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Quick AirPort Time Capsule Setup

…Ethernet instead of a wireless connection. Alternatively, you can also access the Time Machine preferences and select your AirPort Time Capsule from the sheet that appears for the ‘Select Disk’ option. Incoming search terms: Authenic Apple MacBook Air(MD231CHA) Outlet Online For hype power stick charging time hype power stick charger time Time Capsule Windows 8 Setup airport time capsule windows 8 hype power stick charge time airport time capsule


8 Mac Computer Myths Debunked

…s, etcetera. For instance, consumers who are scouting the market for a new gadget usually gain more insight from articles and product reviews on the Web. Apple’s Mac computers can sometimes be the subject of misinformation among consumers, especially since Apple has a wide range of competitors to contend with. After all, Mac users comprise only 30 percent of computer users internationally; it’s likely that some��detractors or hecklers here a…


Backup Drives for your Mac

…ing backup copies of the essential files and applications on your Mac. Apple USB SuperDrive Apple AirPort Time Capsule 3TB with 802.11ac Wi-Fi G-Technology G-DRIVE ev 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive WD My Book 2TB External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 File Backup and Storage LaCie Porsche Design P’9223 – hard drive – 1 TB – USB 3.0   Apple USB SuperDrive Contrary to popular belief, optical media are still alive and kick…


How to check the model and memory of their machine at home

To see how much RAM is installed, choose About This Mac from the Apple Menu. The Memory field specifies the amount of RAM installed in the computer. How to backup their data Using Time Machine Time Machine is the built-in backup that works with your Mac and an external drive (sold separately) or Time Capsule. Connect the drive, assign it to Time Machine, and start enjoying some peace of mind. Time Machine automatically backs up your entire Mac,…

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Make your MacBook Pro into the Ultimate a Gaming Computer

As a long-time computer user, I guess I have enough knowledge to determine how much I’ll enjoy a certain game (although I do love watching somebody else play and try to give moral support especially when they’re playing something in the horror genre), and from years of experience, I know when a computer needs a little bit of a tweak for the player(s) to enjoy the full gaming experience. That’s what Rafael says at 10PM. It’s 3AM now….

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How to Backup Files using LaCie Minimus

…e Minimus for creating backups. You can also set the Minimus as a backup destination any time; just access the Time Machine window or the System Preferences folder, enable Time Machine, choose the LaCie Minimus as the backup disk, then click the ‘Use for Backup’ button. After the initial backup, your computer sets an hourly schedule to backup files using the LaCie Minimus. Incoming search terms: blackarmor backup windows 8


4 Time-Management Apps for Your Busy Schedule

Having a job takes away time from your family and your social life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for them. All it takes is a little time management. And if you’re the type of person who finds following a schedule challenging, then you’ll probably be glad smartphones and calendar apps were created. Here are some time management apps that can help you keep up with your schedule : CalenGoo, $5.99 A useful app that allows you to integra…


5 Accessories to Make your iMac Even More Awesome

…top for many; it’s fast, powerful, and sleek, with a vibrant widescreen display. It’s built for speed, too, from its advanced Fusion Drive to its 802.11ac WiFi support and Thunderbolt I/O connectivity. The iMac is an incredibly capable all-in-one desktop, and these must-have accessories will ensure that you make the most of all its capabilities. Apple AirPort Time Capsule 3TB with 802.11ac Wi-Fi LaCie d2 USB3 3TB Thunderbolt Series Hard Drive Arc…


iOS and Android closing the shutters on Windows mobile web usage

If you’re reading this article and in North America, I would wager $100 that you’re not on a Windows phone. If you read the recent report released by Chitika and reported on by Apple Insider, you may start offering even larger wagers to your audiences. The report revealed that only 1% of web traffic in North America came from Windows phones. To be fair, this is 25%  larger than the web traffic generated by Blackberry devices. It is,…

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Why the Apple Watch is Awesome

…ng, you’ll always know the correct time – according to your time zone. But, before anything else, there are two things you have to remember to use the Apple Watch: first, you have to own an iPhone (sorry Android/Windows fanatics); second, you need to register an Apple ID. There also four ways to operate the Apple Watch: Screenshot from apple.com   Through the touchscreen, you can interact with your apps and other data. The screen is ultrasen…

Extra! Extra! MacMall Helps You Make The Most of This Leap Year’s Extra Day

Extra! Extra! MacMall Helps You Make The Most of This Leap Year’s Extra Day

…once every four years, and with its arrival, we’re all granted an extra 24 hours of…what? Work? Fun? Family time? TV time? However you choose to spend your extra day, MacMall has something to help you make the most of it. You Time – Want to get some writing done? Want to get yourself organized? Need to finally catch up on emails from friends and family? The iPad 2 is a great tool to do all this (not to mention videos, gaming and applications), an…


Podcast Fans: It’s Time To Update iTunes

…orite programming easier than ever. You can now also adjust your settings to automatically delete Podcasts you’ve listened to, making your Podcast library maintenance easier than ever. So, while it’s easy to often ignore the iTunes update requests, it’s time to click “install” and start enjoying the new Podcast navigation features! To get the latest from Apple Insider, follow @AppleInsider on Twitter. To get the late…

Make sure 'Enable Access Control' is checked. (image from 9to5mac.com)

How-to: Setting Timed Internet Access through AirPort Utility

…t the top of the menu. Make sure the box beside ‘Enable Access Control’ has a check mark. Make sure ‘Enable Access Control’ is checked. (image from 9to5mac.com) Once that box is checked, click the Timed Access Control button. Clicking the button will bring up another menu, where you can add devices under the Wireless Clients section. Hit the Plus sign to start adding the devices you’d like to set time limits on. For each device, type…

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What you need to know before upgrading your Mac’s RAM

…rom all the apps you are currently using. Basically, if your computer has more RAM, you can benefit from faster system performance as there is more room for data to be processed. With sufficient RAM for your Mac, you can easily multitask by switching and importing files between applications at a consistent rate. This is most crucial for multimedia professionals that rely on multiple applications to handle a variety of projects and workloads. Note…

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10 Best Apps for Spring Break

…ht place, with your best friends, and the right mobile apps – APP-arently. (Get it?) With a little help from your mobile phone, you can make the most of this year’s spring break and next year’s, and the year after that and so on. Spotify Price: FREE, Get it on: iTunes Looking for the perfect song to sing along for that roadtrip? Spotify provides millions of songs from your favorite artists and bands, for FREE! While you can create your own playli…