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Mach Speed Trio Stealth Pro 9.7"

Introducing the Newest Mach Speed Trio Tablet

…the 7-inch Stealth Pro offers just a front 300K pixel camera. These aren’t exactly the most advanced cameras on tablets these days, but these cameras will do just fine for VOiP calls. Mach Speed Trio Stealth Pro 7″ – photo from www.triomp3.com Both Stealth Pro tablets are pre-installed with Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS. Again, not the most recent Android OS version, but the software will still allow users to download numerous app…


Backup Drives for your Mac

…s compatible with OS X’s Time Machine application, so you can be sure that the backup process will be seamless. USB 3.0 connectivity boosts data transfer rates, allowing the drive to deliver speeds of up to 100 Mb/s. In addition to Time Machine compatibility, the hard drive is also pre-installed with LaCie’s password protection software to guarantee data security. Incoming search terms: hype usb mobile & tablet power stick Polaroid a8 reset u…


To All Designers Without a Wacom Tablet

…why so many artists, photographers and designers say, “You simply must have a tablet!”  Or, perhaps you have a tablet and you don’t feel like you are tapping into its true potential? Register NOW and get the return you deserve on your tablet investment! Perhaps best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to get your burning tablet questions answered LIVE! Incoming search terms: yhsm-imp1 mach speed trio hype tablet trio stealth g2 bluetooth trio st…

Google update on its apps reveals iPad Pro support

Google update on its apps reveals iPad Pro support

Google this week revealed an update for its iOS version of the Docs app that included, among other things, support for the latest Apple tablet on the market. The update provides for native resolution support for the iPad Pro and its humongous 12.9 inch display. That particular update also applies for Sheets, which serves as Google’s answer to Microsoft Excel. This follows their recent move to adopt said device support and multitasking, as well a…

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Digital Drawing with Wacom Bamboo Capture (CTH470)

…xperience with graphics tablets, chances are you’ll reap a lot of benefits from the Bamboo Capture. Setting the tablet up The Wacom Bamboo Capture (CTH470) is designed for ease of use, right from setting up the device. The tablet comes with drivers and software required for proper configuration; all you’d need to do is to connect the tablet to the computer via USB, insert the bundled DVD, then follow the instructions on screen. Once your Bamboo C…

Cintiq 13HD

The Perfect Wacom Cintiq Tablet for Artists

…it comes to these gadgets, few offer more advanced features than the Cintiq line of tablets from Wacom. Cintiq tablets are unique because these feature interactive LCD displays that enable direct onscreen work. Coupled with Wacom’s cutting-edge professional pen technology, these LCD displays go a long way in helping artists do accurate, intricate work more easily. Wacom’s Cintiq line of tablets features five models: the Cintiq 13HD, the Cintiq 2…


Beware Apple users: new malware targets OS X and iOS devices

…ypass OS X pop-up security warnings. Apple has also been reported to be fixing the bug but is yet to release an update. Nevertheless, here’s what you can do to ensure you don’t put your Apple devices in danger: Keep your system up-to-date. OS X updates can automatically detect and remove malware from your computer. Be sure to get the latest OS X updates from iTunes or the Apple website. Research the software before you download or install them. D…


How to Maximize Use of Your iMac

…prevent significant data loss. Use iCloud or an external hard drive. You’re going to be thankful that you did. Update your software. Software updates usually fix the bugs and other security issues previous versions have. Why suffer when there’s a solution? Make sure that you’re always using the latest versions of all of your software. Minor updates that fix bugs are usually free, but bigger updates might require a fee. Schedule your Apple update


Anti-Malware 101: What to do to Protect Your Mac

…rts with you and me, users who might have that gullible streak or off day and decide to click that pop-up ad or download seemingly harmless software. Many types of malware require installation, system scans, and product registration, so you wouldn’t suspect their nature. You can do the following steps to ensure you don’t put your devices in danger. Keep your system up-to-date.  OS X updates can automatically detect and remove malware from your co…


A Close Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, which they are describing as the “tablet that can replace your laptop.” Today, MacMall is taking a closer look at it. While previous versions of the Surface were notably clunkier than competition tablets, the Surface Pro 3 weights in at only 1.76 pounds and is 0.36 inches thick. For Microsoft, this is quite a notable improvement in form, which is starting to get the attention of more…


Introduced Today – The Wacom Intous5 Is Now In Stock

…nd more. •    Designed for comfort: The reversible (ambidextrous) design of the Intuos5 features gently sloping tablet sides, a soft-touch finish, plenty of hand support, and an ergonomically contoured pen. •    Easy set-up: Intuos5 connects to your PC or Mac through a single USB connection. Incoming search terms: WM8950 USB Device trio Stealth G2 wont connect to wifi como desbloquear una tablet polaroid pmid1000b trio 97c wm8950 usb device downl…

iPad Pro tips and tricks

iPad Pro tips and tricks

…ble to use this device. Here are some nifty tips that can help you master and get you up to speed with this new tablet, with help from TechRadar. Multi-task on the iPad Pro with split view The larger screen of the iPad Pro really highlights the benefits of the split screen mode that had been introduced with iOS 9. Having the 12.9” screen means that the two apps will be side-by-side when conducted in the split view option. Given the engine running…

Incoming Parallels Access update to aid iPad Pro users

Incoming Parallels Access update to aid iPad Pro users

…device, notably when it comes with using certain features, like selecting certain areas of the screen from its 12.9” display. Parallels senior product manager Kurt Schmucker noted that they are hoping to release the update in the next couple of months. The update, which is currently in its first beta and is soon to have an internal company test, will include the ability to be able to play first-person shooter games by tapping onto the touch scre…


tvOS update for Apple TV revealed

Among the myriad of things that were revealed on the #AppleEvent is that an update on the Apple TV’s tvOS has been made available starting today. Here are some new wrinkles: One can already use Siri Remote to dictate the text needed for search queries, usernames, and passwords. Just press and hold the microphone button on the Siri Remote, then say the phrase that you are going to search for. In the case of passwords, one just needs to dictate th…

Astropad update provides new iPad Pro wrinkles.

Astropad update provides new iPad Pro wrinkles.

Last December 21, Astropad announced an update on their app that incorporates enhancements for iPad Pro and in particular Apple Pencil users. Astropad provides Mac users with a feature that is akin to what a Wacom tablet does, but with the iPad’s benefits, to create a digital sketch experience. Having the app on the iPad Pro allows the tablet to be paired with its Mac desktop counterpart. This allows the user to be able to draw, sketch, and cont…