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Griffin Survivor Play for iPod touch

…s, they get the big bulky ones that is just too big to fit in their pockets. And although they provide high quality protection for your devices, these cases usually come in plain colors and in extremely unattractive form. Who would’ve thought that protection and security could actually come in style? We’ve come across an incredible iPod touch case by Griffin and it is absolutely fabulous.  This Griffin Survivor Play iPod touch case proves that yo…

macbook pro

Make your MacBook Pro into the Ultimate a Gaming Computer

…you a “process not found” error as you implement the commands above. Don’t worry, it will still work. Let your game refurbish itself If you’re a Steam player, you should know that this is also an app that needs time to load athe necessary data you need so you can maximize your gameplay. That means updates, patches and new features within the system and the game would and should be dealt with periodically to avoid delays. This also applies to oth…

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5 Steps to Optimize Gaming on your Mac

…phics and audio needs of your Mac, finding out how each and every graphic and audio option works will help you optimize your graphics settings for your games. This can make your gaming experience more enjoyable. #4:  Window vs. full-screen mode Sometimes, your game can look better in window mode rather than full-screen mode and vice versa. It’s best to try it in both modes to determine the best way to play your game on your Mac. #5:  Close other…


Great Tech Gifts for Dad

…show your dad how much you really care. This year, forget the golf equipment and the neckties; instead, indulge your Dad with these high-tech Father’s Day gifts. Dads aren’t always the easiest people to shop for, but, hopefully, any of these gifts will put a smile on his face. The new iPad – 16 GB The 4th generation iPad comes with the Retina display, Apple’s latest display technology, which makes for a high-resolution that provides vibrant…


How to: Be an instant pro videographer with Instagram’s Hyperlapse app

…Uh-huh! You read it right. Time lapse video right at your very own iPhone! Plus, you can share your stunning videos not only on Instagram, but also on your Facebook timeline. Image stabilization is the main problem in smartphones because they typically cannot process videos in the speed that the user wants. This is what the Hyperlapse app tries to solve, that through it, image stabilization will not be a problem anymore. Yet, the Hyperlapse does…


The 5 Best External Hard Drives for your Mac

…Y Attaché 32GB Flash Drive G-Technology 500GB G DRIVE MOBILE USB   G-Technology G-Drive Pro 2TB 7200 RPM with Dual Thunderbolt Ports This desktop hard drive from G-Technology makes for an excellent complement for your Mac’s onboard storage. This hard drive features 2TB of storage space that you can use to store documents, photos, and videos you don’t necessarily need to have on your computer. And since this hard drive features Thunderbolt te…


Four Games You Should Have on Your MacBook Air

…e Sims 2: Super Collection, $19.99 Get this classic game with exclusive updates on your MacBook Air. Now with support for 4K displays, the Retina display, and the latest Mac OS X Yosemite, the Sims 2 experience is going to be flawless. Plus, with the game’s expansion packs (University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, and Happy Holiday Stuff), you and your Sim will definitely enj…

Taking Panorama photos on the iPhone 5s

5 iPhoneography Tips: Using your iPhone’s Camera to its Full Potential

…term for people who take stunning photos using their iPhones: iPhoneographers. Want to explore photography with your iPhone? Don’t you worry, kid. Here are some features that will help you make the most of your iPhone’s camera. 1) Panorama Whether you’re in the topmost floor of a skyscraper or on top of the highest mountain, make the memory last by taking a good photo of the stunning view using the panorama feature. Remember to balance the color…


Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

…patented flex bridge technology Gamevice Controller can be connected to your iPad Mini via lightning connector. It also has audio DAC and headphone out. And if you browse iTunes you will find the Gamevice Live app. This app lets you see a list of iPad Mini games that is compatible with the controller. Making it easier to find games that can be played with the Gamevice Controller. It’s also totally portable and can fit inside your bag easily so yo…


Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

…e former is actually just smaller than the entire window for the latter. Another advantage for the iPad Pro is with the larger screen, it is the better option for watching videos. Those who prefer reading the eBooks might find the larger tablet a little bit too cumbersome for their taste. Ditto is the case for those who play casual games like Bejeweled. In addition, the iPad Air 2 might be a better alternative for those who use the on-screen keyb…


iOS 8 Preview

With the whole iPhone 6 craze, the iOS 8 will also be released for the enjoyment of iPhone users in the near future. But what can you expect from the new and all powerful iOS 8? Here are a few things users can expect when the iOS 8 is officially released: Manage photos better. Every day, people take selfies and take pictures which they intend to upload to facebook or any other social media platform. With that many photos and even videos, users…

video streaming

5 iOS video streaming apps

…content on a different screen or projector. Video Stream,  $2.99 (iPad) An app that works great with 3G and Wi-Fi and has an easy to use user interface, Video Stream lets you stream videos from your computer to your iPad. Another cool feature is that it supports user accounts, which limits access to certain folders.  You will never have to worry about your kids accessing your R-rated films again. Netflix,  Free When it comes to streaming movies…


4K Video Possibilities from the Newest Mac Pro

…cam clips. The Mac Pro’s workstation-class GPUs even let you simultaneously stream up to three 4K, ultra-HD videos. For many creative professionals, the Mac Pro is the ultimate video-editing desktop. The Mac Pro features six Thunderbolt 2 ports, which can be used to connect the desktop to a maximum of three 4K displays. Televisions capable of supporting 4K formats can also be used as monitors, so videographers can see every detail of their clips….


5 Things that make the iPhone SE an Absolute Must- Have

…ce: CBSnews   Portable The iPhone SE comes in a lightweight and compact design. So you can easily slip it inside your pocket or your bag. Its 4 inch design fits perfectly on your hand. Text, surf the web and play games comfortably. Image Source: Apple   Outstanding 64‑Bit Desktop-Class Architecture and Console-Class Graphics Performance Guaranteed to give you spectacular speed and responsiveness with the same advanced A9 chip that’s in…


10 Ways to Child-Proof your iPhone or iPad

…ns for your device. The first thing children do when they get their hands on an iPad or iPhone is play games or browse the Internet. However, there are many games and websites that are inappropriate for children. Kids can also accidentally close browser tabs containing important information. iOS gives you the option to block access to any app you want. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions. A window will appear an…