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Let’s see how the Apple iPad Pro compares to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Let’s see how the Apple iPad Pro compares to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

…d design with its smooth corners and edges and measures 5% longer, 10% wider, and 18 % thinner than the Surface Pro 4 – features a 12.9 inch Retina display (the biggest display size ever made on any of the iPad generations) with 2732 x 2048 resolution at 264  ppi (pixel per inch) density – comes in 3 different hues for customized use – has a side connector that’s used to attach the tablet to the Smart Keyboard Surface Pro 4: Mic…

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Why is Apple’s Mac Pro perfect for Creative Professionals?

…the 12-core Mac Pro is recommended. Take advantage of those specs and enjoy a faster, more efficient rendering process. Photographers could rely on 6-core units, particularly on models that offer AMD FirePro D500 or D700 GPUs. However, an 8-core Mac Pro with 3 GHz Turbo Boost works slightly better for some tasks so you could consider that model as well. For ultra-heavy tasks, always consider a Mac Pro with the AMD FirePro D700 for maximum speed

iPad Pro tips and tricks

iPad Pro tips and tricks

You just bought the new iPad Pro. And you still have to get comfortable with being able to use this device. Here are some nifty tips that can help you master and get you up to speed with this new tablet, with help from TechRadar. Multi-task on the iPad Pro with split view The larger screen of the iPad Pro really highlights the benefits of the split screen mode that had been introduced with iOS 9. Having the 12.9” screen means that the two apps w…


Inside the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display: Intel Iris Pro Graphics

…For the newest 15-inch MacBook Pro, graphics power is supplied by the Iris Pro 5200 chip on the Haswell Core i7 processor. The Iris Pro 5200 chip is Intel’s latest and best graphics subsystem yet, designed to keep up with the performance demands of processing- and graphics-intensive tasks. The Iris Pro 5200 comes with a cache of embedded 128 MB memory, referred to by Intel as Crystalwell. Crystalwell is a high-speed eDRAM cache that provides a si…


Top 5 Custom Keyboards on iOS 8

With the recent improvements to the iOS keyboard including the option to download third party keyboards, several new utility apps have sprung up with growing popularity. Currently, the most popular custom keyboard apps for iOS 8 users are: Swype Keyboard Created by Nuance Communications, the Swype Keyboard app touts itself as the “most accurate keyboard on the planet.” Instead of plucking away at the keys, this keyboard enables users…


5 Hardware and Accessories to help you Maximize your Mac Pro

…Mac Pro is equipped with USB 3.0 ports to accommodate standard devices and peripherals, its Thunderbolt 2 ports provide a faster and bigger capacity to handle data to and from your external devices. Connect the Mac Pro to your devices through StarTech White Mini Thunderbolt Cables. Available in a wide variety of lengths and connector heads, these cables provide reliable connectivity for anyone with a Thunderbolt port. G-Speed : store, access and…


A Close Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

…ble, the device features a continuous, “full-friction” kickstand, meaning that you’re able to prop it up at the angle that’s most comfortable for you. As the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet whose kickstand comes in “too low” and “unstable” settings, this feature is quite exciting. The Keyboard Of course, the kickstand of any given tablet is historically only as stable as the surface it is…


Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

…games like Bejeweled. In addition, the iPad Air 2 might be a better alternative for those who use the on-screen keyboard for typing. The iPad Air 2As such, based on the build and design of each tablet, the iPad Air 2 is better suited for casual users, given that there isn’t really that much of an advantage from the larger display. Those who are more inclined with productivity might gravitate to the iPad Pro. Buttons, Ports, and Speakers: Although…


MacBook Pro-tection! 3 Easy Ways to Protect your MacBook Pro

…nbsp; 2)    Keep it scratch-free and polished. Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves when we get too excited. Protect your MacBook Pro from minor bumps, scratches, and drops using cases that are sturdy and reliable. You can also protect your keyboards using keyboard sleeves to safeguard it from spills of water or coffee. Your best bets for this are the Speck Products SeeThru Satin for MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch, $49.95 and KB Covers Avid Media…


LapTuk Pro Stand with USB3.0 Hub for MacBook Pro

If you both have an iMac and a MacBook Pro, tendencies are when you get home you use your iMac and leave your MacBook Pro lying around. Keep your work space neat and tidy with the LapTuk Pro Stand. Save space and stow your MacBook Pro, wireless keyboard and mouse in a stylish stand. The LapTuk Pro Stand with USB3.0 Hub is perfect for decluttering your desk and organizing your work area. This elegant stand is designed with a solid steel exterior…

The iPad Pro (image from www.apple.com)

The iPad Pro: yea or nay?

…th greater contrast and brightness to help enhance the everyday back and forth of your computing life. The iPad Pro’s Retina display (image from www.apple.com) Now, we go to its technology. The iPad Pro is loaded with a new A9X chip and has the 3rd generation 64-bit architecture to mimic desktop-computer capabilities. With 22x CPU performance and 360x GPU performance, the A9X chip delivers great speed and responsiveness to help you handle e…

Logitech CREATE Protective Case with AnyAngle Stand for iPad Pro

A roundup of the best iPad Pro cases

…er finish that’s both functional and good-looking. Logitech CREATE Protective Case with AnyAngle Stand for iPad Pro Last on our list is the Logitech CREATE Protective Case with AnyAngle Stand for iPad Pro – Black (939-001403). CREATE, powered by the iPad Pro via Smart Connector, never needs charging. Since it has a direct magnetic connection, it also never needs pairing. Built to perfectly complement your iPad Pro, CREATE keyboard provides…

iPad Pro (image from www.apple.com)

Apple Officially Releases the iPad Pro

The highly-anticipated iPad Pro is now available to all Apple enthusiasts everywhere. On Monday, Apple made the official announcement that the latest tablet will be available for orders on Wednesday, November 11. And now the day has come, you can get the iPad Pro at your favorite Apple-authorized reseller, MacMall. MacMall has stocks of both the 32GB iPad Pro and the 128GB iPad Pro at special deals you’ll love. The iPad Pro (image from www…


Apple Silicon Case for 12.9 Inch iPad Pro

…cone exterior that feels great in your hand. The 12.9 Apple Silicone Case is an absolute must have for any iPad Pro owner as it matches your tablet perfectly with its snug fit and extremely convenient button access. Source: Apple This Silicone Case also allows you easy access to all your iPad Pro’s ports and other tablet functionality such as the camera and speakers. It also works with the iPad Pro’s amazing accessories, the iPad Pro Smart Keyboa…


Apple’s 15.4 MacBook Pro with Retina display, Quad-core Intel Core i7 2.6GHz (4th generation Haswell processor)

…r editing and viewing high-resolution photos, visualizing data in 3D, and playing the latest games. The MacBook Pro’s Retina display makes these tasks even more visually pleasing, thanks to a 2880-by-1800 resolution, reduced glare, and higher contrast. For added speed, the MacBook Pro 512GB uses all-flash internal storage. This all-flash architecture makes the MacBook Pro significantly more responsive, whether you’re browsing expansiv…