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smoking apps

5 Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

…he first time, you’re also picking up a habit. This habit can harm your lungs and your overall health in the long run. For those who do try to drop the habit after a while, there are many ways to help yourself, especially if you can’t give it up cold turkey. Here are a few apps that can help you kick the habit of smoking once and for all. Livestrong MyQuit Coach-Dare to Quit Smoking, Free Planning is essential when you’re quitting smoking. This a…

diy projector

Turn Your iPhone into a DIY Projector

…that there are no gaps between the box and the lens and that the lens is securely attached so it won’t fall off. STEP 4: Take the Lego blocks or paper clip and design a stand for your phone as shown below. Make sure the stand is sturdy enough to hold your phone.    STEP 5: Tweak your phone’s settings so that it doesn’t turn the video upside down. Do this by going to Settings> General > Accessibility and turning on AssistiveTouch. A l…

Music on CarPlay (image from apple.com)

Apple CarPlay: Enjoying iOS on your new car’s dashboard

…extensively used, so Siri will be at your beck and call for whatever you want to do. Once you plug your iPhone in, you can get turn-by-turn directions and traffic conditions and make and receive calls. Siri will also be there to help you handle incoming and outgoing text messages, so you can keep in touch without having to look at your iPhone. Listening to your favorite songs, podcasts, and playlists while driving shouldn’t be a problem either….


5 Hardware and Accessories to help you Maximize your Mac Pro

…me inside out, despite criticism that it looks like a trash bin. With specs that will make multimedia professionals and graphics enthusiasts swoon, the Mac Pro provides sufficient power to help users effortlessly manage projects and create new ones with ease. The better news is you can always take it further. In an industry that demands progress and favors competitiveness, the Mac Pro can be hooked to additional accessories to boost its capacity….

little pixels

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Manual Camera

…ed like a manual camera by just downloading this one simple app from Little Pixels! And, in this blog, you’ll learn all about its features and how to use it. iPhoneographers who are interested in manual photography should read on and find out how the iPhone can be used as a manual camera. If the camera of your iPhone is already giving you stunning results, the Little Pixels’ Manual exposure camera app will help you produce even more amazing…

4th Gen iPad WiFi and Cellular, with Retina Display, 16GB

4th Gen iPad WiFi and Cellular, with Retina Display, 16GB

…battery bars. If you want to connect to the world and tell them about your next achievement, this 4th generation iPad also holds a dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity. Channel bonding, 150 mbps download speed and LTE feature can give you the best online experience you can have. If you like multi-tasking and in need of an urgent assistant, or want the scores on last night’s game, Siri is here to help! Voice activated, Siri allo…

ipad battery

How to Maximize iPad Battery Life

…ng for each application. Adjust brightness. Make use of ambient light especially if your environment is bright enough. Turn down your iPad’s brightness level so you can save up some of your tablet’s battery power. Turn off 3G/4G connectivity when not in use. Using 3G/4G connections can be convenient, but it’s also a big battery drainer. If possible, use WiFi networks to post photos or browse the Web. Turn off 3G/4G connections if you don’t have t…


Turn your iPhone into a Microscope

…And, let’s face it, not many schools can afford it. But, what a lot of students and teachers do have are iPhones. So stop using your iPhone’s camera for selfies and let’s expand the use of that iPhone camera. Turn it into a microscope in a few easy steps: First, you’ll need the following materials: 3x 4 ½ “ x  5/16’ carriage bolts 9x 5/16’ nuts 3x 5/16” wing nuts 5x 5/16” washers 3/4” x 7”x 7” plywood (for base) 1/8” x 7”x 7” plexiglass (for cam…

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Top 6 Fitness Gadgets

Working your way on the treadmill and sweating buckets aren’t enough. You need to constantly check if you’re on the right track, if you’re doing everything the right way, or if all of your hard work in the Gym or on the road is paid off and doing you any good. Anyway, with all these technologies available in our modern, quintessential world, different gadgets and devices are there to help you with your fitness problems and inquiries. And if you…


7 Best MacMall Deals for Creative Professionals

…er’s creative actions, you can produce realistic art strokes and edit instantly with a touch of a button. Produce a new generation of artworks with the Wacom Cintiq 13HD Graphic Tablet with Interactive Pen Display for $799.99 and save up to 25% on purchases. Collaborate with your peers to produce more! With the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for teams, you get premium access to a variety of Adobe software to help you render the best media outputs esp…


5 Accessories to Make your iMac Even More Awesome

…t, powerful, and sleek, with a vibrant widescreen display. It’s built for speed, too, from its advanced Fusion Drive to its 802.11ac WiFi support and Thunderbolt I/O connectivity. The iMac is an incredibly capable all-in-one desktop, and these must-have accessories will ensure that you make the most of all its capabilities. Apple AirPort Time Capsule 3TB with 802.11ac Wi-Fi LaCie d2 USB3 3TB Thunderbolt Series Hard Drive Arctic Cooling P311 Bluet…


Top iOS 7 Errors and How to Solve Them

…and device replacement. Here are the top seven iOS 7 errors you might encounter and the appropriate solutions for them. Defective sensors New, handy features introduced with iOS 7 can help users in everyday activities. However, the gyroscope, accelerometer, level, and compass functions were reported to be inaccurate or unresponsive due to an iOS glitch. The October update for iOS, iOS 7.0.3, claimed to have fixed the problem, but if your unit sti…



  We’ve all had our ups and downs with technology. You and your computer will be best friends one minute and enemies the next. It will randomly decide not to turn on or to throw a big fit and you won’t know how to fix it. Yes, the Apple store’s Genius Bar can help solve your problem, but so can MallOnCall! MallOnCall provides you with fast and friendly service, repairs, and upgrades. It can be found in any of the MacMall retail stores: Tor…


5 Essential iOS Apps for Students

…hoolwork a little easier. Good thing there are available apps for your iPhone and iPad that you can download to help you study more efficiently. With these apps, you’ll definitely no longer think that studying is a burden. WolframAlpha, $2.99 Mathematics and other subjects that require computation are usually the least favorite subjects of students. Truth be told, it can be really difficult to do those computations especially if the problem

The iPregnancy app on the iPhone

5 iOS Apps for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Why not get her a few mom-friendly apps for the occasion? Here are a few apps that can help make Mom’s life a little easier: Omnifocus,  $19.99 Moms can get pretty busy trying to keep up with the kids, and Omnifocus is here to help her out.  It is a life organizer that can keep track of family members’ activities for the day (e.g. who goes to swim lessons when). The app can be synched with a desktop and is…