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Choosing between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro

With the release of the iPad Pro, users might still be confused if the new tablet might be the better option instead of the iPad Air 2. The people of Tablet PC Review have gotten themselves accustomed to using both devices, and came up with these recommendations: Build and Design: The iPad Pro is almost twice as big as the iPad Air 2, and also is heavier. With the additional bulk, it can fit a display that is 78% larger. With the larger screen,…


Top Heavy-duty iPad Cases

Heavy duty iPad cases ensure that your iPad is safe from damage wherever you take it. These rugged cases are perfect if you love using your iPad while hiking through off-road trails or during camping trips, or even if you just want to make sure that your iPad has all the protection it needs in extreme environmental conditions. Any of these heavy-duty cases will guarantee that your beloved iPad is protected from shock impact, moisture, extreme te…


5 Must-Have Sleeves for the iPad Mini

…ming search terms: Cheap iPad mini with Retina display For Sale Wholesale iPad mini with Retina display Online Store lenovo helix case 2013 best buy cover for iphone 3gs cheap discount phone case The Apple iPhone 5 runs on the iOS 6 software which offers phone Outlet Apple iPad 3rd Generation Brand new Cheap apple iphone 5 16gb Black factory ipad mini outlet cheap refurbished iPad outlet screen mirroring ipad to samsung cheap refurbished iPad Min…

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The iPad mini with Retina display: full iPad functions in an ultra-portable form

…MIMO (multiple in multiple out) technology. This hardware enables faster, more reliable connections via 802.11n WiFi, allowing for more convenient downloads and uploads. iOS 7 is another upgrade that improves the iPad mini with Retina display’s overall performance. According to Apple, its latest mobile OS is designed for the iPad mini, enabling functions such as AirDrop and Control Center. Along with improved multi-tasking capabilities, these new…


iPad in Business Series Presents: iPad Productivity

[Editor’s note: This is 1st in a series of webinars for iPad in Business. To get future updates,  subscribe to our RSS feed.] Katie: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us today for our iPad in Business Series Webinar, iPad Productivity. Today we have Sheldon Brackett with us. Sheldon Brackett is a results oriented technical professional with extensive experience in the effective management of information technology assets. He is skilled in…

Samsung External DVD Burner Review

In this brief MacMall product overview, we look at the key features of the Samsung ultra portable and slim 8x DVD burner. This speedy DVD burner is ideal for ultrabook owners whose laptops do not have a built-in DVD drive. Key features include: WRITE: 8X DVD+/-R; 6X DVD+/-R DL; 8X DVD+RW; 6X DVD-RW; 5X DVD-RAM; 24X CD-R/CD-RW READ: 8X DVD+/-R; 8X DVD+/-R DL; 8X DVD+RW/-RW; 8X DVD+/-RW; 8X DVD-ROM;5X DVD-RAM; 24X CD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROM Interface: USB…

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5 New Things You Can Do with Your iPad

It’s been a while since the first day you held your iPad in your hands, and you’re pretty much tired of the usual things that you do on your iPad. Don’t worry, though; you don’t have to dump your iPad and find another gadget to play with. (You don’t do that to your loyal gadget!) Actually, there are many other weird and crazy things that you can do with your beloved tablet. And believe me, your relationship with your iPad will never be the same…

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How To: Mirror iPad on HDTV

…igital AV Adapter (for HDMI) or iPad VGA Adapter (for VGA). Please see your TV/monitor for available ports. How to set up: Connect the iPad to the TV via the adapter. Enjoy. Incoming search terms: visio note 3 panasonic viera mirroring connect ipad to vizio tv wirelessly dell wireless 1504 5ghz mirror ipad to vizio tv philips tv screen mirroring screen mirror s4 to pc how to mirror ipad to panasonic viera sony s3200 multisystem blu-ray dvd player


The HP Slate 7 vs. the iPad

HP recently made the tablet market more interesting by throwing another 7-inch device into the mix: the HP Slate 7. Since the Slate 7’s release, many have speculated on how it fares beside the iPad, one of the benchmarks for tablet design and performance today. After all, according to many tech experts, it’s more than just a matter of Android versus iOS. If you’re curious to find out for yourself, here’s a blow-by-blow comparison of the two devi…

iPad Pro tips and tricks

iPad Pro tips and tricks

…l up and down the sidebar to pick your preferred app. Closing the sidebar is pretty simple. Either you swipe it to the right, or the easier way is to just tap anywhere on the screen outside of sidebar. Play video while you work The picture-in-picture mode of the iPad Pro allows the user to still watch videos while still working on the tablet. When watching a clip on either the Video Player app or from similar third-party apps like the BBC iPlayer


Microsoft Surface vs. the iPad

…the market interesting by releasing their own versions of these handheld computers. Apple, with its handful of iPad models and the iPad mini, has long been considered a pioneer in the tablet market, manufacturers such as HP, Samsung, and even Google are slowly catching up. Microsoft’s making a bid for a share of the market through its Microsoft Surface line, which features the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Microsoft Surface RT. These tablets hav…

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Apple Officially Releases the iPad Pro

The highly-anticipated iPad Pro is now available to all Apple enthusiasts everywhere. On Monday, Apple made the official announcement that the latest tablet will be available for orders on Wednesday, November 11. And now the day has come, you can get the iPad Pro at your favorite Apple-authorized reseller, MacMall. MacMall has stocks of both the 32GB iPad Pro and the 128GB iPad Pro at special deals you’ll love. The iPad Pro (image from www…

16GB iPad with Retina Display (4th-generation)

The Stellar Comeback of the iPad 4th Gen with Retina Display

…e iPad Air, the iPad 4th generation was discontinued. Only this March did it emerge again with a bang. The 9.7” iPad with Retina Display is now a faster and more powerful iPad that runs on iOS 7.1, unlike the former iPad 4th gen that runs on iOS 6. The most shocking thing about the comeback of the 4th-generation iPad is its 20% markdown price. From $499 for a 16GB iPad 4th gen, the price was cut down to $399 in 2014! It’s Apple’s most affordable…

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Introducing the iPad Air

…from the iPad air, particularly the tablet’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass, and feeding the information to various apps that need it. This way, the A7 chip can use its capabilities on more important tasks. The iPad air is also fitted with the most advanced wireless technology, including dual antennas for MIMO (multiple input multiple output) for faster, more stable WiFi connections. In some cases, data rates of up to 300 Mbps are possible…

The iPad Pro (image from www.apple.com)

The iPad Pro: yea or nay?

Thinking on buying the new iPad Pro? This may help you decide. Let’s start with the display. Built with a 12.9-inch Retina display that boasts an impressive 5.6 million pixels, this iPad incarnation delivers the sharpest and greatest definition of any of its tablet predecessors. At 264 ppi (pixels per inch), the stunning imagery and excellent picture quality of the display is reinforced by its refined Multi-Touch technology. The iPad Pro also ha…