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Five Amazing Notebook Cases Perfect for your MacBook

…nt your MacBook to stand out with an eye-catching case? To make shopping easier for you, here are five notebook cases that would be perfect for your MacBook. All these cases are guaranteed to be reliable at protecting your MacBook’s sleek finish. Case Logic 13.3″ Laptop and MacBook Sleeve – Purple Twelve South BookBook Hardback Leather Case for MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display and MacBook Air 13″ Swissgear 16″ Upl…


Protective Cases for the Galaxy S3

…s well, leaving ports and jacks open. Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S III Commuter Series – Glacier Cases from Otterbox’s Commuter series are specifically built to protect against the damage caused by the small, everyday accidents that make you drop your Galaxy S III. This protective case for Galaxy S3 is made from an inner layer of sturdy silicone and an outer layer of durable polycarbonate. The silicone layer is designed to be effective at shoc…

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Water Resistant Cases for iPhone

…and you want to ensure that your iPhone is completely dry at all times, check out these great waterproof cases for iPhone. Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 – Black/Clear This case from Griffin features a patented gasketed design that keeps water out, along with grease, dust, and sand. Silicone o-rings eliminate the risk of leaks and polycarbonate frames ensure durability even after regular use in water. The case is…


MacMall’s MacBook Pro cases for you

…you definitely want to protect it and preserve its sleek look and efficient performance. MacMall, your #1 retail store, offers you a wide range of MacBook Pro cases that would surely fit your needs as well as your lifestyle. Whether you choose a backpack, messenger bag, or sleeve, these cases can help you keep your MacBook Pro looking and working like it’s brand-new. And since these cases are manufactured by leading brands such as Case Log…


What does your iDevice case say about you?

…determining one’s character. For a wide range of Apple products, consumers have a variety of iPhone and iPad cases to choose from and extend their personalities into their handheld devices. I cross-examined stereotypes to personal preferences of phone users and tried to figure out why they choose what they use. Here are ten types of cases that people use and their “could-be” personalities: 1. Simple Case. Less is more. Buying a case that would s…

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Best MacBook Carrying Cases

…MacBook safe from the elements as well as make a stylish place to store your other belongings. Here are some cases that could be perfect for you and your lifestyle: MacCase All-in-One Backpack This is perfect for backpackers who don’t want to be bringing a separate bag for their MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and their iPad. The MacCase All in One backpack has a compact shape that makes it perfect for your iPad. It is designed to be slightly smaller…


Recommended iPad Pro cases

…hree color selections to choose from. CoverBot iPad Pro Keyboard Case If the Apple or Logitech keyboard cases are a little bit on the expensive side, the case from CoverBot is a more alluring alternative with a fraction of the cost. Available at under $39 in Amazon, it has a Bluetooth-powered keyboard that can be removed if not needed. Incipio Feather ($21.99) This flip cover is an ultra-thin snap-on case that works with Apple’s own keyboard and…

Logitech CREATE Protective Case with AnyAngle Stand for iPad Pro

A roundup of the best iPad Pro cases

…on our list is the Logitech CREATE Protective Case with AnyAngle Stand for iPad Pro – Black (939-001403). CREATE, powered by the iPad Pro via Smart Connector, never needs charging. Since it has a direct magnetic connection, it also never needs pairing. Built to perfectly complement your iPad Pro, CREATE keyboard provides excellent typing experience to help make your iPad Pro a creativity and productivity powerhouse. These cases are all ava…

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5 Stylish MacBook Cases for the Millenials

…ey use, with aesthetic form and convenient function to consider. Here are 5 distinct MacBook Air bags and cases that will surely provide the purpose you need to start conquering the world. The MacAlly Peripherals Clear Hardshell Protective Case for the 13″ Macbook Air provides a sturdy defense for your MacBook Air. It’s snap on design provides a clean and easy fit to your MacBook Air, and features complete access to your ports, and vents to…


Top 5 Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

…new iPhone 6 Plus. But do you have the right accessories to protect it from damage and wear and tear? If it’s not fully geared up and you are struggling to find the accessory that perfectly fits, then you’ve come at the right place. This post can give you ideas on what to get for your new iPhone.   1. Incipio Stowaway Advance Case, $19.99 Having all of your essentials in one place while still protecting your device isn’t a proble…

otterbox defender iPhone 5s

Which iPhone 5s Case Are You?

…lue KAPOW! Polycarbonate Shell Case for iPhone 5S – Orange/Yellow, $23.99 All of these cases are available in macmall.com, and, if you still can’t choose which phone case best matches your personality, feel free to browse our extensive selection of iPhone accessories. Go visit macmall.com and check out other iPhone 5s cases and accessories that fit your lifestyle. For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect with…


Portenzo Alano Case Collection for iPad Mini

Portenzo has been well- known for creating uniquely fabulous custom cases for the Apple iPad line. Every single one of these cases are hand crafted to meet user’s premium quality standards and sophisticated taste. One particular collection of theirs, the Alano iPad Mini Case Collection, caught our eye because of the classy and elegant design each iPad Mini cover was made into. Each Alano Case was strikingly beautiful and made from a single piece…

Couples iPhone Case Mods

5 Quick and Easy iPhone Case Mods

…some nail polish, some cut-up sponge for blending, and a white paint pen to draw the gleaming stars. You’ll soon have the galaxy in the palm of your hand.   Quote Design A great way to motivate your self is with some inspirational quotes. For this design, you have the option of simply writing a quote right on your iPhone case or on the inside or outside of a transparent case. If you choose the latter, stick a fun backdrop on the outsid…


10 Ways to Child-Proof your iPhone or iPad

…iPhone or iPad. The good news is that there are a variety of brands that offer cases made especially for Apple products. Life-proof cases, for instance, protect your device from severe environmental conditions and help absorb shock from a drop. #10 Say no. It’s not being mean to your kids. Give them something else to be busy with, like a book or a toy. Do something interactive with them; play games with them or teach them something only you know….

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Untangle: 10 DIY Cable Management Techniques

…h long cable wires. Instead of letting it run along the corners of your house’s walls, why not take use all those cables as a decorative piece? Using wire clips, shape out some distinct figures into your wall and attach the cables accordingly. Recycle those cassette cases. If you grew up in the eighties, you probably have a number of old cassette tapes lying around somewhere in your home. Give those cassette cases another purpose by using t…