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Griffin Survivor Play for iPod touch

…n. This iPod touch accessory guarantees to keep your device’s back, sides and edges well protected from bumps and scratches. No need to worry about breaking your iPod touch when you accidentally drop it. The Griffin Survivor Play casing is carefully designed to be shock- proof, drop- proof and vibration- proof. Its intricately embossed exterior is designed to fit perfectly in your hand. You can easily grip it reverse- wedge shape too. The…

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Make your MacBook Pro into the Ultimate a Gaming Computer

…cessing capacity, running multiple heavy apps and utilities in the background might still make your system slow and occupied. These include graphic-intensive apps like Photoshop or any Adobe programs, online and system music players, online browsers, loading videos on YouTube, and installing new programs. Close other apps and windows before you play. This makes your system processing focused in running your game and not anything else. Plus, with…

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5 Steps to Optimize Gaming on your Mac

…it in both modes to determine the best way to play your game on your Mac. #5:  Close other apps and uninstall system-sucking plugins. Applications running in the background can be a nightmare especially when you’re trying to play a game in full–screen mode. Close the Internet browsers on your Mac before you start gaming, and just start a new session if you’re the type to surf the net while you play. For other apps like Flash and Java, which use…


Great Tech Gifts for Dad

…se high-tech Father’s Day gifts. Dads aren’t always the easiest people to shop for, but, hopefully, any of these gifts will put a smile on his face. The new iPad – 16 GB The 4th generation iPad comes with the Retina display, Apple’s latest display technology, which makes for a high-resolution that provides vibrant colors and crystal-clear details.  Of course, this is also a great all-around tablet for Web surfing, gaming, and video and…


How to: Be an instant pro videographer with Instagram’s Hyperlapse app

…e which lets you choose the speed of your video, so you can do a very slow motion video clip to a time lapse video. Uh-huh! You read it right. Time lapse video right at your very own iPhone! Plus, you can share your stunning videos not only on Instagram, but also on your Facebook timeline. Image stabilization is the main problem in smartphones because they typically cannot process videos in the speed that the user wants. This is what the…


The 5 Best External Hard Drives for your Mac

…getting jostled around in your bag on your travels. LaCie 1TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 LaCie’s Little Big Disk is perfect for any Mac because it not only gives you more storage space but also lets you edit 4K-resolution videos or 3D videos on the go. This LaCie desktop drive offers the Thunderbolt 2 interface, which enables data transfer speeds of up to 1375MB/s. These speeds make file transfers incredibly fast and make it possible for you…

Taking Panorama photos on the iPhone 5s

5 iPhoneography Tips: Using your iPhone’s Camera to its Full Potential

…be afraid to fail because it’s a part of the learning process. Don’t be boxed in by so-called ‘photography rules’ either; do what it takes to get the shot you want. Play with emotions that you want to convey in your photos, play with colors, and play with your iPhone camera. If you’re having problems with your iPhone’s camera, don’t hesitate to drop by MacMall’s retail stores at Torrance, Huntington Beach, Santa Monica, and Chicago. We have…


Four Games You Should Have on Your MacBook Air

…an get for your MacBook Air. Here are four games that you can download from the Mac App Store. The Sims 2: Super Collection, $19.99 Get this classic game with exclusive updates on your MacBook Air. Now with support for 4K displays, the Retina display, and the latest Mac OS X Yosemite, the Sims 2 experience is going to be flawless. Plus, with the game’s expansion packs (University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage,…


Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

…as audio DAC and headphone out. And if you browse iTunes you will find the Gamevice Live app. This app lets you see a list of iPad Mini games that is compatible with the controller. Making it easier to find games that can be played with the Gamevice Controller. It’s also totally portable and can fit inside your bag easily so you can conveniently carry it around with you wherever you go. Play all day, anywhere at anytime. For iPads, iPad Minis,…


Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

…latter makes it more cramped. The split-screen for the former is actually just smaller than the entire window for the latter. Another advantage for the iPad Pro is with the larger screen, it is the better option for watching videos. Those who prefer reading the eBooks might find the larger tablet a little bit too cumbersome for their taste. Ditto is the case for those who play casual games like Bejeweled. In addition, the iPad Air 2 might be a…

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5 iOS video streaming apps

…deo,  $2.99 (iPad) Air Video supports video out through the dock connector, allowing you to connect your device to your television whenever you feel the need to watch your favorite series online. It also allows you to stream videos purchased in iTunes by streaming these videos through Safari. EyeTV,  $4.99 (Mac, iPad, iPhone) Enhance your TV viewing experience with the EyeTV app. Run EyeTV on your Mac and hook it up to your TV. It works not only…


4K Video Possibilities from the Newest Mac Pro

…) have more to look forward to; the Mac Pro’s dual GPUs greatly improve the performance of FCPX, making for smoother effects and faster video export. Rendering takes no time at all, so creative professionals can work with 4k videos in real time.  The Mac Pro’s PCIe-based flash storage also significantly cuts down loading times, even for large projects, and enables multi-stream 4K video playback. The Mac Pro’s storage capacity can also be…


iOS 8 Preview

…asily search your photo library to find that embarrassing shot you want to get rid of or that amazing picture of the sunset you took last January. The new photo app also allows users to easily edit and share their photos and videos to maximize the lighting or to cover up unwanted objects. Give your text messaging a voice! Don’t you hate it when you hear a song and can’t simply describe it to your friend? The new messaging app allows you to put…

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5 New Things You Can Do with Your iPad

…the Procreate app to make it. Amazing! 5. What about using your iPad as your Remote Control? Be in charge of the show! Yes, your iPad can be your remote control for Apple TV and iTunes. Switch from channel to channel or from playlist to playlist using your iPad and the Remote app. The good news is that the Remote app is available in App Store for free! Now you don’t have to argue with your sports-fanatic brother for the remote control anymore….


5 Things that make the iPhone SE an Absolute Must- Have

…. Image Source: CBSnews   Portable The iPhone SE comes in a lightweight and compact design. So you can easily slip it inside your pocket or your bag. Its 4 inch design fits perfectly on your hand. Text, surf the web and play games comfortably. Image Source: Apple   Outstanding 64‑Bit Desktop-Class Architecture and Console-Class Graphics Performance Guaranteed to give you spectacular speed and responsiveness with the same advanced A9…