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Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

…available for all of its storage capacities. Both are already set to run the latest iOS software with ease, as well as having identical Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Each tablet will have the exact front and rear-facing cameras, although the larger display makes the iPad Pro’s front-facing camera handy for video conferences, especially since the user can still work on other apps while on conference. A Geekbench 3 benchmark test shows a stron…


5 Must-Have Sleeves for the iPad Mini

The best way to preserve your iPad mini’s sleek looks and reliable functions is to use an iPad mini sleeve. Protective sleeves, folios, and cases abound in the market today, each with its own style to match the tastes of iPad mini owners. In fact, the variety is so diverse that you may find it difficult to pick the right sleeve for your device. If you’re having trouble making up your mind, consider these great sleeves for iPad mini. Disruptive U…


iPad in Business Series Presents: iPad Productivity

…s while we get him on the line. Thank you. Sheldon: Okay. Katie, can you hear me? Katie: Yes, Sheldon. We can hear you. Sheldon: Okay. All right. Great. Good afternoon. Good morning to some if you’re on the West Coast. Katie: Sorry. Go ahead. Sheldon: Okay. I’m happy to be here today, and what we’re going to do is go through some iPad productivity software, that will basically help you and your business to create, to use, and to…


Top Heavy-duty iPad Cases

…orientation. This case fits 2nd generation iPad 2’s and 3rd and 4th generation iPads. Targus SafePORT Case Rugged Max Pro for iPad Like the Griffin Survivor Case, this SafePORT case from Targus is designed to perfectly fit3rd and 4th generation iPads. This rugged iPad case employs a multi-layered protection system of hardened polycarbonate and silicone to absorb shock impact. Double-padded corners improve protection from impact caused by drops….

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The iPad mini with Retina display: full iPad functions in an ultra-portable form

…ger battery life. This iPad mini offers processing speed that’s four times as fast as that of previous-generation iPad minis’. Graphics performance has been significantly improved, too. Like the iPad air, the iPad mini with Retina display also sports an M7 coprocessor, which collects motion information and frees up the A7 chip for more important tasks. All these upgrades help the iPad mini with Retina display deliver a more responsive user experi…

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5 New Things You Can Do with Your iPad

…eash your creative side. Want to be a painter? There are tons of apps for that. Some of the best ones include Procreate 2, ArtRage, and Tayasui Sketches. Did you know that someone actually painted a super-realistic painting of Morgan Freeman using an iPad app? His name is Kyle Lambert and he used the Procreate app to make it. Amazing! 5. What about using your iPad as your Remote Control? Be in charge of the show! Yes, your iPad can be your remote…

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7 Quick Tricks for Using the iPad Air

How well do you know your iPad Air? Though it might not be unusual for you to spend most of your free time swiping at its screen, there’s a good chance that you don’t know all the tricks your iPad has up its sleeve. Check out this short list of quick tricks that make using your iPad Air even more enjoyable and convenient. 1. Get a quick peek of all running apps at any given moment. Even when not in use, your iPad Air always runs several apps in…

Kensington Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad

Kensington Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad

…ngton Bluetooth Keyboard features high-performance material that is specifically made for the touch typist. It has QuickRelease technology that allows you to safely remove the iPad from the case easily and with minimal effort. The Kensington Wireless Keyboard also provides easy access to your iPad Air’s controls and connections. It lets you use the front and back camera as well without even removing the iPad from the case. The Bluetooth key…


The HP Slate 7 vs. the iPad

HP recently made the tablet market more interesting by throwing another 7-inch device into the mix: the HP Slate 7. Since the Slate 7’s release, many have speculated on how it fares beside the iPad, one of the benchmarks for tablet design and performance today. After all, according to many tech experts, it’s more than just a matter of Android versus iOS. If you’re curious to find out for yourself, here’s a blow-by-blow comparison of the two devi…

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How To: Mirror iPad on HDTV

…can mirror the iPad in two ways: wirelessly via Apple TV or through an iPad adapter via HDMI and VGA. Here’s how to get started. iPad mirroring via Apple TV What you need: iPad 2 or the new iPad, with iOS5 and later Apple TV (2nd generation or the new model) with software version 5.0 and later An 802.11a, -g, or –n wireless network How to set up: Connect you iPad and the Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network. On the iPad, go to your recently used a…

16GB iPad with Retina Display (4th-generation)

The Stellar Comeback of the iPad 4th Gen with Retina Display

…nouncement of the iPad Air, the iPad 4th generation was discontinued. Only this March did it emerge again with a bang. The 9.7” iPad with Retina Display is now a faster and more powerful iPad that runs on iOS 7.1, unlike the former iPad 4th gen that runs on iOS 6. The most shocking thing about the comeback of the 4th-generation iPad is its 20% markdown price. From $499 for a 16GB iPad 4th gen, the price was cut down to $399 in 2014! It’s Apple’s…

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Apple Officially Releases the iPad Pro

…allic finishes you can choose from: silver, gold, and space gray. In addition, the new tablet will be available in 47 territories, including the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Buying the iPad Pro at the Apple Retail Store will get you free Personal Setup to help with customizing the iPad Pro. From setting up e-mail to showing the apps on the App Store, this setup will let you use their new device immediately. In ad…


Microsoft Surface vs. the iPad

…are brighter and contrast is significantly better on the iPad 4’s screen. Microsoft Surface RT, on the other hand, features a 1366×768 resolution on a 10.6” screen. These Microsoft tablets also feature a ClearType HD Display, which allows for smoother-looking characters in text. Operating system The iPad 4, of course, runs on iOS 6, which has been hailed as intuitive and very user-friendly. iOS 6 also gives users access to hundreds of thousa…

iPad Pro tips and tricks

iPad Pro tips and tricks

…rd ($169) and the Apple Pencil ($99). The Smart Keyboard a water-resistant wireless keyboard that also serves as a protective case. The Apple Pencil (image from apple.com) The Apple Pencil is a pressure-sensitive stylus that promises precision and high-responsiveness when used. Check the battery status of your accessories The iPad Pro has a battery widget that allows the user to see the power status of accessories like the Apple Pencil, Bluetooth

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The iPad Pro: yea or nay?

…d clarity. With both visual and audio enhancements, you will surely enjoy taking breath-taking glimpses of landscape, or easily stream music while you’re on the move. How about the battery life? The iPad Pro boasts 10 hour of battery life which could permit a whole day’s work. So you can devote hours a day without the fear of a screen suddenly going blank, or even the twin disaster of losing signal or Wi-Fi connections. And, to maximize the iPad