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Top 5 Advantages of Owning a Power Bank

Power banks are helpful little gadgets for anyone who can’t keep their hands off their mobile devices. What kind of benefits can you get from owning your very own power bank? Your devices will always stay on. Be able to charge your device anytime, anywhere. If you run out of battery power, and you are nowhere near a wall outlet, a power bank will be your savior. You can simply just plug your phone into the device to start charging it. Take it an…

The Energy tab on the Activity Monitor (image from tuaw.com)

How-to: Preventing Battery Drain on Your MacBook

…ck in top shape. Drop by our retail stores today to have your MacBook checked and fixed.  Incoming search terms: hy-10995-blk hype usb power stick instructions justin power stick electronic necessities power stick justin power stick charger Electronic Necessities Power Sticks Keychain hype power stick flashlight justin power stick reviews how to charge hype power stick cannot turn on xtreme power stick

#1_iStabilizer Flex

Travel Pro: Must-Have Gadgets When Traveling

…llows you to have Wi-Fi connection and instantly access the Internet wherever you may be. 5. Belkin 10 PORT USB POWER CHARGER, $241.99 Obviously, your devices do not have an unlimited supply of battery power. It is also frustrating when they simultaneously run out of battery power and there are not enough electric sockets to charge them. Good thing there’s a power charger that can recharge the batteries of your devices all at once. The Belk…


Top 7 Ways to Conserve Your Phone’s Battery Life

…l.com for more exciting deals and sweet offers for you to enjoy! For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter, and connect with MacMall on Facebook. Image/s: Pinoy Tutorial Incoming search terms: polaroid ie826 review un60es7500 mirroring menu HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE A POWER STICK TO CHARGE A PHONE how to take a battery out of a polariod iE826 toshiba firmarem 32l2400…


13 iPhone 6 Features That Would Totally Blow Your Mind

…life When I say ‘longer battery life’, I don’t mean additional hours’ worth of battery power for the iPhone 6. I mean that the iPhone 6 can now last a full day. You read it right: a day. So, even if you’re going to be out for a longer period of time, even from morning to night, the iPhone 6 is going to stay on top of its game. Silver and gold brushed exterior Forget about Lorde singing that we can never be royals. B…

iMessage power user

How to Become an iMessage Power User

If you’re the type of person who has a texting addiction, managing your old texts and conversations can be a chore that you avoid like the plague. Fortunately, iOS has features that will help you keep your conversations and text messaging under control. Here’s a quick guide on how to auto-delete old texts and mute conversations you don’t want to be a part of. Message History setting Text message threads that have been running for a long time, e…

PNY PowerPack 5200 Review

If the low battery warning on your iPhone is the bane of your existence, you may want to consider a power pack. The PNY PowerPack 5200  is a dual port universal rechargeable battery designed to provide power wherever and whenever you need it. While there are numerous power packs on the market, the PNY PowerPack 5200 offers enough power to: charge most smartphones up to two times charge two smartphones at the same time This means you can be the…

Verbatim Portable Power Pack - external battery pack - Li-Ion

Your Next iPhone 5 Battery Pack

…, too. The Pebble XT itself has a 6-hour charge time, but that’s a relatively short period in exchange for weeks of recharging your devices on the go. Incoming search terms: hype power stick instructions hype power stick 2200mah hype charge bar hype power stick review ihome smart charge battery pack iworld mobile power hype power stick manual hype usb mobile power stick iworld mobile power user manual hype led power battery bar…


Accessories for your MacBook Pro with Retina Display

When it comes to portability and power, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display takes the cake. But you need a few things to really make sure that your MacBook Pro with Retina Display is performing at its best. Here are a few things you need: Apple Power Adapter You can’t use a super computer without power. Charge up with this Apple Power Adapter as it features a magnetic DC connector that safely disconnects from your MacBook in case someone trips o…

Applications that are better on the iPad Pro

Applications that are better on the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is considered to be a larger and more powerful upgrade of the iPad, thanks mainly for the 12.9” screen and the A9X chip that is hidden in that tablet’s exterior. Although the tablet is able to run any iPad app, the added capabilities of the iPad Pro, plus having accessories like the Apple Pencil, makes it a more palatable option for these particular applications, according to Harry Guinness: Procreate: Considered by its developers a…

Which Mac Computer Should You Buy

Which Mac Computer Should You Buy?

…’re a budget-wise student or an on-the-go professional, the MacBook Air could give you just the right amount of power without hurting your budget too much. For below a thousand bucks, you could get fast and reliable performance from the 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor that powers the MacBook Air. Its thin and lightweight structure makes it perfect for active working conditions that require the user to be on their feet most of their time….


A Close Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

…t Parts MSRP MacMall Price Surface Pro Type Cover $129.99 $114.99 Additional Surface Pen $49 $49 Additional 36W Power Supply $79.99 $63.99 Additional Pen Loop $4.99 $4.99 Docking Station $199.99 $199.99 Ethernet Adapter $39.99 $39.99 Surface Pro 3 Specs Operating System windows 8.1 Pro Exterior Dimensions Dimensions: 7.93in x 11.5in x 0.36inWeight: 1.76lbsCasing: MagnesiumColor: SilverPhysical Buttons: Volume, Power, Home Storage 64 GB, 128 GB, 2…


Lean, Mean, Green Machines

…we’ve decided to give you a few simple tips on how to make the most of this vert* time of year: Cut off Vampire Power from the source – No one likes a dead battery, especially when you desperately need your phone’s GPS or you just really want to kill time with a rousing game of Fruit Ninja. But leaving your devices plugged in all the time can slowly suck unnecessary power, affecting your energy bill and your carbon footprint. Consider getting a s…


10 Reasons Why the Samsung CLP-415NW is a Leading Printer Among Small Businesses

…l. 1. Cost Effective Printing with Every Job Be in control of your printing costs. Affordable toner and reduced power consumption during operation and sleep lead to lower costs per page that keep your books out of the red. Best of all, it’s under $300! Visit macmall.com or your local retail store for the latest in Samsung products. Incoming search terms: yhs-fh_lsonsw tf samsung gsm handset sim 5 hype power stick TF SAMSUNG GSM HANDSET SIM…

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5 Steps to Optimize Gaming on your Mac

…n use tools like Onyx or iBoostUp to spruce up your Mac. #2:  Shut down unused OS X features Every bit of added power can work wonders. Background OS X programs like Dashboard or Notification Center use some of that valuable power. If you don’t normally use them or just want your game to run smoothly, you can always disable these features in your Mac’s system settings. #3:  Know your graphics settings Modern games often have enhanced graphics, an…