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If you can't beat them, at least take better pictures than them.

Rock N’ Shoot: How to take better concert photos using your iOS device

…ds of money, I presume not too much, right? I feel ya. When it does happen, there’s always that urge to take pictures to “capture the moment” – mostly to post on your social media accounts for proof. “Enjoyed *insert name of artist/band here*’s concert last night. IT WAS AWZUMMMM OMFG” I get it. You have the right to post your experience. But if you’re going to do that, do it in style – or at least in clear and engaging photos. Pictures sho…


iOS 8 Preview

…can expect when the iOS 8 is officially released: Manage photos better. Every day, people take selfies and take pictures which they intend to upload to facebook or any other social media platform. With that many photos and even videos, users need a better way to manage all of their files. The iOS 8 can deliver by allowing you to easily search your photo library to find that embarrassing shot you want to get rid of or that amazing picture of the s…

iMessage tips

#iOS8 Tips

…e them properly. So here is a quick guide to help you navigate through messaging on your iOS 8 for when you send audio clips, video and images as well as texts. Sending audio clips The recording feature now possible in Messages is easy enough to understand. The audio controls are represented by a microphone icon located at the right side of the text box.  It can be used with a simple tap-and-hold gesture which automatically starts the recording p…


5 Photo Editing Apps You Should Try

…ot everyone is Photoshop-savvy, but with today’s technology and simple smartphone apps, anyone can edit their pictures to show off their awesome vacations or their newest purchases. But just what are some of the coolest photo editing apps on the market today?   Adobe Photoshop Express Free Already have Adobe Photoshop on your desktop computer? Get it on your iPhone too! Better image quality is at your fingertips with this app. You can use th…

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8 apps every social advocate should have

…family, friends and even with the international community. Put them together and you have the power to send out updates and gain feedback directly from the people. Use HootSuite to integrate all your social media networks into one platform. With this app you can send one post and publish it into Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. This makes updating your followers easier, get their opinion on any matter in real time, and invite more pe…

Artists raving iPad Pro use

Artists raving iPad Pro use

…hes, while at the same time ensuring that they still look like they were hand-drawn. When done, one can send it the computer via AirDrop. It also helps that the size of the tablet is large enough that they can still create full-scale wireframes while maintaining the impression that they aren’t running out of space to draw. The split-screen feature helps as well, allowing the user to search for inspiration while sketching. The Pencil helps emphasi…


What to Expect from the New OS X Yosemite

…or iOS users: you can now sync your mobile device with your Mac computer so you can send messages or even take calls without switching from one device to another. A new feature called Handsoff also lets you pick up all task progress into all your iOS devices. For example, if you’re composing an e-mail on your iPad, Handsoff then integrates this task in all your iOS and Mac devices so you can finish it on your MacBook or iPhone – a useful feature…

What you need to know about Find My iPhone in iOS 8

What you need to know about Find My iPhone in iOS 8

…can access this feature by doing following this path: Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Send Last Location. Source: Apple Insider   Another useful and important tweak to anticipate is the new Family Sharing feature. This new feature would allow anyone who has the same sync of the app to help you in finding your device as it also lets them know the whereabouts of your device from theirs. Source: BGR.com Don’t you think it’s conve…

contact center

Change the Way You Use Your iPhone with the Contact Center App

…lly made for your favorite or frequent contacts or setting up a group message button that allows you to send a single message to a bunch of people without having the hassles of finding each and every individual in your contacts list. You can also make a ready-made SMS to be sent in just a click.     You can also make an instant quick e-mail button for those short notes, a FaceTime button, a quick call button plus you can even send ready-made GIF…


How-to: Create Quick Responses for Messages on iOS

…ner. Type in your Quick Response in the Phrase field. Your Quick Response can be a message that you send people often, such as “I’m on my way there. See you in a while and take care.” Once you’ve finished typing your message in the Phrase field, type in a shortcut in the field provided. This shortcut, when typed into the message field, will automatically access the quick response in the Phrase field. A great shortcut for the message above would b…


5 Features You Should Know About iMessage

…essage features that are hidden in plain sight and that you may have missed out on? These features may help you send those important business updates or the latest news about your friends with a little more convenience. Double tap the Shift key for Caps Lock mode. Give EMPHASIS to a point or let out your inner FEELINGS through the power of the Caps Lock! It’s simple and incredibly convenient especially if you’re tired of having to hold down the s…


A Closer Look at Apple’s Take on Road Trip Safety

…orates everything you want to do with your iPhone into your car’s built-in display. It lets you make a call, send messages, listen to music, and get directions without distracting you from the road while driving. All you need to do is plug in your iPhone using your Lightning cable. A car with built-in CarPlay will have buttons on the steering wheel so you can easily answer your calls and activate Siri. The vehicle will also have a touchscreen dis…

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Why the Apple Watch is Awesome

…f someone sends you an email, the Apple Watch vibrates discreetly and accordingly. You can also input instant replies for the messages you receive through emojis or templates you can choose, eliminating the need for long texts. Or you can dictate your reply and Siri transcribes it for you. Built-in speakers and microphone allow you take or initiate calls. You can also transfer the call from the Apple Watch to your iPhone for longer conversations….


Top 5 Messaging Updates in iOS8

…id traditional phone calls like the plague but would like to share a small sound bite. Likewise, if you need to send a quick message to someone but happen to be driving, you can now send a audio message and spare the rest of the freeway from your dangerous texting and driving habits. Sharing video easily. Let’s face it: before iOS 8, capturing a moment and sharing it via the message app was a bit too cumbersome, and you often missed the mom…


Find My iPhone: An Introduction

…hances of finding your lost iPhone. And it’s easy to activate! This tracking feature is called the “Send Last Location” feature. This automatically sends your device’s last known location to Apple just before the battery dies and it becomes virtually undetectable. Here are the few simple steps to get you going on this feature: Settings application on your iOS 8 device. From here, select iCloud then choose Find My iPhone. Doing this will allow you…