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NetFlix posts iOS app update for its tablets

NetFlix posts iOS app update for its tablets

One major stickler for Netflix subscribers has been its slow pace towards multi-tasking capabilities, particularly on the tablets. One of the major highlights when Apple revealed iOS 9 back in September 2015 was the ability to multitask. However, it was only this week that the streaming video service made an update on its iOS app that makes progress on that, enabling Picture in Picture mode on iPads running at least iOS 9.3.2. For those using Ap…

Samsung 28-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor

Top Five 4K Displays for Your Mac Pro

…productivity and efficiency of your Mac Pro. You have quite a lot of choices when it comes to 4K resolution-capable monitors. To make shopping a little easier for you, here are the top five 4K displays that suit your Mac Pro and your 4K video-editing needs. Samsung 28-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor Dell P2815Q 28-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Monitor ASUS Professional 31.5-inch 4K UHD LED Monitor HP DreamColor Z27x Professional 27-inch Display Dell UltraSh…

video streaming

5 iOS video streaming apps

…rtain folders.  You will never have to worry about your kids accessing your R-rated films again. Netflix,  Free When it comes to streaming movies and TV shows, Netflix is the greatest. And the iPad is an awesome way to watch Netflix, since you can hook up the app to a big screen and make those marathons even more enjoyable. The app provides access to the Netflix website and will allow playback of any Instant Streaming video. The app itself can be…

Perfect Gift List for your Techie Buddies

Perfect Gift List for your Techie Buddies

…ciety, not all gifts comes in wrappers – some now comes in a form of screen and specs. If you’re still wondering on what you could give your tech lovelorn buddies, fill your gift checklist with these edgy gadgets that can suit their  technology cravings.   USB Flash drives. Flash drives are great work saviors – so it’s nice to give friends one with a higher ram of memory. Movies, audios and important documents can be stored up with this litt…

Keep it Cool: 12 Tips to prevent your Laptop from Overheating

Keep it cool: 12 tips to prevent your laptop from overheating

…ll out some money for a cooling pad, but it does provide efficient cooling, with a fan is pointed directly at your laptop’s vents. If your laptop still overheats after following these tips, drop by MacMall retail stores at Santa Monica, Torrance and Huntington Beach and let Apple-credited experts give you professional recommendations on all your laptop problems, be it Mac or other trusted brands. Visit macmall.com for exciting promos and ex…


Get Your Mac a Check-Up at MacMall

No matter how tough your Mac is, you’re bound to run into some problems now and then. Rest assured that when your Mac needs fixing, MacMall will be here to help. We offer a wide range of services at our retail stores at Huntington Beach, Torrance, Chicago, and Santa Monica. Happen to spill something on your beloved MacBook Pro? MacMall retail stores offer liquid spill diagnostic services starting at $89.99. Liquids and laptops don’t really mix w…


7 Best MacMall Deals for Creative Professionals

…he best media outputs especially with the help of your team. File networking features, publishing and online sharing features are available with the Adobe Cloud Creative Suite. Get busy with the team and juggle those creative ideas with the Adobe Cloud Creative Suite for teams and shell out only $599.88.   Want versatile and high-quality display monitors? ASUS Professional Graphics provides you 27 inches of high quality and adjustable displa…

Looking for budget laptops? Check this out!

Looking for budget laptops? Check this out!

…11.6-inch laptop similar to a netbook. It runs the Google Chrome operating system and has a 2.1GHz Intel Celeron N2840 processor with 2GB of RAM memory, a 16GB solid state hard drive, and an Intel HD Graphics card. The Chromebook 2 also has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as USB 3.0 port to connect an external hard drive, smartphone, and other gadgets, and an HDMI port so you can connect a second monitor if needed. Battery life is up to 8 hours. The pros of t…


Apple TV has Killed the BluRay Player

Did you know the new Apple TV is full 1080P? The quality is fantastic and I use it more than regular television. One of the best things about the New Apple TV is Netflix. I use Netflix to watch all those TV shows I may have missed in the past and I get to watch them commercial free. I downloaded Hugo recently from Apple’s iTunes store. Every speckle of snow and dust was clear and sharp on my 42″ Vizio. Maybe if I had a 60″ Pla…


Recommended iPad Pro cases

The Apple iPad Pro packs some punch with what it is capable of. However, with the large 12.9-inch display, one has to secure some form of protection for the latest Apple tablet. Here are some recommended options for iPad Pro covers, according to Stefan Vazharov of Best Products. Apple Smart Cover ($62.99) Apple’s official form of protection for the tablet won’t cover the back of the device, but otherwise, it will be able to secure the front. It…

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Mac OS X Mavericks 101: Setting Up Speech Recognition

Mac OS Mavericks is an OS is designed for convenience. This operating system offers a lot of built-in features that greatly ease use, especially for busy users who juggle multiple projects. One such built-in feature is speech recognition. This tool comes in handy for when you quite literally have your hands full and you’re too busy to bother with the track pad or the Magic Mouse. To set up speech recognition on your Mac, follow these steps: Acce…


5 Last-Minute yet Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts

…  iPad Air, 16GB There’s a reason behind all those rave reviews of Apple’s latest tablet. The iPad Air is just that good. It’s one of the fastest tablets today, and, thanks to Retina display, the iPad Air’s display is as vibrant and sharp as it gets. Plus, this tablet weighs only one pound and measures just slightly over a quarter-inch thick, so your partner shouldn’t have problems bringing it around all day. For extra brownie points, instal…


Top iOS 7 Errors and How to Solve Them

…petition and continued to be one of the most trusted brands in the tech industry. Unfortunately, the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch are not susceptible to bugs and errors that affect usage. With Apple’s large share in the mobile market, there is a great chance that sales of iOS 7 gadgets will be affected if the bugs are not addressed, or, even better, fixed. Not long after the release of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5, tech-savvy users pinpointed some problems


Top 5 displays for your office computers

…re a few displays from different manufacturers to choose from when deciding to make an upgrade to your workstation, or if you’re just looking for a display that can help you be more productive. ASUS Professional Graphics This is the perfect display for computer users looking to make the best of both worlds, that is to say, work and play. With 27 inches of color and power, you can be assured that you get crystal-clear images — ideal for thos…


The new Apple TV: Now on Pre-Order at MacMall.com

…e moving images on your TV screen. Everything happens in the comforts of your home and with just a few clicks on the Apple Remote. That’s the promise of the new Apple TV—an increased television viewing pleasure you’ve never had before. Apple TV, a small, compact entertainment powerhouse, takes home entertainment to a new height as it plays any content you love from iTunes, Netflix, or YouTube in up to 1080p. With Apple TV, you can even play your…