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Sweet Deals from MacMall: Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Station for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone & iPod touch

Can’t live without your iOS gadgets? The Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Station ensures that you’ll never have to.  This charging station lets you charge up to 5 iOS devices at a time, so your gadgets will always be ready for work or play. The Griffin PowerDock 5 is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods; no matter what device you use, you can count on the PowerDock 5. It’s guaranteed to provide fast, safe charging, keeping your iOS gadgets saf…


15 DIY iPhone and iPad Docks from Common Household Items

…al paper clips and do this stand in less than 3 minutes! Here’s a video you can watch for the complete instructions. 2.  Paper binder by Crucio All you need are one big binder and one small binder. Clip the big one to the small one’s handles and voila! You have an iPhone stand. Here are the complete instructions with pictures. 3.  Pencils + Rubber bands by Geeky Gadgets There are no specific instructions to do this. You only have to stabilize the…


5 Photo Editing Apps You Should Try

…ing photos as well as red eye removal. Imagine having all that Photoshop magic in your smartphone. Magic Hour Lite– Camera and Unlimited Filter Free Love photo filters? Then this app is for you! Magic Hour Lite isn’t limited to just the normal filters like what other apps offer. With Magic Hour Lite, you can go ahead and create your own filter for your photos. Picture Effect Magic Free Experiment with your photos by mixing and matching the 30 bas…


Protective Cases for the Galaxy S3

…e plugs and dust filters keep dust and other minute debris from entering the phone’s microphone, charging port, audio jack, and speaker bays. The case also features a lanyard loop that you can use to attach straps, key rings, and other accessories. Speck Products CandyShell for Samsung Galaxy S III – Black/Dark Grey This is a great two-in-one case for your  Galaxy S III. Speck Products’ CandyShell case provides dual-layer protection through…


5 Must-Have Apps for Emergencies

…ovides iPhone users first aid and CPR information for people, dogs, and cats. You can get step–by-step instructions on how to perform basic CPR and first aid for a large variety of situations. The best thing about this app is that you can have the instructions read aloud to you as you deal with the situation at hand. The “help” button provides listings/directions for hospitals, police, dentists, clinics and pharmacies, and more. Pet FirstAid: For…

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Untangle: 10 DIY Cable Management Techniques

…extension outlets. If you have old shoeboxes you want to throw out, why not turn them into charging stations? Simply cut holes into the sides, wrap the box up or paint it, and you have a beautiful, recycled charging station. The holes keep your cables separated, while the box hides the look of a bulky extension outlet. If you can’t beat them, separate them. An alternative to recycling the shoebox, you could utilize old cardboard strips or toilet…

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5 Cord Hacks for a Cleaner, Neater Workspace

…ling the cords currently plugged in so you don’t make the mistake of unplugging the wrong charger. Charging Station Get an old shoe box, and create your own charging station. Put the extension outlet inside, cut a few holes in the box so the cables can come out through the sides. This is a perfect way to simply keep the mess out of sight. This way, you won’t have to look at your wires at all. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, you…


Top 5 Advantages of Owning a Power Bank

…a wall outlet, a power bank will be your savior. You can simply just plug your phone into the device to start charging it. Take it anywhere. The great thing about power banks is that these are usually travel-friendly. You expect them to be heavy, but they’re actually designed to be compact and light. Travelers will find them useful when going out of town. Prestige. Be the envy of your friends; you’re going to be the only one who can do whatever y…

MacMall Tech Talk – Episode 2

…n of the Apple Health app security in iOS 8 Increasing your Mac storage capacity with Transcend 128GB JetDrive Lite expansion card The advantage of a USB powered monitor Metal 3D printing Join the Conversation What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below! For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect with MacMall on Facebook. To get the latest videos from MacMall, subscribe to the MacMall YouTube channel….

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5 Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

…reduce your nicotine intake over time while tracking your cravings and when you succumb to them. Quit it Lite-Stop Smoking Now, Free Ever wondered how much money you’d save by quitting smoking? This app motivates the smoker to quit by keeping track of all the money you’ve saved and the amount of tar your lungs have avoided since your last cigarette. It also shows you the additional benefits of quitting smoking and allows you to share your succes…

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Digital Drawing with Wacom Bamboo Capture (CTH470)

…eed to do is to connect the tablet to the computer via USB, insert the bundled DVD, then follow the instructions on screen. Once your Bamboo Capture is installed, you can set up its orientation according to your handedness. You can also access the control panel to disable or enable touch input and assign functions to the Expresskeys built into the tablet. If you’re a first-time graphics tablet user, you’ll be glad to know that the Wacom Bamboo Ca…


9 Top Mac Hacks for New Users

…7+ in order to do this. Watch this video if you need more exact instructions. 6.  If you have a couple different audio output sources that you toggle between, click Option + Volume Icon to get an input/output menu. Maybe you frequently toggle between using headphones and speakers. This is the easiest way to access those audio settings without having to go into the System Preferences from time to time. 7.  Did you know that the Preview application…

How to conduct an iMac upgrade by yourself

How to conduct an iMac upgrade by yourself

…iMac 5k unit has been acquired, one can them move towards replacing the 8GB memory that is currently installed with a 32GB one. By going through that route, which will only entail more or less around five minutes, one would be able to save money. The exact instructions into putting this method to action can be seen here in this YouTube clip. Now in finding the right memory to pull this exact procedure off, one can search within MacMall to do so….


DIY Guide to Set up Apple TV

…ons quick and easy especially with this fantastic step by step guide. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions and you’ll be watching all your favorite movies and TV series in a cinch. First off, let’s discuss what you need to get started. You’ll be needing your Apple TV within your reach and all the proper connectors and cables. The latter part is quite vital especially if you’re planning to use Ethernet con…

Kensington Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad

Kensington Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad

…. It lets you use the front and back camera as well without even removing the iPad from the case. The Bluetooth keyboard is also designed to withstand smudges and fingerprints. It has rubber feet for stability as well as added security. This wireless iPad keyboard also comes with a charging cable, SkinIt offer, and User Guide. If you don’t want the hard shell type, try the leather Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Apple iPad….