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Five Amazing Notebook Cases Perfect for your MacBook

…ng deals and discounts on the most reliable cases for your MacBook; we’ve marked down prices even further for our Spring Clearance sale. Swing by any MacMall retail store to pick up the perfect case for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.  Incoming search terms: cheap apple magsafe store Cheap iPad Air Online Store Wholesale iPad Air For Sale Original iPad Air cheap Apple 5W Adapter store cheap refurbished Apple 5W Adapter outlet cheap refurbished M…

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5 Stylish MacBook Cases for the Millenials

…value portable and lightweight devices that we can carry anywhere we go. Conveniently, Apple designed the MacBook Air to address that need. Appropriately, Millenials are very fond of accessorizing their devices to infuse their own personalities into what they use, with aesthetic form and convenient function to consider. Here are 5 distinct MacBook Air bags and cases that will surely provide the purpose you need to start conquering the world. The…


Should you upgrade to the 2014 MacBook Air?

New is always good, sometimes even better. But is that also the case for the new MacBook Air from Apple? The newest MacBook Air was released at the Apple Online Store this week. Stunningly, it’s $100 cheaper than the earlier models. For someone unfamiliar to the technicalities of gadgets, price may be one of the key factors in deciding whether it’s time to upgrade from one gadget to the next. Aside from the price consideration, though, is it a w…

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The 2013 MacBook Air

…Aside from announcements for iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, and the all-new Mac Pro, the 2013 Apple WWDC also saw the release of the 2013 MacBook Air. Though the newest MacBook Airs sport the same form factor as their 2012 predecessors, their interiors have been completely updated with faster processors, added storage capabilities, and high-performance GPUs. The 2013 MacBook Air, both 11” and 13” models, come standard with the latest ULT dual-core Intel…


How to Upgrade your MacBook Air’s SSD

…nding time getting your hard drive and plugging it in. You can put a backup there, but it’s still more ideal to store a copy on your netbook’s hard drive itself. If you’re confident about tinkering with your beloved MacBook, upgrade your MacBook Air’s SSD by following these steps: STEP 1: Know your MacBook Air MacBook Airs released from different years can have varying specs. Figure out first which MacBook Air you have before you even think about…

Apple 13.3 MacBook Air i5 128GB 1.3GHz

Apple 13.3 MacBook Air i5 128GB 1.3GHz

…ets you work longer and faster. With a durable aluminum unibody design, 0.68-inch thin and 2.38 pound body, the MacBook Air is sturdy yet lightweight. So even if you’re inside a coffee shop or frequently on the go, you can always carry the MacBook Air with ease. The battery lasts up to 12 hours of unplugged productivity, or 10 hours of iTunes movie playback. Powered by Intel core i5 processors, this MacBook Air is designed to provide an ene…

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Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Air

… two soft elastic bands to steady your Mac while you work. It also comes with dual zippers, with leather bookmark pulls, which allow you to charge your MacBook while it’s inside. Protect your MacBook in style with the Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Air and if you’re looking for Apple accessories or Apple products, feel free to drop by our website: www.macmall.com and see loads of cool stuff and devices marked down at a very low price….

Kensington SafeDock for MacBook Air 13

Top 5 ergonomic stands for your MacBook

…orking on your desktop computer but still need your MacBook running by your side, the Rain Design tower for MacBook. Clip your MacBook on to this and it helps to keep it cool and at the same time reduce its footprint to a fraction of its original size. And since your MacBook will be off your desk, this lessens the chance of accidental coffee spills. So you are assured that your MacBook is safe from harm. Kensington SafeDock for MacBook Air 13” So…


Twelve South BookArc Stand for MacBook

…acBook has silicone feet for protecting your work space’s surface. And if you’re worried about your MacBooks’ cables slipping down, don’t worry because this revolutionary stand has a cable catching feature as well. Store your MacBook and space save with the Twelve South BookArc Stand for MacBook. For MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iPhones, iPads, iPods and iMacs. Feel free to browse www.macmall.com for amazing deals and great discounts on…


Which Mac Notebook is Worth Your Investment?

…es not compromise its performance due to the fast processors and generous memory built in it. And when it comes to variety, the Mac notebook line has more than enough to meet any kind of preference. Every member of the Mac notebook family is individually equipped with their own set of features and specifications to offer something different to a wide range of users. The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, however, are two of the most reliable notebo…


Accessories for your MacBook Pro with Retina Display

When it comes to portability and power, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display takes the cake. But you need a few things to really make sure that your MacBook Pro with Retina Display is performing at its best. Here are a few things you need: Apple Power Adapter You can’t use a super computer without power. Charge up with this Apple Power Adapter as it features a magnetic DC connector that safely disconnects from your MacBook in case someone trips o…


Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

With the release of the iPad Pro, users might still be confused if the new tablet might be the better option instead of the iPad Air 2. The people of Tablet PC Review have gotten themselves accustomed to using both devices, and came up with these recommendations: Build and Design: The iPad Pro is almost twice as big as the iPad Air 2, and also is heavier. With the additional bulk, it can fit a display that is 78% larger. With the larger screen,…


MacBook Pro-tection! 3 Easy Ways to Protect your MacBook Pro

…best if we help our gadgets withstand the wear and tear process. It’s not even that hard! To keep it all short and straightforward, let me present to you three easy ways to protect your MacBook Pro. 1)    Protect it while you travel. Traveling may mean catastrophe for your MacBook Pro; when you want to bring your MacBook along on trips, chances are, you’ll need to find a carrying case that you can comfortably use and that can protect your p…

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Best MacBook Carrying Cases

…ng your MacBook pro or laptop in your hand. You need a bag or carrying case that is durable and can keep your MacBook safe from the elements as well as make a stylish place to store your other belongings. Here are some cases that could be perfect for you and your lifestyle: MacCase All-in-One Backpack This is perfect for backpackers who don’t want to be bringing a separate bag for their MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and their iPad. The MacCase All i…


Assorted Macbook Pro Skins Just for You

…is perfect for the classy lady in you. This sophisticated skin is exceptional for those who’d like their Macbook’s to have a little feminine touch.                     Treasure Hunt   The Treasure Hunt Macbook Pro skin is really imaginative and full of life. With this skin you get a glimpse of fantasy filled with fairies, magic and so much more.             &nbs…