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8 Mac Computer Myths Debunked

…omputer running a different operating system. Conclusion: Macs can still be infected by malware, but users can breathe easily as your unit has a lower chance of being corrupted compared to a PC. Read how you can protect your Mac here. 6. Macs are not suitable for gaming. Ever noticed how the Mac OS isn’t usually mentioned in game trailers or announcements? As an occasional gamer, I have played different games on a variety of console sand I…


What You Need to Know About Mac Desktops

…for accessing and burning data on CDs and DVDs. Also, its Superdrive feature with double-layer support enables all three desktops to read and burn CDs and DVDs. The Mac mini comes with ample storage of up to 500GB while the iMac and the Mac Pro offer terabyte capacities at 7200-rpm. Additionally, the Mac Pro is assembled with an open optical drive bay to accommodate an extra Superdrive. Size and Design: Can Mac Desktops Complement Your Style?…

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Why is Apple’s Mac Pro perfect for Creative Professionals?

…heat sheet on which Mac Pro model to buy. For general use – includes basic online tasks or document processing to simple photo rendering in Photoshop – the 4-core model is recommended. This model is most similar to a 3.7 GHz MacBook or iMac. If you need just a little more kick, the next best option is the 6-core model. For longer, more elaborate projects, you can go for the 8-core model for best results. This particular Mac Pro model can handle…

Mac mini: A fully featured Mac desktop in a compact frame

Mac mini: A fully featured Mac desktop in a compact frame

…flash storage, booting up your Mac mini and launching applications now take up less time. And with dual Thunderbolt 2 ports at your disposal, you can now enjoy high-speed data transfers and convenient daisy-chaining for the Mac mini. Designed for flexibility The Mac mini is designed to work seamlessly with most displays, keyboards, and mice today. Use the biggest display you can find and go with the input devices you’re most comfortable with….

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What you need to know before upgrading your Mac’s RAM

…ced or removed. Unfortunately, for those who use these two Mac computers, more RAM means you’d have to buy a whole new unit with higher RAM capacity. Or as a better alternative, you can switch to the non-Retina MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac mini; all of these Macs can be opened up and equipped with more RAM. Confirm how much RAM you need. Take advantage of your Mac’s upgradability and check your Mac’s capacity to integrate RAM chips and…


5 Hardware and Accessories to help you Maximize your Mac Pro

…ling. There are more accessories and peripherals to help you maximize the power of the Mac Pro, but, for now, I hope these give you an idea on how to expand your resources. The Mac Pro can go far on its own, the only question is – how would you do it? You can visit macmall.com for exciting promos and exclusive offers for all your tech needs. For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect with MacMall on Facebook….


Quick Tricks to Speeding Up Your Mac

…ns and processes that are using your computer’s CPU at any given moment. If your Mac seems a little sluggish, an application or unnecessary background process might be eating up too much of the CPU. You can find the Activity Monitor function in your Mac’s Utilities menu. Once Activity Monitor is launched, click the ‘% CPU’ heading twice to have the list arranged in descending order. Applications that take up more than 90% should have ‘root’…


Backup Drives for your Mac

…g as there’s still space on the Time Capsule. G-Technology G-DRIVE ev 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive This external hard drive is another great backup device for your Mac. The hard drive is designed to work with Apple’s Time Machine application, too, so backing up your Mac should be a hassle-free process. One terabyte of storage space and transfer rates of up to 140 Mb/s ensure that you can quickly save large amounts of documents, photos,…

Easy Steps to Speed Up Your Mac

Easy Steps to Speed Up Your Mac

…items. You can get rid of a lot of the unnecessary apps running and prevent your Mac from slowing down. To get there, click: System Preferences > Users & Groups > username TIP #2 Another trick for speeding up your Mac is to monitor what memory, disk and network processes are using up your system’s resources. You can do that by using the Activity Monitor.  On the Activity Monitor, you can see the processes and the list of all programs…

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Why should you get a Mac Mini?

…it even worth it? Of course it is! Especially if it means being able to get ahead of your friends and everyone else! What? Not a good enough reason? Okay, then maybe these reasons will convince you: Cheaper compared to the iMac The iMac is awesome. It has all these features and capabilities that make you just love Macs even more. However, the iMac is a bit more costly than the Mac mini. The Mac mini can do everything the iMac can, and it costs…


Which Mac Notebook is Worth Your Investment?

…s more than enough to meet any kind of preference. Every member of the Mac notebook family is individually equipped with their own set of features and specifications to offer something different to a wide range of users. The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, however, are two of the most reliable notebooks that can operate like a full–featured desktop computer. So if you’re thinking of getting a Mac notebook, your first step is to identify…


4K Video Possibilities from the Newest Mac Pro

…that will please creative professionals everywhere. The latest desktop from Apple is equipped with the most advanced Intel Xeon-class processor and dual AMD FirePro GPUs; all these cutting-edge components power the late-2013 Mac Pro in offering 4K video capabilities. The Mac Pro’s I/O ports (image from unimall.com) Creative professionals can expect the 2013 Mac Pro to be completely capable of supporting 4K video formats. 4K resolution,…


Simple Cord Hack to Avoid Charger Cable Fraying

…h can also lead to malfunction and damage. The amount of spring you use completely depends on your preference. With this hack, it’s easy and simple to make your charger cable last. When your charger cable is too frayed for hacks and fixes, though, you can always visit macmall.com. We have a wide variety of adapters and cables compatible with your Apple devices. For latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect…

Best Ways for Mac Users to Backup Files

Best Ways for Mac Users to Backup Files

…such as USB sticks, portable HDDs and SDDs are great options for storing your files. Because you can carry them around wherever you go, you can be sure that your files will always be available whenever you need them. On your Mac, you can use Time Machine to back up to that drive using your its built-in backup features. You can leave your storage drive plugged in when you’re home and it will automatically backup, or you can occasionally connect…

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5 Steps to Optimize Gaming on your Mac

…ssion if you’re the type to surf the net while you play. For other apps like Flash and Java, which use up a lot of processing power, you can either uninstall them completely or install an app like ClickToFlash for Safari or Flashblock for Firefox or Chrome to stop apps from booting up until you need to use them. If you’ve followed all these tips and your Mac continues to lag as you play games, visit our retail stores and let MacMall’s…