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13 iPhone 6 Features That Would Totally Blow Your Mind

…ing games The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models are equipped with A8 processors, which are 64-bit chips essentially designed to make phone gaming more visually pleasing and fun. So, if you enjoyed playing Pacific Rim in your iPhone 5s before, expect better-quality graphics with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Call through Wi-Fi connection Make calls whenever you want and wherever you are. You do not have to solely rely on your mobile connection…


5 Effective Alarm Clock Apps to Wake You Up

…your clothes in a 15-minute time span. Are you one of those people who find it hard to be a morning person? When waking up in the morning to go to work or do some tasks seems like a chore, maybe you need some help from these alarm clock apps. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) , $1.99 This is actually dubbed by CNET as the most annoying alarm app ever. You need to set a location like your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you want to turn off the alarm. When…


Top 5 Things to Love about the iPhone SE

…’ display to its camera, the iPhone SE has got it all. You get to enjoy incredible visuals, amazing audio, Apple’s Touch ID, powerful processors and even its 12mp camera.   Compatible with several accessories from iPhone 5/ 5s line Having the same size as the iPhone 5 and 5s has its perks. If you still have all your previous iPhone 5/5s’ accessories, you won’t have to throw away because it will still be compatible with the iPhone SE.  …


Top 5 iPhone Accessories for Photography

…ter. These awesome accessories extend the capabilities of your iPhone’s camera, so you can really test your photography skills and take a wider variety of shots. Olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarizing Lens System for iPhone 5 / 5s iStabilizer Flex Aluratek 2600 mAh Portable Battery Charger with LED Flashlight LifeProof fre Case for iPhone 5 Aluratek Lithium-ion Battery Case for iPhone 5 & 5s   Olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarizing…

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Top 5 Ways to Improve your iPhone’s Security

…nable the Auto-Lock feature. The Auto-Lock feature is a basic security option that iPhone owners should always enable. This feature is most effective when combined with the use of a passcode or the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s. Through this feature, you can make sure that your phone’s touchscreen becomes locked after a period of inactivity, so you can keep your information safe from overly curious eyes. To change Auto-Lock settings,…

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A Getting-Started Guide to iTunes Radio

…riety of songs, or gives you more new songs to listen to. This feature comes in handy when you want to discover new music. On this screen, you’ll also be able to change your preferences in terms of explicit content on iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is available on a wide variety of iOS devices, including the latest-generation iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone. Through these iOS 7 devices, you can start listening to your own customized radio

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Water Resistant Cases for iPhone

…avels. If you’re headed for an action-packed vacation and you want to ensure that your iPhone is completely dry at all times, check out these great waterproof cases for iPhone. Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 – Black/Clear This case from Griffin features a patented gasketed design that keeps water out, along with grease, dust, and sand. Silicone o-rings eliminate the risk of leaks and polycarbonate frames ensure…

Taking Panorama photos on the iPhone 5s

5 iPhoneography Tips: Using your iPhone’s Camera to its Full Potential

…ing photos of moving subjects. The iPhone, fortunately, offers a Burst Mode feature that lets you capture multiple photos in high-speed succession. As long as you’re holding down the shutter-release button on the screen, the iPhone 5s captures up to 10 frames per second. With this feature, you have a higher chance of getting blur-free photos. iPhoneographer’s tip: Timing is crucial in taking excellent action shots. When you’re taking photos at a…

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DIY: How to Decorate Your Own iPhone Case

…Materials needed: Old iPhone case, Sharpies Of course, the colorful and funky Sharpie case is on the list. There are no rules in decorating your old iPhone case with these markers; you just have to let your imagination run wild. Some great ways to design your iPhone case with Sharpies are to draw some Aztec-inspired print or just doodle your favorite fictional characters on the case. If you do not have the extra time to decorate your own iPhone

Verbatim Portable Power Pack - external battery pack - Li-Ion

Your Next iPhone 5 Battery Pack

A battery pack is an essential device for people who depend on their iPhones to get them through the day. Whether you use your iPhone 5 to keep track of appointments or meetings, catch up with the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, or try the newest iOS games, an iPhone 5 battery pack ensures that your phone always has juice when you need it. If that sounds good to you, check out these portable battery packs specially made for your…

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Now what? 5 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

…ch their favorite movies or listen to the latest songs. Use your old phone as a dedicated music player. Load up all your favorite songs and albums into your old iPhone and use it as a music player. Stream music and hook up your old iPhone to a dock and use it to play your music whenever you please. Before you think about doing anything to your old iPhone, remember to check out great deals at macmall.com for iPhones and iPhone accessories. For…

Couples iPhone Case Mods

5 Quick and Easy iPhone Case Mods

Tired of your plain iPhone case? Want to add a bit of life to it? Then get your art supplies ready and try out some of these awesome ways to make your iPhone case stand out among your peers. Studs Feeling a bit punk-rock? Or just want to freak out a few people? Try decorating your iPhone case with studs. Just run down to your local craft store and purchase a few packs. Then either glue or screw them onto your boring old phone case to give it…


Top 5 Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

…ase is UV-coated to ensure nothing can scathe your phone. It also fits your iPhone perfectly so it would not slip from your hand while you are using it.   4. jWin Electronics Tempered Glass Screen Protector, $26.99 Your iPhone 6 Plus needs not only body protection, but also screen protection. Since the iPhone is famously known for its crystal-clear display, why don’t you consider getting a screen protector?     5. jWin Electronics…

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Tale of the tape: iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C

…years is going to be outdated once the new iOS 8 comes out this fall. It’s only inevitable since Apple is always upfront about developing new and improved features for their latest phone models. Speaking of development, the iPhone 5 was discontinued just last year, as Apple wanted to promote the more cost-efficient iPhone 5C – which is actually a good alternative for iPhone users who want to keep using iOS devices but are looking for something…


To upgrade or not to upgrade: 8 questions before buying a new iPhone

Apple has always kept consumers on their toes on the latest iPhone model to come out. Sure enough, costumers are always ready to line up to buy from their nearest retail stores. Just 7 months ago, Apple released the iPhone 5S and it has gotten the masses in a frenzy. The funny thing is, it hasn’t even been a year since that release and we are already picking up rumors and anticipating the iPhone 6. I mean, your phone is not even cold yet. I’m…