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5 Must-Have Sleeves for the iPad Mini

…p to three hands-free viewing angles and one typing angle. The case is designed so that all ports, buttons, and speakers are always accessible. Incoming search terms: Cheap iPad mini with Retina display For Sale Wholesale iPad mini with Retina display Online Store lenovo helix case 2013 best buy cover for iphone 3gs cheap discount phone case The Apple iPhone 5 runs on the iOS 6 software which offers phone Outlet Apple iPad 3rd Generation Brand ne…

Mac mini: A fully featured Mac desktop in a compact frame

Mac mini: A fully featured Mac desktop in a compact frame

With upgraded features in the same compact frame, the Mac mini is better than ever. The Mac mini now comes with 4th generation Intel Core processors and GPUs to boost processing and graphics performance. The Mac mini is now faster, too, thanks to PCIe-based flash storage and Thunderbolt 2. With advanced Intel core processors, Hyper-Threading technology, and Turbo Boost 2.0, the Mac mini can muscle through even the most processing-intensive tasks…

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The iPad mini with Retina display: full iPad functions in an ultra-portable form

The iPad mini with Retina display (image from apple.com) Its aluminum case might not have changed much, but the newest iPad mini with Retina display is faster and more powerful than ever. With the exception of the Retina display, all the important upgrades on the latest iPad mini can be found on the inside, in all-new features such as the A7 chip, dual antennas and MIMO technology, and iOS 7. The iPad mini with Retina display has been re-enginee…

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Nexus 7 vs iPad mini

…tter, read on for a comparison of the two most popular small tablets today: the new Google Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini. Google Nexus 7 2 The Google Nexus 7 2 tablet and the iPad mini both have a height of 200 mm or 7.87 inches, but the iPad mini’s screen is wider than the Nexus 7’s by almost an inch, so the iPad mini has an overall larger display. The Nexus 7 tablet is a little thicker at 8.7 mm, but the iPad mini is heavier than the Nexus 7 at 309…


Built-in Apps on the iPad Mini with Retina display

The newest iPad mini with Retina display is fully equipped for any task you might want to do, whether for recreation or business. Thanks to the A7 processor and the M7 coprocessor, the retina iPad mini is fast and extremely responsive, making it a great small tablet for games and even for processing-intensive apps for creativity, document and spreadsheet creation, and file management. The iPad mini with Retina display can be loaded with apps fro…

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Streaming Audio from iOS to Multiple AirPlay Speakers

…ely, thanks to the efforts of app developers, you don’t have to let that limit stop you from streaming audio to speakers all over your house. If you’re planning to blast your iPad’s music all throughout the house for your next party, you opt to install either of these apps: Airfoil or Multiroom Music/Radio Player.     Airfoil interface (image from rougeamoeba.com) Airfoil is software that runs on Mac OS. Together with its companion app Airfo…


New Mac Mini Unveiled

Today, Apple unveiled the new iteration of their Mac Mini. Previously $599, the new model will begin at $499. Proclaimed by Apple as the “world’s most energy efficient desktop,” the new Mac Mini will feature: 4th gen Intel Core processors Intel iris and HD Graphics 5000 PCI-e-based flash storage 802.11ac Wi-Fi Two Thunderbolt 2 ports Processor Improvements According to Apple, the new Mac mini “keeps up with computers twi…

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Why should you get a Mac Mini?

Mac lovers rejoice! Apple has recently released a new version of the Mac mini, everyone’s favorite Apple budget computer, equipping it with faster processors and the latest Apple OS. But is it even worth it? Of course it is! Especially if it means being able to get ahead of your friends and everyone else! What? Not a good enough reason? Okay, then maybe these reasons will convince you: Cheaper compared to the iMac The iMac is awesome. It has al…


Portenzo Alano Case Collection for iPad Mini

…t user’s premium quality standards and sophisticated taste. One particular collection of theirs, the Alano iPad Mini Case Collection, caught our eye because of the classy and elegant design each iPad Mini cover was made into. Each Alano Case was strikingly beautiful and made from a single piece of durable, high- quality, full- grain Alano leather. It comes with a hand- sanded birch frame and every single one of these remarkable iPad Mini Cases ar…

Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter – Compatible with Thunderbolt port The Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter is a must-have accessory for power users, especially those with Macs that have a Mini DisplayPort or a Thunderbolt port. This adaptor provides a convenient way for users to supplement their computers with external displays or projectors. Through this Mini DisplayPort adapter, for instance, you can connect your Mac mini to a pr…


Best accessories to be with your Mac Mini

We all know that Apple’s Mac Mini is an affordable, practically-pocket-sized desktop that gives you the full Apple experience. Plus, with the Mac mini, you can definitely use your choice of computer accessories, including keyboards, mice, monitors, and headphones.     Here at MacMall, we offer you the best accessories that would keep your Mac mini running smoothly and seamlessly. If you’d like to match up your Mac mini with the m…


Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

Gaming can be really hard on your iPad Mini especially if your controls are limited. If you want to experience classic hardware controls on your iPad? Get your game face on because the Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini lets you play your tablet games just like any other console. Feel the heat as you play along because this innovative device is equipped with dual analog joysticks, ABXY fire buttons, left and right fire triggers, left and right bu…


What You Need to Know About Mac Desktops

…as combined a display screen in 21.5–inch and 27–inch glossy widescreen models with a webcam, a microphone, and speakers, making it the most complete multimedia package among the three desktops. But if you wish to enhance your multimedia experience by integrating a Mac desktop with home entertainment devices, the Mac mini is the best pick because of its tiny footprint and DVI/VGA output. Data Access and Storage: How Reliable Are Mac Desktops? All…


Inside Apple’s A7 Processor and M7 Coprocessor

…tion coprocessor, is one of the most significant upgrades in Apple’s hottest tablets: the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display. First seen in the iPhone 5s, the A7 is the first 64-bit ARM CPU to become available in consumer smartphones and tablets. According to Apple, the A7 chip offers double the speed and double the graphics power of the A6 processor, resulting in a significantly improved performance for the iPad Air and the iPad mini

How to speed up a slow Mac Mini

How to speed up a slow Mac Mini

There are times when the Mac Mini being used is not running at optimal capacity the way it once was. Here are some tips that can be used to improve its performance. Shut down unwanted apps One way to free up memory and CPU space on your Mac Mini is to check on your running programs and closing the ones that are not needed. The inefficiency of your device might be because the memory and CPU space that can be better allocated to other applications…