devices. If your dad gets bored with that, he can use the iPod touch as a pedometer or to play downloadable games from Apple’s Game Center. Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker This Jawbone speaker is a great Father’s Day gift for dads who love music and movies. This speaker work…

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What’s New with the Latest iTunes Update?

Apple iTunes has been our go-to for downloading music, TV shows and movies for quite a while now. It has everything we need and so much more. With iTunes we can conveniently organize and sync all of our media files and get more if we wanted to. They’ve got hundreds of thousands of music, series and movies to choose from and we can easily take our pick from a wide selection of music of different genres, TV shows of different themes and award winn…

Sochi 2014 Results

Top 3 iOS Apps for Keeping Up with the 2014 Winter Olympics

…Winter Olympics – all available for download from iTunes. Make it easier for yourself and your loved ones to download these apps by getting an iTunes Store gift card from any MacMall retail store. Our stores in Torrance, Chicago, Huntington Beach, and Santa Monica offer iTunes Store gift cards at $15, $20, and $25 values.   Incoming search terms: panasonic viera mirroring app how much is the mircosoft deluxe family app suite worth…