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Cintiq 13HD

The Perfect Wacom Cintiq Tablet for Artists

…HD LCD display with a 1920-by-1080 native resolution and advanced color management capacities. The 22HD touch has a big advantage over the Cintiq 22HD, though; the 22HD touch’s display offers multi-touch features.  The 22HD touch’s screen lets professionals work on it with the pen and multi-touch gestures from their fingertips, making for a more precise, more intuitive creative experience. The 22HD touch is the perfect Wacom Cintiq tablet for…


DIY Fixes for Screen Scratches

…small smartphone screens. With this method, you can still keep your scratched screen looking presentable and smart. 2.  Turtle Wax and other scratch removing creams When using polish, some removers are harmful to phones with touchscreens with oleophobic coating. Car scratch removal creams such as turtle wax can be effective and not harm your screen. When you use it, remember to seal the buttons and ports of your smartphone with tape so that none…


Get Creative with these iPod Touch Skins

…by Digital Blasphemy. It even comes with a vibrant aurora included in the background. Aqua Tranquility Nature patterns fill the Aqua Tranquility iPod Touch Skin. With a fancy tree branch design, you’re sure to love this iPod Touch Skin. Aspens Another nature inspired iPod Touch Skin, the Aspens, artwork created by Jackie Friesth., has a design that is too perfect for all the nature lovers out there. Bohemian The Bohemian iPod Touch Skin features…

iPod Touch

iPod Touch

…or you to lug around a bulky laptop just to keep up with your work. You can also rely on the iPod Touch in terms of communication. You can message or talk to your family, friends, and other important contacts using your iPod Touch. The previous generations of iPod Touch may have fallen short in this area, but newer generations make it easy. One great advantage the iPod Touch offers is that it assists in learning. With Safari web browser, you can…


Griffin Survivor Play for iPod touch

…d touch case proves that you can protect and secure your device and still be trendy. Image Source: Griffin The Griffin Survivor Play case is made with custom molded extra- thick silicone which snuggly fits and hugs your iPod touch. It provides your iPod touch overall protection. This iPod touch accessory guarantees to keep your device’s back, sides and edges well protected from bumps and scratches. No need to worry about breaking your iPod touch


iPod touch much?

…she opened one Christmas morning. I gave it a cursory glance and made a mental note to check it out once the initial thrill wore off for her. Thus far, we had only had varying versions of the nano so I was intrigued by this “touch screen” version.  When I finally did look at it, it was months later and I realized this was no nano.  I had no idea it could do so much.  Now that I work for MacMall, my son asked for one this past Christmas. I had…

Which type of iPod is right for you?

Which type of iPod is right for you?

…to sample songs without looking at the screen, and FM radio that doesn’t need the Internet, and a pedometer which allows you to track how much you’ve been working out. The iPod Nano also features a 2.5-inch multi-touch screen as well as a built-in speaker that allows you to listen to your music without using your headphones. iPod Shuffle The smallest of all iPods, the iPod Shuffle’s compact size allows for easy storage. Its unique…


Introduced Today – The Wacom Intous5 Is Now In Stock

…of your applications. •    Express View Display: Stay completely focused on your creative work. Lightly rest your finger on a capacitive ExpressKey to display an on screen reminder of the key’s function. •    Multi-function Touch Ring: The finger-sensitive Touch Ring provides intuitive control of scrolling, brush size, canvas rotation and more. •    Designed for comfort: The reversible (ambidextrous) design of the Intuos5 features gently…


Cleaning up the Home Screen for Apple TV

…aned up.  Incoming search terms: Apple MacBook Pro Store 50% off Cheap Galaxy Note 3 for sale Wholesale Galaxy S4 iPhone 5 iPad 4 iPad 5 iPhone 5S 5C-Online Buy!free shipping to world! sony blue ray screen mirroring sony screen mirroring password sony blu ray screen mirroring password android visio note 3 how to replace screen on sony xperia sgpt 1211 tablet 60 vizio replacement screen can a blackberry bold use airplay on apple tv…


A closer look at Apple Pay

…ple Watch near the contactless reader. A gentle pulse and beep confirm that your payment information was sent.” And for the apps, you just have to check out by selecting the “Apple Pay” option then placing your finger on the Touch ID. With just a single touch, your app purchase is done in no time. I know most of you will be asking things like, “Is that really a secured way of doing a payment?” Yes, Apple assures each and every one of iPhone…

Screenshot from apple.com

Why the Apple Watch is Awesome

…use the Apple Watch: first, you have to own an iPhone (sorry Android/Windows fanatics); second, you need to register an Apple ID. There also four ways to operate the Apple Watch: Screenshot from apple.com   Through the touchscreen, you can interact with your apps and other data. The screen is ultrasensitive and registers each activity your fingers do with the Apple Watch. The Digital Crown is a new feature for Apple products that lets you…


10 Reasons Why the Samsung CLP-415NW is a Leading Printer Among Small Businesses

…t not only JPEGs and PDFs, but also the full suite of Microsoft Office documents, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can work smarter and faster by harnessing the power of advanced Samsung connectivity. 9. Easy Toner Replacement Toner replacement is quick and easy with a slide out drawer. And the all-in-one consumables which combine the toner cartridge and imaging unit in one casing means there are less items to worry about purchasing 8….

CableManagement copy

Untangle: 10 DIY Cable Management Techniques

…as holders for your USB cables or earphones. Personalize. Washi tape is a type of  Japanese masking tape that is printed with a wide variety of colorful designs. Wrap it around your adapters or cables to give them a personal touch and so you’ll know which is which. Plus, it gives your stuff some character of its own. Common sense, right? If you don’t know how, that’s OK, I don’t judge (wink wink). Here’s a video that can help you out: How…


Which Type of iPod is right for you? (iPod)

…to fit a particular user’s needs. If gaming, nonstop web surfing, capturing photos or browsing through your social networking sites is your thing, then getting one of the Apple iPod Touch is your best bet. You see, the iPod Touch comes with a 4- inch Multi- Touch Retina display with 1136 x 640 screen resolution that lets you get a better view of every photo, video and applications. Image Source: Apple Aside from that, the iPod Touch comes with…

Applications that are better on the iPad Pro

Applications that are better on the iPad Pro

…is a sketching app for most users, in contrast to what Procreate does. One can create notes, sketches, mock ups, or anything else with the tools within it. Like Procreate, Paper takes full advantage of the iPad Pro’s larger screen, the additional power, and Pencil capability. This app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. iMovie for iOS: Apple’s video editing app for its mobile devices makes it handy when putting together a short…